10 Best Puma Sneakers in 2021

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From the classic models to the latest collaborations, this is your ultimate guide page to finding the best pair of Puma sneakers.

We have reviewed and compared more than a hundred pairs of Puma sneakers. And to help you skip the part where you need to open multiple tabs, we carefully curated a list of our top picks for the various categories for your easy reference.

How we pick the best Puma sneakers

With limitless Puma models available online, selecting the right one for you can be a daunting task. To help you out, we spend hours carefully reviewing each sneaker. Here is our approach:

  • To stay impartial, we don’t ask for sponsorships but actually buy sneakers using our own money.
  • We also put these sneakers through countless tests and comparisons to get credible results.
  • Finally, we collect a myriad of reviews from the actual Puma sneakers users. We aim to unbiasedly echo their feedback since we highly value each reviewer.

Based on all the tests and reviews, we rate each model from 0-100 using our scoring system called CoreScore. The higher-rated Puma shoes get on this list.

Best overall

With countless iterations under the Puma’s umbrella, we chose the Puma Future Rider as our top pick. After numerous tests and comparisons, we’ve got zero reasons why we should not! 

It flaunts a style layered with a classic vibe and modern features to give us a unique retro-futuristic look! We just fancy how it quickly can turn any boring attire to look stunningly neck-breaking.

Comfort-wise, this is a Hall-of-Famer! Strutting the streets day-to-day feels like walking on a cloud! The suede upper holds the feet cozily while its midsole offers superb cushioning. Although it might feel a bit tight, its overall coziness offsets its minor drawback. 

We also want to highlight its incredible lightness. It feels so good on the feet that sometimes we forget we’re wearing it! It is undoubtedly perfect for all-day usage. 

Moreover, its color-blocking is phenomenal! We are over the moon how Puma mixed and matched several strikingly chic hues without a “cluttered” vibe in a single iteration. It is indeed a perfect conversation starter!

And what may seem like a stroke of luck for us Puma fans is that this sneaker is sold at a budget-friendly range! This sneaker is a surefire way to jumpstart your Puma collection!

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From the court to the city streets, Puma California is unstoppable in delivering a superb sneaker experience. After careful assessments and comparisons, we’re hands down how this kick stayed as one of the best in Puma’s arsenal. 

Since it was introduced in the ‘80s, the Puma California has been rocking the lifestyle domain for its style that works perfectly on the tennis court and city streets.

We just love how it stayed authentic to the sunshiny vibe of California state. It flaunts a cool and snazzy flair suitable for the summer and spring breaks. We also dig its straightforward look that can quickly revamp any of our everyday looks! 

Its robust make is another feature we admire. Hats off to Puma as it seamlessly combined top-notch leather and nubuck materials to boost its durability while rocking an authentic vintage vibe.

We can’t stress enough how affordable this sneaker is! We are crazy that we don’t need to spend a fortune just to rock a stylishly cool sneaker. This model is indeed heaven-sent for practical buyers looking for an all-rounder beater.

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Best icon

Thanks to Puma Suede Classic’s quintessential features, we get to celebrate and enjoy another timeless model from Puma. 

After countless comparisons, tests, and reviews, we pick the Puma Suede Classic as the worthiest in our list of best icon Puma models. 

We are amazed that it effortlessly maintained its status as one of Puma’s most iconic iterations five decades since its launch. It continuously dominates the sneaker game and is truly a worthy classic piece that must be added to any sneaker collector’s arsenal.

We enjoy rocking its suede upper that adds a hint of luxurious vibe to our regular ensembles. It is so fashionable and versatile that we revel in pairing it with our jeans, skirt, or even shorts. In truth, we actually wear it wherever, whenever!

On foot, this sneaker may look simple, but it is definitely a beast! While some find it narrow, it is generally a very cozy shoe perfect for your all-day errands.  

Overall, Puma Suede Classic is not just a fashionable piece but also a functional sneaker. It is not just your ordinary suede sneaker but an icon that needs the sneaker-sphere's recognition.

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Deserving its spot as one of the icons under Puma’s umbrella is the Puma Roma. This 1960s track and field footwear amazingly proved its worth after our numerous tests and comparisons.

We appreciate how Puma tweaked a few classic details to make it more apt for the city strolling. The brand utilized better color palettes that can be matched up with fashionable street styles. 

Thanks to its upgraded padding and arch support, it cozily cuddles our feet as we move around town. We did not have any discomfort after wearing it the entire day. It is indeed a nice go-to pair for daily errands. 

We also want to emphasize how lightweight this sneaker is! We dig walking with it as it did not drag our feet down. 

Another feature that makes this a winner is its T-toe overlay! It is a darling how it kept our feet protected from unexpected bumps and trods. Plus, it gives an authentic retro style that we love rocking every single day. 

When it comes to its price, the Puma Roma is a rock star! You will not believe how affordable this sneaker is! This kick is definitely a sensible iteration you must add to your collection.

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Best chunky

Designed with a stylish and functional approach, the Puma RS-X is our top pick in our list of best chunky Puma sneakers. 

After countless reviews, tests, and comparisons, we could not hide our excitement to share why the RS-X quickly landed as the A-lister. 

It instantly swept us all off our feet the moment we saw how Puma flawlessly combined various hues. Its color-blocking is an instant hit that people can’t take their eyes off our feet! 

