10 Best Footjoy Golf Shoes For Men in 2022

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Footjoy is dedicated to golf, so you can be confident that the performance will be promising when you get a Footjoy golf shoe.

You can choose from 10+ men's Footjoy golf shoes here at RunRepeat. Whether you are looking for spikeless models, spiked shoes, or waterproof cleats, you will find them here.

We evaluated each cleat to help you find your right match. Check them out below.

How we test the best men's Footjoy golf shoes

We played actual games using different men's Footjoy golf shoes. The money used to purchase the cleats we tested came from our own funds to help us remain neutral.

Aside from playtesting the shoes, we also studied the assessment of the experts and other golfers. Their reviews were converted to a scale of 0 to 100. From this, each Footjoy golf shoe for men received a Corescore. The highest scorers made it to this list.

You will also find a summary of the shoes' pros and cons, which will help you find out if your demands are met.

Best Footjoy golf shoes overall for men

The Footjoy Pro SL golf shoe is a lightweight option for golfers of any skill level who prefer a traditional style in a soft spike build. The shoe features a narrow fit toward the toe and widens out more toward the heel. The Footjoy Pro SL golf will keep your feet dry in any playing conditions and offer a soft sole for golfers who prefer to walk.
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The Footjoy Hyperflex golf shoe is billed to be the ultimate in athletic performance, highlighted by lightweight support and cushioning for optimal comfort. I loved the fit and feel of these shoes, which will be perfect for golfers who prefer to walk during their rounds. The soft spike sole adds a layer of great traction for all terrains, adding to the overall excellent build.
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Best waterproof Footjoy golf shoes for men

The Footjoy Flex XP golf shoes feature an athletic design that’s closer to a gym shoe while offering a superb waterproof capability. Available in narrow, wide, or extra-wide fit, this spikeless shoe is perfect for golfers who prefer to walk no matter the season.
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Having the credentials of being the leading and oldest manufacturer of golf gear places high pressure. The release of the Superlites XP proves that the brand is left unfazed. Boasting of its lightweight properties, it did not sacrifice comfort, traction, and moisture protection. Though minor improvements can still be implemented, the majority of those who were able to test this shoe gave their seal of approval.
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Best spikeless Footjoy golf shoes for men

The Footjoy Flex golf shoes have a comfortable, flexible fit that resembles that of a sneaker or tennis shoe. Golfers looking for a loose-fitting loafer-type option will love this shoe, especially if you have wider feet. While not the best shoe to wear in wet conditions, these are highly breathable and will keep your feet cool on hot days.
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"More is more" is definitely the mantra of the Pro SL Carbon. Jam-packed with technologies and features, it is quite hard to decipher how everything fits in one shoe. However, each works hand in hand to give the golfer the push that he needs to level up his game. Comfort, like with the other Footjoy pieces, remains to be an overwhelming quality that golfers noticed.
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Best BOA Footjoy golf shoes for men

The Footjoy Hyperflex BOA shoe has seemed to hit the bullseye in every front when it comes to being an excellent golf shoe. It is a modern offering that delivers optimal, all-around performance on the course.
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Having designed the ideal Tour shoe, Footjoy took it up a notch and gave it the BOA embellishment. Doing so received nothing but compliments from its users.
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Best budget Footjoy golf shoes for men

If you want a golf shoe that ticks all essential elements in playing golf, then the FJ Stratos is the one to put on your radar. It is a waterproof golf shoe that promises high levels of comfort, versatility, and excellent performance on the course. It is recommended for golfers who are after an all-around golf shoe that's competition-ready.
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With more than 130 documented wins under its belt, it's only due to the continuous enhancement of the Pro SL. The BOA closure prepares the shoe for convenience.
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What are the cheapest men's Footjoy golf shoes in 2022?

  1. Footjoy Flex - from $50
  2. Footjoy Flex Coastal - from $70
  3. Footjoy Fury - from $90
  4. Footjoy Flex XP - from $90
  5. Footjoy Golf Sneaker - from $100
  6. Footjoy Pro SL - from $118
  7. Footjoy Pro SL BOA - from $129
  8. Footjoy Hyperflex - from $144
  9. Footjoy Hyperflex BOA - from $152
  10. Footjoy Stratos - from $200

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