10 Best Slip-on Sneakers in 2021

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If you're bothered with laces, Velcros, and straps, slip-on shoes are the most suitable for you! In case you're thinking of getting one, look no further as we have them all here.

After meticulously reviewing piles of slip-on shoes with various features, we have narrowed it down and concocted this guide to help you find the best pair.

How we choose the best slip-on sneakers

With thousands of slip-on models available on the market, we saved you from the hassle and compiled slip-on models from various brands. 

  • We buy all sneakers using our own funds to stay impartial in our reviews. 
  • We put these sneakers through actual tests and comparisons to yield authentic results.
  • Our site values the feedback from the actual users; therefore, we gather all the reviews we could find all over the internet. 

Through the results from these tests and culled reviews, we ranked each slip-on using the CoreScore. This scoring system ranges from 1 to 100 will give you an overview of how this sneaker went for the majority. The greater the CoreScore, the better overall reviews. 

Let's begin!

Best overall

Run swiftly along the city streets with our top pick Adidas Swift Run. After countless reviews, tests, and comparisons, this sneaker quickly bagged the top spot for its outstandingly impressive features!

It allowed us to experience round-the-clock comfort as we pound the city pavements. Thanks to its lightweight EVA midsole and plush single-piece upper, city cruising has never been this pain-free!

When it comes to ventilation, this one is superior! We enjoyed breezy strides as it uses the knit and mesh material on its upper. 

Its adaptable knit comfortably hugged our feet snugly. As soon as we slid our feet, we felt pleased on its sock-like fit that cozily cradled our precious trots. 

We also want to emphasize its incredible lightness. It lets us glide effortlessly; at one point, we forgot we're wearing one, oopsie!

Style-wise, this sure is a keeper! We are over the moon about its clean and versatile look that can be styled with a great deal of attire. What a perfect go-to pair for city walks, gym training, or whatever you plan to do for the day!

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The New Balance 24/7 V2 is also a tough choice when it comes to slip-on models. This 2018-released sneaker got everything you'll ever need in a slip-on kick.

You'll get tons of style as you don this every day! We took advantage of its easy-to-slide-in design and paired it up with loads of ensembles. Plus, it is available in a wide array of hues, making it easier to pick which echoes our personality. 

We bowled over its versatility and chic look. It can quickly make any boring attire look extra savvy. Thanks to its minimalist and clean look, casual styling has never been this easy. 

We also can't get enough of its superb coziness! It felt so soft that we love wearing this for all kinds of errands as it kept our feet comfortable. Just like its predecessor, we virtually felt pain-free in these sneakers!

Worrying about the coming summer is far from our minds as we know the NB 24/7 V2 got whatever we need. This sneaker offers superb breathability and lightness that will make humid day adventures breezy and more fun.

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Best sporty style

A reliable city travel buddy, the Adidas X_PLR tops our list of best sporty slip-on sneakers after scrutinizing loads of reviews and comparisons.

This kick offers a great deal when it comes to comfort, style, and price range, a truly all-in-one footwear you must include in your slip-on collection.

With its single-piece knit upper, we enjoy how easy it is to slip our feet on and off. Added with a speed lacing system, it clutched our feet securely while enhancing its overall durability.

This sneaker cradled our feet comfortably as we stride along the city pavements. In fact, we consider this as one of the comfiest in the Adidas' lineage. 

Highlighting its style, this kick works perfectly with a slew of attires! It is so adaptable that we can seamlessly wear it from work to casual night-outs. This NMD look-alike is a must for street-style enthusiasts!

If you're planning an all-day summer adventure, wear or pack this sneaker with you. We're so glad to experience its extreme breathability, thanks to its mesh-lined-knit upper that kept our feet feeling fresh and dry. A perfect pair for the sunny season!

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Our also great sneaker for our slip-on models is the Nike Air Presto. It quickly gained a spot on our best list after subjecting it to a slew of comparisons and probing heaps of reviews. 

Did you know that this was conceptualized using the "t-shirt for the feet" theme? Yes, you read that right! That's why it effortlessly landed as one of our top favorites in terms of comfort. It indeed is very comfortable even after wearing it all day long, just like our t-shirts. No unpleasant sensation at all! 

Squeezing into this sneaker is very easy, thanks to its heel pull loops and speed lacing system. It is perfect for sneakerheads who are always on the go. Are you troubled about its snug fit? Worry not, as its midfoot cage will hold your feet firmly. 

In terms of lightness, this is a beast! We just could get enough of how this sneaker did not give us a dragging-down sensation. 

You can even don this sneaker for any everyday activities. That is how versatile it is! Simply slip it on, and you're good to go! From work to the gym and a night out with friends, drag this kick for a fashionable look and cozy steps.

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Best chunky

After gobs of reviews and comparisons, indeed, our best option for chunky slip-on sneakers is the Nike Space Hippie 04. This model is one of the best options if you're looking for a slip-on model that offers a one-off style and comfort.

Conceived from Nike's commitment to a lesser carbon footprint, we love that this model is made with sustainable materials. From its recycled yarn and plastic bottle upper to the reused Grind foam midsole. 

Don't be intimidated by its beefed-up profile, as this model is the lightest among its Space Hippie siblings! It's so airy and gave us only an effortless walking experience. 

