9 Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes in 2022

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9 Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes in 2022

For many years, Under Armour has been a household name when it comes to sports apparel. They produce merchandise of different kinds, including basketball shoes.

UA Basketball enjoys success even with the presence of rival Nike and Adidas, and this is largely because of the brand's successful run of Stephen Curry's signature basketball shoes. In fact, Curry shoes have been so successful that the Curry brand has been given an autonomous reign, pretty much like what Nike did with the Jordan name. 

Besides the Curries, UA is also a powerhouse with several other basketball shoe releases. We take a look at the best ones that UA has produced in this article.

How we determine  the best UA basketball shoes

Determing the best basketball shoes from Under Armour is a task that requires strict objectivity. To remain bias-free, we observe the following:

  • Say no to sponsorships from Under Armour (and any other brand for that matter); all shoes are bought using our own funds
  • Test the UA basketball shoes in actual basketball games, and on different surfaces if possible
  • Write reviews that are solely based on what we experienced; flattery not allowed. Of course, we praise when it's well-deserved
  • Come up with Corescores based on the individual ratings given by users and experts from in and out of RunRepeat

Best Under Armour basketball shoes overall

In all, the Under Armour Curry 8 is a fantastic performer for me, lifted by its elite traction and overall well-roundedness. The only weakness of the shoe was its poor outdoor durability, so make sure to scoop these up for indoor play to get a healthy lifespan out of them. Stephen Curry’s 8th shoe is easily in contention for one of the best in his line - here’s to hoping the future of the line will continue trending in this direction!
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The Under Armour Spawn 3 is a well-received shoe, and players don't have qualms recommending it to others. Yes, there are issues here and there, but they surely are not that significant to be dealbreakers.
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Best stephen curry Under Armour basketball shoes

The Under Armour Curry 3Z5 is a takedown model and it's more affordable. Luckily, this price drop did not put the design and materials of this shoe in jeopardy. Players, especially guards, will truly regard this shoe as a true bang for their buck. Big men can still try this out, but shoes like the UA Embiid One might be better suited for them.
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The Under Armour SC 3Zer0 3 is a budget-friendly basketball sneaker that delivers exceptional performance on the court. Users feel quick on their feet thanks to the grippy herringbone traction and responsive Micro G cushion. The synthetic leather upper also supports their every movement without weighing them down. Simply put, the SC 3Zer0 III is one of the best basketball sneakers that you can grab for under a hundred bucks.
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Best low top Under Armour basketball shoes

The third HOVR Havoc from Under Armour seems like a shoe for quick guards. It provides a lot of a court feel and is quite grippy on indoor courts. It is also quite supportive. Bigger players who need impact protection may want to try other models.
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The Under Armour Spawn 2 sounds like a work in progress. It definitely delivers in some areas (e.g. comfort and traction), but it also leaves much to be desired in others (e.g. support and durability). Because this basketball shoe collection is still in its infancy, we can still expect improvements in the Spawn line's future releases.
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Best white Under Armour basketball shoes

Potential buyers shouldn't be fooled into thinking that cheap shoes entail subpar performance. This definitely is not the case with the Under Armour Lockdown 5. This basketball shoe is so well-rounded people are using it for activities even more rigorous than basketball. If this is not a testament to how well-made it is, we don't know what is.
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Under Armour has another solid performer with the HOVR Havoc 2. Except for the somewhat inconsistent traction, owners just love everything about these basketball shoes. The molded textile upper hugs the foot, keeping it secure and contained. The HOVR technology delivers a well-balanced ride on the court. The outsole is also quite durable and can withstand a beating outdoors. Overall, the UA HOVR Havoc 2 is a great all-around basketball shoe that has something good to offer to guards, centers, and anyone in between.
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Best mid top Under Armour basketball shoes

Joel Embiid's signature line from Under Armour is off to a good start with the Embiid One. It is obviously built for a big man, but the shoe is still flexible enough to catch the interest and patronage of lighter players who function as guards and wingmen. There are notable issues, but they are ones that are quite easy to remedy.
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What are the cheapest Under Armour basketball shoes in 2022?

  1. Under Armour HOVR Havoc 3 - from $54
  2. Under Armour Embiid One - from $60
  3. Under Armour Lockdown 5 - from $65
  4. Under Armour Curry 3Z5 - from $80
  5. Under Armour Spawn 3 - from $85

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