10 Best Nike Sneakers For Men in 2021

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Nike is unstoppable in launching tons of shoes almost every month. With its massive selection of iterations, it can be pretty hard to pick a pair that truly fits your style, comfort, and quality preference. 

So whether you're on a hunt for Nike sneakers that provide a retro look or a pair that fits your budget, we've got you covered. We sorted through our more than 500 men's Nike sneakers inventory to give you fail-safe recommendations.

How we pick the best Nike sneakers for men

Here is our data-backed approach to arm you with honest and unbiased review: 

  • We purchase these shoes using our money to avoid impartial results. 
  • We put these sneakers through a string of tests and comparisons to check the comfort, durability, and many other criteria.
  • We gather all available reviews from the users of these women's platform sneakers. 

After digging through the data, we rank each sneaker using the CoreScore system. Ranging from 1-100, this scoring system will conclude how this sneaker performed for the majority.

Best overall

After checking almost 600 pairs of men's Nike sneakers, we picked the Nike Air 270 as the best on our list! 

With its head-turning style, it quickly landed as one of the most fashionable pairs in the Air Max family. We enjoyed its sleek and future-forward style resting on its eye-catching thick sole. This kick instantly turned our regular daily look into a flashy one!

Meanwhile, since it is dressed in knit and mesh upper, we enjoyed how it keeps our feet sweat-free and comfy even on humid days! It did not let us down as we wore it during the peak of summer heat. 

Comfort-wise, this is certainly a beast! We enjoyed its luxe lining and springy sole that made our daily walks and errands more bearable. Its weight is another notable feature we enjoyed. It felt so light and did not drag our feet down. 

The AM 270 is one of the robust Nike sneakers we've ever tried on! It certainly can take a beating and is perfect for your day-to-day use. This model is one of the best investments you could ever have. 

Versatile, durable, comfortable, and stylish. The Nike Air Max 270 is an all-in-one sneaker that must be included in your sneaker collection. 

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Landing as our next best option for men's selection of Nike sneakers is the chunky Nike Air Max 97. Premiered in the '90s, the AM 97 quickly became one of the fashionable silhouettes in the current dad sneaker trend. 

It flaunts an eye-catching style that easily sets the bar higher for lifestyle and performance footwear. We adore how its wave pattern creates a one-off look that instantly revamps our regular attire extra snazzy. 

When it comes to its durability, this kick did not disappoint us. After wearing it for countless occasions, it only showed a few signs of usages. As a whole, it remained unscathed and was able to endure external stresses!

We were also amazed how it kept our feet dry after wearing it through light rain showers. We were amazed by its water-resistant features, perfect when you're in search of your all-season footwear. 

While it is offered at a bit pricey range, this sneaker will surely give you what you're paying for! It is indeed one of the best investments you could ever have; grab a pair or two to add to your collection!

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Best icon

We've tested, assessed, and compared more than 500 Nike sneakers for men, and the Nike Air Max 90 landed as our top pick when it comes to iconic features. 

We were captivated by how this sneaker displays a style accurate to its running heritage. We adore its retro features dressed in oodles of colorways that reworked its vintage look into a neck-breaking modern one.

Comfort-wise, this kick did not disappoint us. We felt fascinating comfort by its reliable cushioning that made our street pounding more fun and bearable. We had zero comfort issues with the Nike Air Max 90. 

For the summer days, this sneaker is also suitable. It practically kept our feet sweat-free and comfy, thanks to its well-ventilated mesh upper. 

When we wore it countless times, we were amazed at how it stayed unscathed. We love how its mesh and leather combination on the upper provided more formidable construction perfect for day-to-day usage. 

If you're looking for a sneaker that showcases a style that lasts without giving up comfort and durability, the Nike Air Max 90 is the one for you.

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Also bagging our recommendation for iconic models among the 500+ Nike men's sneakers is the Nike Air Force 1 07. 

This sneaker showcases a basketball silhouette to offer you a great style that fits a wide array of attires. Don it with your activewear or your favorite tattered denim jeans! You'll positively catch the attention of many onlookers.

Talking about its robustness, this kick is a monster! Similar to its Nike siblings, it will never let you down. We never saw any damaged parts after wearing it to countless activities, like walking, traveling, and quick sessions at the gym. It is built with durability in mind. 

When it comes to comfort, this sure is one of your best bets! It delivers comfortable strides with sufficient wiggle room for your beloved toes. Plus, underfoot, it has a reliable grippy rubber outsole that keeps us on our feet as we glide through the slippery surfaces. 

Buddies, if you're in search of your next pair of all-rounder footwear, the Nike Air Force 1 07 is your best option. It provides a perfect fusion of style and coziness that will turn your usual daily runs into enjoyable and comfortable ones!

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Best mid-top

After countless tests and comparisons of more than 60 pairs of mid-top Nike sneakers for men, we picked the Nike Blazer Mid 77 as the best. 

Its ankle support is something! We felt instant comfort and support as soon as we slipped our feet into this kick. We felt just the right amount of ankle-hugging feel - not too restrictive, not too loose. 

Comfort-wise, this sneaker is a pro! All-day cruising along the city pavements feels so cozy, thanks to its ample amount of padding that cushioned our feet generously against shocks and bumps. 

In case you're looking for your daily beater, this kick ends your conquest! Nike constructed it with durable elements to last you longer than your usual sneakers. With the Nike Blazer Mid 77, you don't need to worry about a broken sneaker in the middle of your adventure! 