When warm weather days come, this sneaker is a must! Its knit upper offers an astounding amount of ventilation that keeps the feet moist-free and cool.

Underfoot, we are dumbfounded how it provides bouncy strides! Its innovative ZoomX cushioning is so soft and responsive that it gives a maximized energy return. Gaah, we just love it! 

This sneaker might be light, but it is heavy when it comes to style! It is SOMETHING ELSE, not your typical slip-on sneaker looks.

Enjoy bulkiness, hipness, and sustainability as soon as you slip the unconventional Space Hippie 04 into your feet!

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Adidas reworked an archived model to give us another slip-on worth adding to our carts! 

After reviewing piles of feedback and comparisons, we conclude that the Adidas ZX 2K Boost deserves its spot as one of the best slip-on models. 

We can't emphasize enough how this sneaker got loads of features that you will surely love.

It delivers unmatched coziness that makes any city strolling breezy! Thanks to its single-piece mesh upper that gently snoozles our trots, the day-to-day walk has never been this pain-free!

Are you looking for a squishy midsole? This sneaker got it! We love how the Boost delivered bounciness as we pound the city streets. We enjoyed every soft step, which actually reminds us of the Adidas UltraBoost 2.0. 

Moreover, it brags its lightweight which makes every step more manageable and a little bit faster. Perfect if you don't want the "dragging down" feel. 

Its overall style further strengthens our love for this sneaker. We are over the moon by its similarity with the NMDs while keeping the classic ZX hallmark. This kick is the absolute choice if you prioritize comfort and style in a sneaker.

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Best premium

There are countless reasons why the Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2 bagged our top pick in our list of best premium slip-on sneakers. 

This sneaker is comfortable as hell! We just adore striding through the urban parkways in this as it provided soft, bouncy steps. Believe it or not, it's even comfier than the NMDs! Its Boost midsole clearly does its job! 

We just love taking this to our trips. Its easy on and off design helps us move quicker whenever we need to pass through airport x-rays. It is indeed a very convenient piece for travel junkies out there! 

Don't feel spooked by its steep price as we can vouch for its top-of-the-line make. We consider this top-notch, on a par with other designer models. As this sneaker is released in limited numbers, you may also consider this as an investment. 

Style-wise, we instantly turned stunners the minute we slipped our feet into these neck-breaking kicks. We groove on its visually stimulating color schemes that makes dressing up trouble-free.

The Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2 is packed with scores of impressive features, which make it deserving to be at the crest of hyped sneakers. Snag one, and it will spare you any guilt.

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Even if you don't intend to wear them on the running tracks, the Adidas Ultra 4D 5.0 must be in your slip-on sneaker arsenal! 

This sneaker is made to be worn all day long. It feels so supportive on feet that we did not mind wearing it longer than our usual work shift. No issues; it feels so easy on our feet.

We also adore how adaptable its style is to innumerable activities! From short distance runs on track to standing for hours at work, this sneaker works incredibly fine. 

Talking about its sock-like upper, this sneaker is a beast! Although it is a bit tricky to put on, we enjoyed how it cozily cradles our feet while providing a superb cool feel. Thanks to its breathable knit upper.

Its future-forward 3D midsole is a real conversation starter! It is truly an eye-catching aspect of this sneaker that made our overall ensemble look extra! However, it is a dirt and pebble magnet, which can be unpleasant for some. 

Overall, the Adidas Ultra 4D 5.0 suits users who seek comfort with a futuristic style. It may cost you an arm and a leg, but this model is worth every penny!

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Best budget

The Vans Slip-On sneaker may be our best budget pick for the slip-on sneakers, but we assure you that this sneaker is PACKED with so many amazing features! We are impressed how it got to the top after subjecting it to countless tests and comparisons. 

More than four decades since it premiered, this sneaker impressively kept its popularity over the years. Its history is as impressive as its style and comfort. In fact, it has been one of the best-selling footwear to date. 

We enjoyed its trouble-free design that makes putting this on and off breezy. Plus, it could be matched with a myriad of styles, thanks to its classic and straightforward aesthetics and wide range of hues available. Indeed, this is a perfect piece if you're looking for an all-rounder sneaker.

When it comes to durability, this sneaker is crazily excellent! We were astonished to realize that it stayed intact after walking, skating, and even training in them! This kick is a perfect daily sneaker that you could bring anywhere!

With Vans Slip-On sneakers, you can never go wrong!

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Thanks to Adidas Lite Racer Adapt 3.0, strutting the streets in sneakers bursting with comfort and style does not need to be out of bounds! 

This sneaker offers the best amount of comfort. When striding through the day, it kept our feet cozy. We did not feel any discomfort as we slid our feet into its stretchy upper and walked on its bouncy midsole. 

We are also amazed by its lightness! Just like its predecessor, it did not drag our feet down as we pound the pavements—less effort as we glide, more comfort through the day. 

An apt piece for the summer months, this sneaker delivers an incredible amount of coolness. It is so breathable that our feet felt so fresh and dry the entire day. It is also inserted with the anti-microbial and moisture-wicking Ortholite insole!

With its easy-to-wear construction, the Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 is an excellent grab-and-go pair for your unplanned adventures. Easy to wear, easy to pair, this sure is a practical addition to any collection without the need to pour our money down the drain.

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