10 Best Golf Shoes For Men in 2022

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10 Best Golf Shoes For Men in 2022

There are various brands that provide men with excellent golf shoes. Some of the most coveted brands include Adidas, Nike, Footjoy, and Ecco. With these brands’ continuous effort in developing functional cleats, over 100 models were released! 

Choosing one shoe out of the hundred cleats available can be tricky. To make things easier for you, we have selected the best shoes based on different categories since there is no such thing as one best shoe for everybody.

We have come up with this list by thoroughly reviewing 100+ golf shoes for men in the market. Here is how our review procedure goes:

  • We take all of the reviews from the experts and regular users into consideration.
  • We summarize the advantages and disadvantages of each model to help you identify which is the right match for you.
  • The most popular models make it to our in-house experts, who take them out on multiple playtests.
  • All reviewed golf shoes are purchased with our own money to help us stay unbiased.  

In the end, we give the shoes a Corescore from 1 to 100 to reflect their overall performance and pick out the best.

Best golf shoes overall for men

Adidas did it again! We chose the brand’s ZG21 as the overall best golf shoe for men. Well, with all of its features, this is no longer a surprise.

It is game day, but the sky is crying. Are you worried about the slippery ground? Don’t be! This is a waterproof model with an excellent grip. This will guarantee sure-footedness when you swing your club, even if the earth is wet.

Save your energy and only spend it on hitting that golf ball! The Boost technology on the midsole is the secret behind the springy cushioning of this model, and it will help the golfers conserve their energy in every step. 

You won’t only be saving your energy. You will also be saving the earth a little since this shoe is environmentally-friendly! 20% of its upper is made from recycled materials.

If you liked the lightness of the spikeless CodeChaos, but want it in a spiked version, then we are delighted to inform you that the ZG21 achieved the same feat. With its lightness, there is no way on earth that this shoe will slow you down.

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If you want to upgrade your current golf shoe, you should check out the Footjoy Pro SL. With this shoe, you will be checking both style and function, and you can wear this for a long time.

Walking will be a breeze since this shoe is lightweight. Moreover, you will feel connected to the ground as, despite being spikeless, this bites on the surface, wet or dry, so you will not need to worry about missing your footing.

It also has a waterproofing capacity, which will protect your feet from being wet when it rains or when the earth is damp. 

While it protects your feet from being wet due to extreme events, it will not protect you from getting wet due to sweat because this shoe lacks breathability. Well, if this will console you, at least you are sure that it has solid overall coverage.

Its sturdiness can also be proven by the fact that even after a couple of wears, its fit remains snug! But, this also means that, since it has a narrow toe area and the fit will not loosen ASAP, those with wider feet might just have to miss the chance to wear this.

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Best waterproof golf shoes for men

The Ecco BIOM Hybrid 3 BOA has set the bar high again with its waterproofing technology. The brand’s consistent innovation, which packs this with modern technology, makes this a top waterproof golf shoe for men.

Yes, this is a waterproof shoe, and yes, it is spikeless. Still, you do not have to worry about its grip. 

At first, we were anxious that we’d lose our footing when swinging the club hard on the slippery ground, but after trying it, we were impressed because its grip kept us stable and attached to the surface. There’s no reason to worry, even if this is spikeless.

Also, with the Gore-Tex tech, you can be confident that you will keep the elements (like liquid) away.

When the game starts, there will be no time for you to be distracted. Luckily, you just have to rotate the dial on this shoe, which many other brands copied, for easy fastening, unfastening, and secured fit. Super convenient, right?

For everything that this shoe offers, the price is just right.

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Professional players looking for aggressive grip and stability on any terrain, whether elevated, wet, or soggy earth, will be delighted with the spiked construction of the Tour360 XT. Each spike is strategically located for an equal grip in each part of the shoe.

You will also see a lot of Xs on the sole. The lugs will complement the spikes while the large X connects the heel and forefoot. These aren’t just for design! We noticed improvements in everything we needed to play the sport competitively, like grip, stability, and control.

These may seem like a small addition to the shoe, but they add many values, which are crucial in a golf shoe. You indeed won’t have to worry about sliding when you make your shot.

The upper of the shoe is just as impressive. With its waterproof upper, the interior is guaranteed to remain dry even in wet conditions. 

With all of these, even the bad weather can’t stop you from playing. Nothing can stop you at all!

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Best golf shoes with best comfort for men

The Footjoy Hyperflex BOA delivers the same comfort that you feel when you’re in your slippers. You will be blown away at how cozy this is to wear on the golf course.

If you also like its older sibling, the Hyperflex, you will find this one easy to love. After all, this newer version provides a better balance between comfort and energy return thanks to its improved cushioning.

