10 Best Nike Basketball Shoes For Men in 2022

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When it comes to basketball shoes for men, Nike doesn't need much introduction. After all, it's represented by powerhouse players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant

The Swoosh's offers are of course not limited to signature shoes that can really be costly. They also have budget-friendly options that make them truly relevant to a greater number of customers.

Given the sheer number of Nike basketball shoes for the guys, we understand that choosing the right pair can be overwhelming. Because of this, we present our top picks here for your guidance.

How we pick the best Nike basketball shoes for men

Nike basketball shoes are known to work well. Given their prominence in the sporting world, quality is almost a given. Hence, we ensure the objectivity of our testing process, which will eventually help us determine which of the good Nike shoes are truly outstanding. We stick to the following procedure:

  • No sponsorship policy with brands to avoid any form of bias and/or indebtedness
  • No reviews written without actual tests in real games
  • Our experience with the shoe, while valid, is not considered gospel truth; thus, we reference other testers in our reviews as well

Best Nike basketball shoes overall for men

At $150, the Nike Cosmic Unity is on the pricier end for basketball shoes, but reasonable because of the top-notch cushioning setup, reliable containment, and elusive recycled materials build. If you are a player who loves a supportive, plush cushioning setup that still feels relatively low to the ground, this is a basketball shoe that fits that mold well. Plus the benefit of being a more sustainable purchase choice!
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Players with aggressive playing styles will love the Kyrie 7. Wearing this shoe equips anyone playing with an advantage when playing aggressively. Having an upper that hugs the contour of your foot, a bouncy cushion and an elite tread pattern that will provide control is a winner. The Kyrie 7 is recommended for everyday and competitive basketball players.
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Best Kobe Bryant Nike basketball shoes for men

Nike basketball's latest Kobe Bryant silhouette delivers no-nonsense performance on the court. These low-top basketball shoes have excellent ankle support and long-lasting traction. Owners of the Mamba Fury also love the comfortable and responsive feel of the forefoot Nike Zoom Air cushion. Although there are much better performance models for a few bucks more (such as the Nike PG 4), the Nike Mamba Fury remains a must-cop for any player who would like to pay tribute to the late Lakers legend.
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Nike is right in bringing back the Nike Kobe 6 in its Protro version because the anticipation and eventual reception are crazy! Boy, the shoe surely did not disappoint, especially performance-wise! Kobe fans and serious basketball players are just so happy to get their hands (and feet) on the Kobe 6 again.
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Best high top Nike basketball shoes for men

You know something's amiss when the signature player himself gives up on his signature shoe. LeBron James has not been wearing the LeBron 19s in his games, and it looks like it's for good measure. The traction sucks, and everything else goes down with it.
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The Nike Air Force Max is a stylish high-top that offers comfortable support on the court. Owners appreciate the plushness of the full-length Max Air cushion. They are also impressed at the supportive fit brought about by the ripstop upper and midfoot strap. Big men looking for a stylish, secure, and comfortable basketball sneaker can give these a go on the court. However, there are much better options out there for a fraction of the Air Force Max's price.
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Best low top Nike basketball shoes for men

The Nike Kyrie Low 4 is quite hard to resist. Its weaknesses are well compensated for by how noteworthy the shoe's actual strengths are. In simpler words, this shoe is another case of the advantages outweighing the disadvantages. Getting this pair won't be a bad idea at all.
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The Nike Giannis Immortality is a budget model, and it shows especially in how it performs. Don't get us wrong, it's not really THAT bad. However, it sure still leaves a lot to be desired. After all, going back to the classics after experiencing new techs can truly feel a little lacking.
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Best budget Nike basketball shoes for men

A highly-cushioned basketball shoe, the NIke PG 5 offers players a solid platform for jumping. This would be a good shoe for a big or power forward who likes to stay in the lanes and remain on the block. Aside from the pleasing looks, the Nike PG 5 offers great value for money.
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The Nike Fly.By Mid 2 is an inexpensive option for basketball players of all skill levels. Both competitive and recreational players will appreciate the shoe tech in the Nike Fly.By Mid 2. It is not a shoe for the “professional” player or even high-level athletes who require precise shoe technology. It does give you the essential features like above-average traction, good upper materials, snug fit around the ankle, and flexible cushioning.
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What are the cheapest men's Nike basketball shoes in 2022?

  1. Nike Kyrie Flytrap III - from $66
  2. Nike Precision 5 - from $70
  3. Nike PG 4 - from $75
  4. Nike Renew Elevate 2 - from $76
  5. Nike Giannis Immortality - from $80
  6. Nike Air Max Infuriate III Low - from $90
  7. Nike Zoom Rize 2 - from $90
  8. Nike Kyrie Flytrap 5 - from $90
  9. Nike Air Zoom BB NXT - from $96
  10. Nike PG 5 - from $100
  11. Nike Air Zoom UNVRS FlyEase - from $105
  12. Nike Kyrie Low 4 - from $110
  13. Nike Zoom Freak 3 - from $114
  14. Nike Zoom Heritage N7 - from $116
  15. Nike Lebron 18 Low - from $120

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