10 Best Sidi Cycling Shoes in 2022

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10 Best Sidi Cycling Shoes in 2022

If you are looking to purchase Sidi cycling shoes, you are promised to get high-quality bike shoes. After all, Sidi is known for its exceptional cycling shoes. 

Since each cycling shoe from Sidi is equally promising, choosing one out of the 20+ models that we have here can be challenging. That is why we created this guide to offer you the best picks for the different categories.

How we select the best Sidi cycling shoes

We gave each shoe a Corescore of 0 to 100. Shoes with the highest scorers were picked as the best ones in their respective categories. The latter are based on what we think is essential when choosing a cycling shoe.

The Corescore itself is based on the following:

  • Evaluation of the experts
  • Ratings from regular users

Our goal is to provide you with the best Sidi cycling shoes, not the most popular ones. To make sure that we remain bias-free, all of the tested bike shoes are purchased with our own money.

Best Sidi cycling shoes overall

Sidi Genius 10 possesses all the hallmarks of a classic Sidi pair, such as clean looks and excellent quality. It may not be the lightest nor employ the most advanced features, but it is incredibly well-made, performs well on the bike, and maintains unrivaled durability.
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Sidi Genius 7 is crafted to support fast-paced action on the road. It uses fit-adjustment technologies that can be operated with one hand, even when on the go. It uses a stiff outsole that can help cyclists perform sudden bursts of speeds to get ahead of their opponents.
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Best road Sidi cycling shoes

The search for uber-stiff yet comfortable road shoes seem to be put to a halt by the Sidi Ergo 5. This top-rated bike shoe provides excellent power transfer and quality without sacrificing comfort. Some individuals, however, are critical about its closure system and breathability.
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This Sidi road shoe is an entry-level offering that possesses many features. If you are a newbie and are looking for a road shoe that's relatively affordable and ticks all of the essential elements, then the Alba 2 might be for you.
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Best mountain bike Sidi cycling shoes

The Sidi Eagle 10's features make it an ideal companion for all-day riding and MTB racing. Apart from its freshly updated closure system, the Eagle 10 also features a sleeker look. Its highlights include comfort, style, efficiency, and durability.
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The Sidi Trace 2 is deemed to be a solid, versatile MTB shoe that could work for trail riding to cross-country or indoor cycling. Aside from being an all-around shoe, it also stands out via its power transfer, good fit, comfort, and efficient retention system.
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Best waterproof Sidi cycling shoes

Road cyclists who are looking for a bike shoe that can accompany them during winter rides may want to check out the Sidi Zero Gore. The shoe's comfort, quality, and efficient insulation, and waterproofing features take the spotlight, which is appreciated by the buyers.
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Sidi Frost Gore
Sidi Frost Gore Sidi Frost Gore

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Also great
If you're planning to ride through fall, winter, and early spring, cycling shoes with reliable protection against cold and rain are critical. The Sidi Frost Gore may be right in your alley as it offers the comfort, waterproofing, and insulation needed to keep your feet warm and dry. But like most winter bike shoes, water could come in from the top, and cold could creep in when the temperature reaches a certain low. To prevent these, wearing a toe cover and waterproof cycling pants are recommended. All in all, this Sidi shoe lives up to its claims and Sidi's standards, which could be the shoe you need for extreme weather cycling.
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Best budget Sidi cycling shoes

The Sidi Sixty is handmade in Italy and promises to deliver comfort and pro-level performance. If you are after a Sidi road shoe that's lighter than usual without compromising effectiveness, this shoe might be the answer. Most reports have affirmed the brand's claims of excellent performance, quality, and comfort.
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This road cycling shoe is built to deliver excellent pedaling power with its stiff sole unit. A lot of factors contribute to the great in-shoe experience it offers, including the outsole vents and the plush interiors.
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What are the cheapest Sidi cycling shoes in 2022?

  1. Sidi Defender 20 - from $188
  2. Sidi Trace 2 - from $208
  3. Sidi Alba 2 - from $214
  4. Sidi T-5 Air - from $230
  5. Sidi Genius 10 - from $248
  6. Sidi Eagle 10 - from $255
  7. Sidi Ergo 5 - from $340
  8. Sidi Sixty - from $375
  9. Sidi Jarin - from $413

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