Don’t worry about the fit because, when we tried this on, the BOA dial made sure to let us experience a foot-hugging fit and lock-in feel from heel to toe.

You will also not have any problem when your game extends, even when the weather starts to change. After all, rain or shine, the game will not stop.

If you are concerned about getting your feet wet when the ground is moist, this shoe will guarantee to keep them warm and snug.

Aside from being waterproof and extremely comfortable, you will remain anchored on the ground, dry or damp. So, whether you are aiming for a short or long shot on the grass, you will be able to swing your golf club stably.

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Play golf with a high level of fashion and comfort. With its classy look, you can even wear the Footjoy Stratos to your meeting!

It is a spikeless shoe that you can bring to the golf course or wear on the street. And if the grip is your concern, its VersaTrax+ spikeless outsole has proven to bite hard on any surface. It kept us sure-footed through every backswing and downswing.

This is a competition-ready shoe, and you will have no problem playing for a long time. This is also perfect for those who play 36 holes in a day. Your feet will not feel tired, thanks to the maximum comfort that it provides.

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Best golf shoes with best style for men

You will not only be sporting a functional golf shoe when you don the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour. This is a well-styled shoe that will make you stand out while you move around the golf course. Its one-of-a-kind outsole spike design will pique the interest of the other players.

This shoe is perfect for those who want to remain stylish while playing this classy sport.

It is also a well-cushioned shoe, so your feet will not feel tired even on extended playtime.

Despite having the same cushioning as that of a running shoe, you will be able to keep it steady as you swing your golf club. What’s more, is you can maximize your swing since this will keep you attached to the floor.

For your added information, Koepka’s swing speed even increased compared to his previous performances when he wore this. That says a lot about this shoe.

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Roshe models are widely accepted in the sneaker world due to their timeless design. Now, you can get this silhouette as a golf shoe. 

This is not your typical golf shoe, so you might be hesitant about this. But here’s what you should know:

While it does not have a waterproofing property, this can still keep your feet dry when you play during the summer season. It has a breathable upper that will keep your feet from sweating. But, if you want to be extra confident, you can use a waterproofing spray anytime.

You also do not have to adjust your swing. Hit that golf ball hard (or weak when needed) confidently. Its spikeless outsole has an aggressive set of lugs that will keep you on your toes while you swing your club.

It also has a proven comfort that will let you play without exhausting your feet from the first hole to the nineteenth hole.

If the spikes of the Roshe G wear off, you don’t have to throw it away. You just have to turn this into a lifestyle shoe. What a practical addition to your footwear collection!

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Best budget golf shoes for men

The Footjoy Flex is not only budget-friendly but also a practical addition to your collection. You can wear this on and off the course since it is a stylish shoe that will get your money’s worth and help improve your performance.

Even if you are not into spikeless golf shoes, you will be amazed by the performance of the Footjoy Flex. We tried playing in both wet and dry settings, and this shoe was really able to keep us balanced as we swung our club. We really loved its outsole!

While its excellent traction is great for slippery grounds, its upper is not for rainy days since it is not waterproof. But, this is great for playing on sunny days since it has a breathable construction.

This is a lightweight shoe with a comfortable midsole, so long-distance walking and extended hours of playing will not be a problem.

For some, its attached tongue may be discouraging because this makes putting on a challenge, but at least you will not worry about it moving while you play the sport.

This shoe fulfills all the qualities needed ensuring that you get the value for your money.

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The Skechers Go Golf Max has many features that make this worthy of your hard-earned money. This shoe will keep you well-supported and comfortable throughout the rounds, making playing enjoyable and practical.

If you plan to take on the water hazard on the course, this is an excellent choice. This will keep your feet dry during wet golf days. You will also not have to worry about sweaty feet on warmer days since this shoe is also breathable.

You might be hesitant about its grip since this is a spikeless shoe. But, worry not because, even with its spikeless design, we were able to hit the golf ball stably no matter the surface.

The best part is, aside from everything that this golf shoe can offer, you will be able to wear this for a long time due to its durable material.

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What are the cheapest men's golf shoes in 2022?

  1. Nike Victory G Lite - from $40
  2. Footjoy Flex - from $50
  3. Adidas CP Traxion Spikeless - from $50
  4. New Balance Sweeper - from $50
  5. Callaway Solana XT - from $50
  6. Nike Vapor Pro - from $50
  7. Callaway Balboa TRX - from $60
  8. New Balance Breeze - from $62
  9. Callaway Del Mar - from $62
  10. Asics Gel Course Glide - from $63
  11. Puma Grip Fusion Sport - from $65
  12. Nike Vapor - from $65
  13. Adidas Tech Response 2.0 - from $65
  14. Skechers GOgolf Max - Fairway 2 - from $68
  15. Adidas Crossknit DPR - from $69

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