10 Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes For Men in 2022

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10 Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes For Men in 2022

Have you ever been on a hike where the sun would bail on you and get replaced by gloomy clouds and rain? Trust us, in such a situation, you’re better off with the best waterproof hiking shoes for men.

We’ve tested over 150 pairs of watertight kicks for the homies to come up with this compelling list. Whether you’re looking for an impermeable all-rounder or you’re in dire need of a highly affordable waterproof pair, this manly selection is for you.

How we select the best waterproof hiking shoes for men

A comprehensive list like this is as challenging to make as it is rewarding. For the curious Joes, our selection process is made up of the following:

  • We buy men’s waterproof hiking shoes, expensive or not, using our own money.
  • We hit the wet trails (right away most of the time) to test each waterproof pair’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • To make our reviews on the best waterproof hikers for men as comprehensive as possible, we include in the mix thousands of reports from regular trail-goers and gear experts alike.

A CoreScore is assigned to every reviewed men’s waterproof shoe. The score a hiker receives, which can be anywhere between 0 and 100, plays a vital part in our selection process.

Best waterproof hiking shoes overall for men

Do you want to be the ultimate champion as far as staying dry in the rain is concerned? Then contemplate no further and lock your sights on the X Ultra 4 GTX from Salomon!

Hiking in this watertight bad boy translated to moisture-free negotiations through streams and creeks. In the rain (slightly heavy though it was), the X Ultra 4 GTX was like an umbrella to our feet. Our time traipsing through couple-of-inch puddles in it also resulted in dry feet all the way through!

Its Contagrip outsole performed just as well as its Gore-Tex liner in wet conditions. Although its lugs aren’t as deep as those seen in burlier kicks (mostly boots), they managed to impress us with extraordinary grip on loose and muddy soil.

We were energized to hike in the X Ultra 4 GTX the moment we put it on. The reason? It just felt super-plush fresh from the box! From its snug-but-not-restrictive instep down to its comfy insert (footbed), the shoe’s confines felt amazing!

We also want to commend the X Ultra 4 GTX for being mighty stable and supportive the entire time. Never did we feel ill-equipped for the rugged trail before us. Indeed, we powered through everything it threw at us like juggernauts!

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Are you tired of being bullied by unforgiving inclement conditions? Then it’s time to man up and show the wetness who’s boss in the La Sportiva Spire GTX!

Engineered with Gore-Tex’s super-impermeable liner, the Spire GTX is fully armed and ready for the moisture that awaits. Raindrops simply beaded off its mostly mesh upper, shielding us from intrusive moisture from start to finish. It also emerged completely dry from our 5-minute water immersion test!

Stability-wise, the Spire GTX was as impressive as our overall top pick. Its springy midsole adapted well to the unevenness of the terrain, making our rocky downhill negotiations quite reassuring.

The La Sportiva Spire GTX also stunned us in the area of support, especially around the midfoot. Yes, this waterproof shoe prevented our arches from rolling in (or overpronating), offsetting lower leg fatigue and arch pain in the process!

But is the no-leak Spire GTX comfortable? Totally! Just like the X Ultra 4 GTX, this must-have from La Sportiva felt incredible on day one.

Now, the Spire GTX is a breathable machine, as well. In higher temps, about 80°F, the shoe kept pumping out stuffiness as we moved along.

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Best men's waterproof hiking shoes for backpacking

Treacherous off-path pack adventures require an equally formidable waterproof hiker. We’re, of course, talking about the trekking superstar from Salewa—the Mountain Trainer Lite GTX!

“Enduringly hydrophobic” is the best description we can give this beastly hiking shoe in the realm of waterproofing. Our multi-day hikes, which went on for about a week, were rainy for the most part, yet we encountered zero seepage within its stout confines!

Equally astounding was how quickly we were able to break in the Spire Mountain Trainer Lite GTX. Right on mile one, the shoe hugged our feet with tongue-tying comfort. We felt no rubbing around the tongue area, and its footbed + midsole combo was exceptionally plush!