If you’re on a budget, don’t panic, as this is such a bargain! An enviable sneaker, especially if you’ve been dreaming about the pricey Adidas Yeezy Boost 700.

We are also stunned at how lightweight this sneaker is despite its chunky profile! It stayed authentic to its running heritage by providing strides that do not give a dragging down sensation. 

Underfoot, hands down to its bouncy midsole. We enjoyed our springy ride that makes city cruising easy and more exciting.

The best advice we could give you right is to move fast and grab a pair of Puma RS-X! The demand for this sneaker is so high that you may find it challenging to cop a pair.

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The moment you slide your foot in the Puma X-Ray, you will instantly understand why this model is quickly dubbed as one of the best chunky Puma models out there. 

After a series of reviews and comparisons, it was easy for us to pinpoint why this sneaker deserves its remarkable spot. 

Showcasing a jaw-dropping style, it quickly revamped our everyday attire. From the dull casual look, the X-Ray added hints of a retro-futuristic vibe. Thanks to its color-blocked upper and angled midsole.

We also adore how versatile this sneaker is! We wore it for our work and went straight to the gym session. It is a convenient piece to own, especially when you’re always on the go. 

When it comes to comfort, this sneaker works remarkably! Its mesh upper cradled our feet cozily while its soft midsole delivered a fantastic amount of cushioning. 

As a whole, the Puma X-Ray offers nothing but the best. It tried to reinvent the sneaker game by providing you with the latest fashion. It can quickly turn any ordinary attire to look extra trendy and funky.

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Best platform

Platform sneaker mavens will surely agree that we picked Puma Mazye as the top in our platform sneakers list. 

Whether you’re looking for a bit of lift or if you want to try platform models, the Puma Mayze is the best option to take. 

We were on a high, literally and figuratively, the moment we slid our foot into this chunky kick. It instantly boosted our heights, adding mode confidence as we stride the pavements. 

This sky-high sneaker is a beast when it comes to comfort. We enjoyed every bit of wearing it all day and did not feel any discomfort. However, its weight is sacrificed a bit because of its chunkiness; thus, this might disappoint if you prefer lightweight sneakers.

Talking about its style, it is PHENOMENAL. We are dumbfounded how its bold flair quickly made our regular casual attire look stunningly chic and snazzy. Pair this with your fave shorts or dress or even athleisure wear, and you can definitely pull it off. 

To boot, you can get a hold of this model without hurting your pockets! A truly practical piece to own, especially to street-style enthusiasts who prioritize price and comfort.

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After countless reviews and comparisons, we pick Puma Cali Sport as one of the bests. And up to this writing, we haven’t spotted any reason why we should not. 

This women-specific sneaker definitely stands as one of the most fashionable and edgy pieces in Puma’s assemblage of platform sneakers. 

We just could get enough of its simple and straightforward style that quickly blends in with whatever attire. Thanks to its premium leather or suede upper material, we instantly feel ritzy and luxe as we don it. 

Another feature to highlight is its thick, neck-breaking platform sole. We entirely enjoyed the little lift as it added a few inches to our heights and boosted our confidence as we strutted the streets. 

Fresh out of the box, we are thrilled to bits to experience how comfortable it is! We love its no break-in period, and we can instantly enjoy its coziness on day one. All-day extended cruising has never been a problem with the Puma Cali Sport.

While this pair lacks flexibility, we can still vouch for its homey strides. In fact, it is one of the coziest models in Puma’s arsenal.

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Best budget shoe

After putting the Puma Smash V2 to countless tests, reviews, and comparisons, it was an easy task for us to conclude that it tops our list of budget-friendly Puma sneakers. 

The Puma Smash V2 surpassed our expectations when it comes to comfort. We love how it slid to our feet effortlessly and instantly cuddled our trots. It certainly is bursting with cozy features, which makes all-day walking bearable. 

Style-wise, it is on a par with other Puma tennis models. It quickly took our breath away for its look that never goes out of style. Its versatility is to-die-for! We just love to pair with various attire painlessly.

Another feature that we found remarkable is its quality. We can’t believe that this sneaker is actually under $90! We enjoy its luxurious suede upper and added with leather panels for style and durability. 

There are just too many things that we’re crazy about the Puma Smash V2. As a whole, it is certainly a smash hit for kick hunters who focus on style and comfort without the need to diddle away.

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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly Puma sneaker, we believe that the Puma R78 is the best place to start.

Initially released in the ‘80s, we are just stunned how Puma effectively revamped it to fit the lifestyle scenes. We find it definitely worth looking at for its clean style and throwback flair. 

Its wide range of funky splash of colors is another reason why we enjoy owning the Puma R78. These colors strikingly set this sneaker to another level, making it a perfect accessory when you want to stand out in a crowd.

To ensure that this model feels as good as it looks, Puma inserted it with a generous amount of comfort! This kick reliably kept our feet homey day long thanks to its pillowing cushioning and flexible soles.

When it comes to quality, this kick is on equal footing with other pricey Puma models. We love its durable ripstop nylon that offers premium and hard-wearing make. 

All these and more about the Puma R78. What makes it more exceptional is its budget-friendly price range. It is undoubtedly one of the best bangs for your buck spring and summer sneakers.

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