5 Best Football Cleats For Men in 2021

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5 Best Football Cleats For Men in 2021

American football is a truly aggressive close-contact sport. It is played mostly by burley guys with huge frames filled with muscles and strong bones. Given this, football cleats really have to be very resistant to wear and tear.

Brands like Nike and Adidas try to get the football guys to patronize them. Hence, they produce football cleats that target the aspects that a typical footballer will value: comfort, support, and traction.

Out of more than 40 models, we choose the ones that really stand out. We hope that the top picks that we’ve made will help your shopping a lot easier and faster.

How we select the best football cleats for men

You can rest assured that we didn’t just come up with our list of top picks out of thin air. We actually did the following:

  • Bought the football cleats with our money to get rid of bias.
  • Tested the shoes in actual games.
  • Played in them under different weather conditions, whenever possible.

For easier reference, we also came up with a Corescore for each football cleat model. This numerical rating reflects the scores given by experts and regular players in and out of RunRepeat.

Best overall

What makes football cleats great? It’s easy to find the answer to this question. All you have to do is play in the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 and you’ll get intimate with  all the aspects that make a good football cleat phenomenal!

When you play an aggressive sport like American football, the last thing that you would want is to have aching feet. This shoe provided the most impressive amounts of comfort. Even if we played for hours on end, our feet felt as good as when we first started. The  breathable materials and nice fit just did it so well for us.

What’s even more noteworthy about this cleat is the fact that it was comfortable straight out of the box. The upper materials were flexible enough not to require any break-in time. If y’all want to save time, then this one is the right one for you.

When we did sprints, we felt that this shoe, particularly its carbon fiber plate, was quite springy. We didn’t really have to expend so much energy just to bring ourselves ahead. 

On top of all that was the Vapor Untouchable Pro 3’s amazing traction. We experienced no slips, and even hard cuts were pretty well supported. 

Quite simply, we couldn’t ask for more when we already have the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3. 

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Nike is the undisputed king when it comes to sportswear. Adidas is a close second. Under Armour isn’t as big as the other two, but it sure is climbing steadily up the ranks. With the Under Armour Spotlight MC, this brand is making an indelible mark on American football.

Players rave that this cleat has an amazing traction. We found it hard to believe at first, especially when the claims went as far as saying that it’s better than the Adizero 7.0. But boy, we were all floored when we started playing in this. The bite was just insane! There won’t be a tinge of wobbliness as long as you have the UA Spotlight MC on your feet.

Besides an amazing grip, this football cleat from UA also provided stability like no other. The upper materials and the other support features seemed to have worked together to deliver a kind of lockdown that won’t leave any space for doubt. The whole shoe also felt so light, so running fast was never an issue. 

The Under Armour Spotlight MC is not to be overlooked in the comfort department, either. There is nothing more that we must say. This football cleat is simply an excellent partner on the gridiron.

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Best value

As shoppers, we want to get the most out of our hard-earned cash. A good football cleat is therefore one that performs so well without jacking up its price so much. If you are going to ask for an example, we could not think of anything better than the Nike Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid. 

This football cleat was sold at only around $100 when it was launched, but it surely did not hold back when it came to performance. On the gridiron, this one had one hell of a grip! Each cut just sticks so well that there was absolutely no room for slips.

Running was also not a problem with this one. Its outsole was designed to be quite responsive and springy, so energy return was never short with this one. We didn’t really have to exert so much effort as we chased after opponents or ran toward the goal.

As if those performance chops weren’t enough, the Nike Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid also offered aesthetics as a very welcome bonus. We just loved how it looked on foot. It’s really true what they say that the most beastly moves may be hidden behind serene and elegant looks.

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The Nike Force Savage Pro 2 is a beastly football cleat. Anyone who has worn it in a game can truly attest to that. From the outsole up to the upper, there is nothing to be seriously worried about.

This mid-top cleat features a special configuration of 19 spikes on the outsole. These protrusions dug so well into the ground to give our every step the stability that it needed. We didn’t have to worry about slipping or being easily toppled down. With our feet securely planted on the ground, we were able to put our 100% focus on the game.

The midsole was equipped with Lunarlon, and we laud this move by Nike. We seriously felt the tooling, and our steps were truly energized. It felt as if there were mini trampolines attached to our feet.

While the upper was not made of premium leather or something similar, the synthetic material that composes it was soft and super comfortable. We never felt any pain even if the game became so aggressive and our movements became more intense. 

We also very much appreciate the fact that this shoe was truly able to accommodate wide feet. Gone are the days when our wide-footer colleagues had to go half to a full size up.

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Best high-top

Science has already spoken: high-tops are no better than low-tops in providing ankle support. Of course, this shouldn’t stop us from preferring one over the other because, hey, we are still free to do so. For you high-top lovers out there, the Under Armour Highlight MC is really the best pick! 

This football cleat just looks so sleek and catchy! When we were wearing it, we felt that our legs were elongated so our stance became a lot more fierce. We also loved just how closely it fits, it really contoured the shape of our legs and feet. 

But was the high-top Under Armour Highlight MC just all about looks? Of course not! This football cleat appeared in this article because it deserves it. Aside from looking so great, it also performed so well that we are betting our necks that you will also love it.

The grip, for one, was truly excellent. There was truly no space for slips. Even the most peculiar cuts were sufficiently supported by a stable grip on the ground. We could easily feel the spikes digging into the ground to keep us planted firmly in place.

When it comes to comfort, this shoe also delivered as promised. There was never a dull painful moment with this one. 

Truly, having this as a partner on the gridiron won’t be such a bad idea.

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