For a hiker that can bear the weight of an adult male while hauling a loaded pack, the Mountain Trainer Lite GTX is surprisingly light. If you consult the box, you’ll discover that it weighs around 450 g per shoe. Based on our experience, however, we thought it was way lighter. Incredible!

And let’s not forget the toothy outsole of the Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite GTX. Its rubber lugs (forefoot side) boosted our hiking morale on ascents, while its aggressive heel brake and treads made a cakewalk out of semi-steep rocky slopes.

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Prancing not too far behind our top pick for backpacking is the mid-cut doozy OUTward GTX.

Dudes looking for a sticky ride need not look any further than this Salomon hiker. We tested the OUTward GTX on different types of surfaces, including rocky tracks, muddy mounds, and mulch-laden slopes, and its proprietary outsole gripped like a boss!

Now, the OUTward GTX is among the very few hiking shoes that come built with a mid-high collar. This ankle cuff is hardy enough to support your ankles no matter the terrain.

We consider the OUTward GTX among Salomon’s comfiest hiking shoes. Our initial hike was just thrilling—we were laser-focused on enjoying our trekking adventure, thanks to its pampering confines that needed no break-in period. And while its breathability could be better, the plushness of its midsole hit the home run for us!

But what is a brawny backpacking shoe without fantastic waterproofing to match? Fortunately for you and your best buds, the OUTward GTX is incredibly watertight. The height of its shaft and the shoe’s Gore-Tex liner kept our manly tootsies fresh and dry the whole time through!

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Best lightweight waterproof hiking shoes for men

What’s a lightweight kick that doesn’t mess around in the rainy weather called? Well, to us, it’s none other than the Salomon OUTline GTX!

Designed to be among Salomon’s lightest pairs with waterproofing, the OUTline GTX provides nimble performance on manicured trails. Weighing no more than 350 g per shoe, this offering is aimed at trail-goers who need a balance between power and agility.

Complementing the OUTline GTX’s barely-there weight is its wowing supply of comfort. Without using said shoe on a pre-hike, it floored us with insane snugness right from the off! Everything just felt so right and rich within its padded interior that we didn’t mind leaving it on hours after we reached our homes!

On the waterproofing front, the OUTline GTX was simply stellar. We navigated dewy and mossy valleys in it, yet not one drop made it through the shoe’s Gore-Tex-lined shell. Tip: While its comfy upper is fully waterproof, keep your creek traversals around the shallowest parts (2 inches deep tops) to prevent moisture from entering through the collar.

And before we forget—the Salomon OUTline GTX is also quite breathable! We used it in warmer conditions, and it dealt with stuffiness and sweat like an absolute genius!

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About at an arm’s length behind our lightweight main pick is the Terrex Swift R2 GTX from Adidas!

As a sporty hiker, the Terrex Swift R2 GTX has the lightness to show for its agile performance. Whether on level ground or off-path terrain, this Adidas hiker helped us stay mobile, thanks in part to its springy sole unit.

Just like most hiking shoes with Gore-Tex, the Terrex Swift R2 GTX is a boon when the gloominess of the sky starts rearing its damp head. It’s in its nature to repel all manners of moisture, and we have no complaints.

Resplendently comfortable, the Terrex Swift R2 GTX spoiled our manly piggies as if we were royalty! Right from the start, the shoe felt great, from its plush collar to its soft and pampering footbed. That said, we wish its midsole were a bit more rigid and thus more protective against sharper rocks and other underfoot hazards.

And last but not least, we can confidently say that the Terrex Swift R2 GTX is one of Adidas’ tougher low-top kicks. Its waterproof upper stayed almost dent-less after a day of speedy hikes across root-filled and bushy terrain. Its outsole also sustained very few minor scratches. Fantastic!

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Best waterproof hiking shoes with best comfort for men

After venturing outside in hundreds of waterproof hiking shoes, we can’t be any prouder to declare the Moab 2 GTX as the comfiest of them all!

