4 Best Michael Jordan Basketball Shoes in 2022

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4 Best Michael Jordan Basketball Shoes in 2022

Step into Michael Jordan’s world where you’ll get a boundless source of confidence in your game. As one of the most successful basketball brands in history, the iconic Jordan signature shoes offer sterling performance on and off the court.

From retro-style Jordan models to high-performance Air Jordan pro designs, like the one used by Kawhi Leonard in the 2016 NBA Season, Michael Jordan’s legacy continues to influence both the culture and the game.

With a lot of great options to choose from, picking the most suitable model can be a bit overwhelming. To ease your burden, we’ve rounded up and tested an impressive range of 50+ Michael Jordan basketball shoes. We put each model to rigorous testing and selected our top picks in different categories.

How we test basketball shoes

To pick the best of the best, we do our legwork inside the RunRepeat shoe testing lab and gather extensive feedback from our wear-testers and former pros of the game. We also utilize our own specialized knowledge in the basketball sneakers industry, as well as our years of experience playing basketball.   

Here’s exactly our process:

  • We only test the Jordan models that we bought with our own money. This is to avoid any bias.
  • We do mechanical tests in our independent lab. We cut each model into pieces and carefully examine its essential parts such as the cushioning, outsole traction, upper durability, support, bounce, and many others.
  • After playing numerous games of basketball, our wear-testers give us their on-court impressions and overall feedback on each Jordan shoe.
  • We collect more info from other trusted experts in the industry, as well as from regular users of the Jordan brand.

Lastly, we get the final scores of all the Jordan shoes using the CoreScore. Based on the gathered data above, an overall rating is given on each model ranging from 0 to 100.

Best Michael Jordan basketball shoes overall

Air Jordan XXXV
Air Jordan XXXV


4.5 / 5 from 113 users
92 / 100 from 11 experts


  • Traction: All expert reviewers agree that the 35th Air Jordan has a really nice grip on the court, especially if it's clean.
  • Impact protection: Players report that the cushioning protects their knees and feet even from hard landings and heel strikes.
  • Premium materials: The AJ 35 uses high-quality materials, and players really appreciate that.
  • True to size: Players conclude that future buyers can just go with their usual measurements for Jordan shoes.
  • Support: The Flywire and the updated eclipse plate seem to have done their job well because almost all experts have no complaints when it comes to support.
  • Smooth steps: Experts are happy that the 35 has really nice heel-to-toe transition because of the curved heel and forefoot.
  • Feels light: Though the Air Jordan 35 is at 369 grams (13 oz), reviewers still report that it somehow feels light. They must have compared it with the really heavy LeBrons


  • Need break in: The traction, cushion, and other features of this shoe need time so that they perform at their best. 
  • Dust-prone: The outsole picks up dust quite easily, affecting the traction. Wiping does the trick, though.
  • Less explosiveness: The Zoom units installed in this shoe are less bouncy and explosive than the ones in the AJ 34.
  • Arch discomfort: The Eclipse plate pushed against the arch of the foot, causing pain and uneasiness.
  • Suffocating: One of the experts says that the padded collar pushes on his foot and is "suffocating."
  • Not for outdoor use: The outsole is made of soft materials, so it surely wouldn't last long outdoors.


As expected, the Air Jordan 35 was released to so much anticipation and fanfare, which in all fairness did not go to waste. The Air Jordan XXXV indeed delivered in terms of performance. Sure, there are complaints here and there, but they are never serious or major enough to be absolute dealbreakers.
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Best value Michael Jordan basketball shoes

Air Jordan XXXVI
Air Jordan XXXVI


4.6 / 5 from 34 users
93 / 100 from 7 experts


  • Dust-proof traction
  • Springy cushion
  • Impact protection
  • Lightness
  • Breathability
  • No-frills foot containment


  • Narrow
  • Needs break-in
  • High price
  • Not for outdoors


The Air Jordan XXXVI is not perfect, but it does not have real performance issues either. It effortlessly checks all the right boxes, and its wearer is guaranteed to have a really good time on the hard court. Quite frankly, it won't be surprising if this shoe tops the list of the most preferred basketball shoes in 2021.
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What are the cheapest Michael Jordan basketball shoes in 2022?

  1. Air Jordan 11 IE Low - from $127
  2. Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick - from $129
  3. Air Jordan 14 Retro Low - from $133
  4. Air Jordan 2 Retro Decon - from $140
  5. Air Jordan XXXVI - from $150
  6. Air Jordan 1 Retro High - from $170
  7. Air Jordan XXXV - from $210
  8. Air Jordan XXXI Low - from $220
  9. Air Jordan 1 Retro Low - from $230
  10. Air Jordan 13 Retro Low - from $245
  11. Air Jordan XXXI - from $250
  12. Air Jordan Legacy 312 - from $285

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