6 Best Oboz Hiking Shoes in 2021

Paul Ronto
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In the realm of hiking, being ill-equipped for the task at hand is a big mistake. To be as prepared as you can be, reach for Oboz’s most trustworthy hikers.

Making up the selection below are our finest picks from the Oboz catalog. There’s enough for you to be excited about in this space in several categories. So, whether you require a beastly all-rounder, a supportive pair, or something for the bad weather, this best-of-the-best Oboz list will suit your needs.

How we pick the best Oboz hiking shoes

In your quest to find the right Oboz hiker, you need reviews that you can rely on 100% On RunRepeat, we make insightful and unbiased reviews through the following:

  • We buy Oboz trail kicks with our own money.
  • We spend days, if not weeks, hiking on mild-to-treacherous terrain to determine each pair’s area of expertise.
  • Our reviews on the finest Oboz hikers reflect opinions from hundreds of regular hikers and footgear gurus.
  • Assigned to each reviewed Oboz shoe is a CoreScore—a 0-100 rating system that helps us pick out the worthiest bunch.

Best overall

What do you call something dreamy on the inside but undeniably formidable on the outside? Why, the absolutely smashing Sawtooth II Low from Oboz, that’s what!

Ok, we’re not exaggerating here: the Sawtooth II Low is, by far, the most comfortable hiker in the entire Oboz lineup. Past its pretty short break-in period, the shoe’s confines felt like a real blessing. Its instep zone was so plush and didn’t rub. We also didn’t experience hotspots around the heel area!

Despite the snugness of its pampering interior, nowhere inside the Sawtooth II Low felt restrictive. Quite the contrary, in fact, because the shoe’s toe box was roomy enough for natural toe splay.

We got tons of support out of this Oboz hiker, too. Indeed, the Sawtooth II Low’s heel counter worked beyond our expectations in that it kept our heels in place. We had no instance of heel lift because of it, as well.

But what about the Sawtooth II Low’s grip performance? Let’s just say that we never lost footing on low-lying boulders (dry), mossy pebbles, and semi-rotten logs on its proprietary outsole!

We highly recommend this Oboz gem for just about anything under the sun. Get yours now!

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Best waterproof

When the weather shifts from dry and favorable to unforgivingly wet, your best weapon is in the Sawtooth II Low BDry!

Built with a BDry membrane, this Oboz piece has just one answer to intrusive moisture—a big NO! On our initial hike, we had no choice but to traipse through a series of flooded areas. Through it all, however, our feet remained dry.

When it comes to comfort, the Sawtooth II Low BDry is among Oboz’s greatest. Lined with rich padding, the shoe felt snug right from the start. We were particularly impressed with the hiker’s cradling default footbed in this regard!

Also, on mile one, its confines already felt custom-made for us. Indeed, despite the Sawtooth II Low BDry’s stout construction, its interior made no fuss about its fit, loosening up to our liking the moment we slipped into it.

It was also quite a pleasure to behold its grippy outsole on our initial escapade. Negotiating root-filled sidehills, especially during descents, felt safe. We also didn’t slip on bogs and mulchy inclines.

So, if you don’t want inclement conditions to rain on your parade, complete your gear with this Oboz bad boy! Check out our deals on it now!

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This second pick is worth your while. Indeed, the waterproof Bridger Low BDry can help you up the ante where the gloominess up above turns for the worse!

Just like the Sawtooth II Low BDry, this Oboz kick repels all manners of moisture for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While its BDry membrane was the one that pulled the hard punches most of the time, the Sawtooth II Low BDry’s suede outer shell deserves credit on the waterproofing front, too!

In the comfiness department, the Sawtooth II Low BDry exceeded our expectations. Sure, the shoe could be a tad lighter, but the amount of cushioning it has inside gave us 360-degree comfort. We felt no hotspots nor rubbing within its comfy shell.

Now, the mightiness of its midsole translated to pain-free hikes for us. It’s true—so supportive was its arch zone that we were compelled to keep going long after we reached the last stop of our trip!

And have we mentioned its adamantine toe cap yet? With it, we never experienced the stubbing of toes that we usually get in less protective hiking shoes. Too bad, its outsole wasn’t as impressive.

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Best support

Out of the 10 pairs (and counting) of Oboz hiking shoes we’ve tested, we are honored to hail the Firebrand II Low BDry as the king of underfoot support!

Engineered with ergonomic contours in mind, the footbed of the Firebrand II Low BDry made traversals on paved tracks and moderately rugged off-path terrain a cinch. Indeed, we got maximum support out of it, especially around the arch!

Equally stumping in a positive way is the Firebrand II Low BDry’s waterproofing. Every raindrop simply beaded off its layered upper, resulting in dry socks and fresh feet.

As for comfort level, the Firebrand II Low BDry was a real darling. It charmed us the moment we put it on, particularly with its snug ankle cuff and tongue combo. The shoe’s sufficient breathability also contributed to its generous supply of comfort. Amazing!

Protecting feet from the nastiness of the great outdoors is also the Firebrand II Low BDry’s daily business. Case in point: it has some serious overlay work going for it, which repelled dents and scratches along the way. We also want to give its juggernaut of a toe cap extra props here!

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Shadowing our top pick for support is the grungy Oboz Tamarack BDry!

The order of the day for the Tamarack BDry is, without a doubt, giving its wearers all the arch support that they need. Our time with this tough Oboz gem translated to bigger leaps minus the achy arches! And we also give credit where credit is due: its heel cup deserves an award for the most heel-centering component out there!

Complementing the Tamarack BDry’s astonishing support system is the shoe’s grip performance. So sticky was its Granite Peak outsole that scrambling on rocky inclines felt like we had approach shoes on! And on descents, its toothy outsole and ingenious heel brake got us down slip-free!

But what is a stellar Oboz hiker without pampering confines to match? Well, we’re happy to report that the Tamarack BDry is just as commendable on the comfort front as it is on support. We just wish its BDry lined interior were more breathable.

Oh, but we must not forget how powerful the Tamarack BDry is. Matching its grounded aesthetics are its mighty tough leather overlays and shield-like toe cap. Seriously, nothing fazed this shoe—not brambles, not jagged boulders!

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Best lightweight

In Oboz’s roster of brawny hiking shoes, seeing the Arete Low is like a breath of fresh air. Not only is it lightweight, but it is also, arguably, the most modern-looking piece of the bunch!

Weighing no more than 420 g per shoe, the Arete Low boosted our mobility on groomed trails and uneven terrain alike. Props to its flexible midfoot and rockered toe section for helping us glide effortlessly on level ground, too!

Traction-wise, the Arete Low was just as impressive. The stickiness of its outsole supplied us with more than enough adhesion on wet boulders and muddy steps. And while its heel brake looks unassuming, it managed to prevent us from careening down this one soft-soiled slope we had to descend.

Included in the package, is the Arete Low’s all-day comfort. Indeed, its plushness is up there with the shoe’s laid-back aesthetics. Yes, it is as easy on the feet as it is as appealing to the eyes!

Now, this athletic-looking day hiker wouldn’t be as charming without the durability to match. Fortunately for you, the Oboz Arete Low is no pushover when it comes to protection. Don’t let its mesh upper fool you—its construction is extra tough, and its abrasion-proof overlays can withstand rough terrain like any other Oboz shoe in this selection can!

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Paul Ronto

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