If judged by its looks, you probably would write off this Merrell hiker as rock-solid both inside and out. But as the saying goes (looks can be deceiving), the Moab 2 GTX isn’t stubborn at all on the inside. We were able to break it in on the first mile, giving our mostly hobbit feet jaw-dropping comfort as quickly as one, two, three!

Oh, but you won’t be off the mark, either, if you call its leather upper hard as a rock (because it is, but in a good way). You see, the Moab 2 GTX, while flexible, has an almost bomb-proof shell. Its durability can last you months, which is always a plus!

But does the Merrell Moab 2 GTX live up to the hype waterproofing-wise? Absolutely! This comfy kick for the hardcore hiker has the towering defenses against all things wet. We went back to this rather calm stream several times just to check its impermeability, and each time our feet came away moist-free!

As for support, the Moab 2 GTX gave us what we expected. Our at-times-unreliable arches were prevented from caving in by this exemplary Merrell offering!

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At a very close second, we have the Targhee II. Indeed, heaps of comfort are at your disposal in this fresh pair from KEEN. Its cushy footbed deserves the highest praise in this regard for making us feel like we were walking on clouds! Unlike the Moab 2 GTX, though, this waterproof shoe for the gents needs a short pre-hike to break in completely.

This grungy KEEN gem has a proprietary liner, which rivals Gore-Tex on the waterproofing front. While we never got the downpour we were hoping for, the many puddles we had to cut through were enough to convince us that KEEN engineers did a fine job making the Targhee II highly impermeable.

Now, if you’re looking for a shoe that can make Spider-Man jealous in terms of surface grip, the Targhee II is for you. Built with heavy-duty lugs, its outsole granted us more than enough tenacity on gravel hillsides and grassy inclines. It also planted our every step on gloopy descents, thanks to its powerfully clawing heel brake!

And can we give the spotlight to the Targhee II’s tank-like construction for a moment here? Yes, this KEEN bad boy will embolden your resolve with its stout upper with a behemoth of a toe bumper!

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Best budget waterproof hiking shoes for men

In a world where priciness is often associated with quality, it’s refreshing to see Columbia go against the current. Yup, at no more than $80, value for money is yours with the Crestwood Waterproof!

As obvious as its name implies, this super-affordable Columbia hiker delivers sufficient water protection. We stood in a two-inch deep puddle for roughly five minutes, and the Crestwood Waterproof didn’t let a single drop moisten our fresh socks.

On the inside, the Columbia Crestwood Waterproof gave us sneaker-like coziness. While we wish it had a cushier insert or footbed, its foam-like lining and bunch-free tongue pampered our unmanicured feet to the nines nonetheless!

Grippy hikes also equal the Columbia Crestwood Waterproof. It’s true—this inexpensive must-buy latched on to virtually all sorts of surfaces we threw at it. And although its heel brake doesn’t look aggressive enough, it still helped us go down stony slopes scot-free.

And get this: the overlays on its watertight shell aren’t just for show. They did a mighty fine job deflecting scratches and dents. Extra credit goes to its toe rand for shielding our piggies from the bumpiness along the way!

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Gore-Tex waterproofing? Check. A budget-friendly sporty hiker from Salomon? Check. Who’s checking? Why, the OUTbound GTX, who else!?

At $100 a pair (MSRP), this hiking shoe should make you a Salomon believer. Case in point: the OUTbound GTX has aces only a few can match (although our inexpensive top pick has the edge).

Murky waters and light rain were a no match in the OUTbound GTX. While we wouldn’t use this dapper kick in a heavy downpour, we’re more than enough convinced to wear it as far creek-crossing is concerned. Also, we would avoid muddy surfaces in the shoe if we were you.

This Salomon hiking shoe won’t weigh you down, either. Weighing no more than 600 g per pair, the OUTbound GTX is as maneuverable as it is budget-friendly. Couple its weightlessness with a flexible sole unit, and you got a waterproof ninja shoe in your hands!

Is it comfortable, you might ask? The short answer is yes. The long answer: the OUTbound GTX was stiff at first, based on our experience. That said, after about five miles, the shoe started to loosen up, and from there felt like a pair of worn-in tennis shoes!

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