When it comes to style, this sure is a must-cop. It offers a versatile and trendy look that can be matched up with a wide array of ensembles. Pair it with your jeans, jogger, or shorts; this sneaker will not let you down. 

Found at an affordable price range, the Nike Blazer Mid 77 is a must-have when you're hunting for your next pair of mid-top Nike sneakers.

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Another highly-recommended mid-top sneaker among Nike's arsenal for men is the Nike Court Vision Mid. After detailed comparisons and tests, this kick easily stood out for oodles of reasons. 

Its style is what we significantly adore about this sneaker. We enjoyed its perfect fusion of retro and modern style. Its clean design, meanwhile, allows it to be easily paired with heaps of wardrobes. Dressing up or down is easy with this sneaker. 

Comfort-wise, this model certainly stands out. It felt extremely comfortable by the way it hugged and supported our ankles from twisting. The tightness felt so awesome even when we wore it all day long. 

For the summer days, this sneaker is also suitable. Although it is dressed with a leather upper, Nike added a liberal amount of perforations to keep our feet well ventilated and sweat-free. Indeed, this is one of the most suitable leather pairs for humid days. 

Nike used reliable and durable rubber traction to keep us on our feet, especially on slippery surfaces. Walking along the streets during rain showers is going to be easy and safe with this model. 

Absolutely, the Nike court Vision Mid is one of the bests if you're in for a mid-top sneaker that rolls comfort and style into one. 

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Best futuristic

Buddies, if you're in search of your next pair of sneakers that feature ultra-modern style, check out the Nike Air Max 720. This sneaker landed as our best pick when it comes to futuristic Nike sneakers for men. 

Beating the rest of the 65 sneakers on our list, we are dumbfounded by its revolutionary style. We received instant compliments from onlookers because of its up-to-date look. It is indeed one of the best alternatives to the traditional Air Max sneakers style. 

All-day walking in these chunky kicks felt so comfortable. We enjoyed its full-length Air-Sole unit that provides bouncy steps as we traversed the city pavements. While it has a narrower toe box than the usual, it is still generally a cozy model suitable for day-to-day use. 

In case you're looking for a perfect summer sneaker, this can be your option, too! It is covered with a breathable jersey upper that allows airflow in and out of the sneaker. It will undoubtedly keep the feet dry and comfortable during the height of summer heat. 

Do you want to feel more amazed? Check out our comprehensive product page of Nike Air Max 720 and see why this sneaker is one of your must-cops!

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Also landing as one of our recommendations in Nike's futuristic sneakers for men is the Nike React Vision. Defeating more than 60 pairs of futuristic kicks on our list, we've got plenty of reasons why this model is a must in every futuristic sneaker collection. 

This kick offers an extraordinarily stylish and dapper look that will attract heaps of unsolicited compliments. It was able to combine modern tech and art while keeping the classic running details. As we wore it almost every day, we felt how it improved our looks by its mixed patterns and textures! 

When you're particular with comfort, this kick will surely not disappoint you. We had no issues with comfort and made our city wandering experiences more fun and bearable. The Nike React Vision is unquestionably a perfect go-to pair for almost any casual adventure!

When it comes to its weight, this kick is a keeper! It feels so light on feet that it turns our steps faster and our strides easier. We never felt a dragging-down feeling at all!

Gents, the Nike React Vision is the perfect pair if you're looking for a futuristic pair of Nike kicks to add to your collection.

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Best budget

For sneakerhead men who are looking for budget-friendly Nike sneakers, check out the Nike Tanjun model. After assessing and comparing almost 30 pairs of cheap Nike sneakers for men, the Tanjun quickly landed as our top pick for various reasons. 

Experience a mind-blowing street adventure with the Tanjun. This kick provides top-notch comfort as it is constructed with cozy features. All-day will conclusively feel pain-free as Nike inserted it with cushy cushioning that will give you a "walking on clouds" experience. 

Ventilation-wise, this model is hard to beat! It is dressed in a breathable mesh upper that allows free movement of air in and out, thus keeping our feet sweat-free and cozy even during humid days. Pick this sneaker up on your next summer adventure, and you will not be disappointed.

If you're looking for a long-lasting sneaker, the Tanjun will surely amaze you. Although it is offered at a cheap price range, this kick did not skimp on quality. Nike made this with robust materials to serve you longer than most of your other sneakers. 

Revel in all these features with the men's Nike Tanjun without hurting your pockets! With its below $90 price range, this is ultimately a steal!

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Bagging our recommendation as one of the best cheap Nike sneakers for men is the Nike court Vision Low. This budget-friendly sneaker is a must for countless reasons. 

Displaying a style rooted in tennis footwear, the Nike Court Vision is one of the best minimalist kicks we've ever seen. Its spotless design is easy to mix and match with heaps of wardrobes. 

Despite its slimmed-down shape, this kick feels amazingly comfortable. We were able to walk along the city streets free from any comfort issues. This kick is a must for users who give coziness a top priority over the other features. 

Durability-wise, you do not worry, as Nike built this kick with top-notch material. Despite its affordability, the brand peppered it with robust materials to last longer than expected. 

Its affordability is another feature that we adore! Wearing it all day will surely give you comfort and durability at a price that will make your pockets smile. Indeed, this is one of the must-have sneakers in your footwear arsenal!

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