10 Best Casual Sneakers For Men in 2021

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10 Best Casual Sneakers For Men in 2021

Picking the best pair of casual sneakers for men out of a hundred choices can be grueling. But not with our help. 

Whether you’re a stylish sneakerhead looking for a pair of snazzy-looking dad shoes or an always-on-the-go guy who prefers easy-to-wear slip-ons, we have got you covered. But if you just want the best, we have that as well.

Of course, the 100+ shoes on the list have all been assessed and evaluated. So, when we say it’s good, you can be assured that the shoe is worth it. 

How we review the best casual sneakers for men

Wondering how we review each shoe here? If you have time, check out our testing methodology to understand fully how each shoe is assessed. Alternatively, you can get a quick glimpse of what we do by checking out below:

  • All our claims are backed up by wear tests and reviews from wearers and experts.
  • Whenever we get the chance, we buy the shoes and test them out ourselves.
  • And if that’s not enough, CoreScores are calculated for each one to give you an idea of how each shoe performs.

Best overall

Out of the hundreds of men’s casual sneakers, it’s the Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker that tops our list. Why? This kick’s minimalist look is one thing. But, it’s not just that. This shoe has a lot to offer. We bought one and didn’t have any regrets. 

This kick is simply amazing- from its stylish exterior to its plush interior. Check it out, and you’ll see what we mean. It has a look that goes with everything from denim to chinos. In terms of colorways, this shoe has lots of options available - they have it in black, brown, white, as well as grey, beige and more.

What’s more, this one is made with top-notch materials. After all, it’s a shoe made by Ecco - the leading leather clothing and footwear manufacturer.

If you want to know if this is comfortable, our answer is a big YES. Even without orthotics, this shoe felt super cozy. It’s as if the insoles were custom built. And if that’s not enough, you’ll be glad to know that these kicks are well-crafted. So, expect these to last a long time. Truly worth the buck!

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Another shoe that’s worth checking out is the Veja Campo. The brand of choice of many celebrities, you know there’s a good reason this is picking up a lot of steam.

Veja is a brand known for its sustainable sneakers, and the Veja Campo is among its finest creations. Apart from its eco-friendly make, this shoe is also recognized for its simple yet chic, hard-to-miss style.

Given its minimalist look, you can expect most of your outfits to go with this effortlessly. We tried wearing this with slim-fit jeans, ripped denim, and joggers. Everything just looked great with these on!

Be warned, though. The leather version feels stiff on the get-go. But once it breaks in and softens up, each step is pure bliss. This may not have any air, gel, or Boost in its sole, but they sure are damn comfy. It’s crazy!

So, when sneaker hunting for the best casual sneaker, you might as well check this out. For $145, this sneaker is worth every dime.

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Best dad shoe

Yes, you read it right. If you’re looking for the best casual dad shoe for men, it has to be the D’Lites from Skechers. This kick isn’t only for women. This shoe is also perfect for men who would like to don a pair of chunky, retro sneakers.

Available in various colorways, you can expect to quickly find the hue that perfectly matches your style and personality. Upkeep is also easy with these bad boys. You can wear this for a month, and these will still look fresh.

Now, truth be told, these shoes feel a bit bottom-heavy. But comfort-wise, these kicks feel uber-cozy. You can say goodbye to back and foot pain thanks to its ultra-supportive construction and pillow-like cushioning. 

And if you think these are pricey, think again. After all, it’s a Skechers sneaker. And just like most sneakers from this brand, this one is so cheap. Worth $70; we’re willing to buy this at its MSRP. 

And you know what? Despite its affordable price tag, this one does not skimp in quality. It’s one solid, durable kick! We can’t believe that a 70 dollar shoe like this one could last, but it did. It’s that amazing!

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If you’re not a big fan of Skechers, then you might want to take a look at the Fila Ray Tracer. Another good-looking casual dad shoe, this one has that Yeezy 700 vibe minus the exorbitant price tag.

Yes, this one just screams retro—a true blue chunky dad shoe. What’s more, it’s so affordable. We got this for only $75, and we didn’t look back. Why? Because we got more than what we’ve paid for.

These joints may look chunky, but they’re amazingly lightweight. We just love wearing these every day because it doesn't give any dragging-down sensation. We even tried using this for working out, and it kept us going. Truly a great all-rounder!

Apart from being light and airy, these are also comfy and supportive. So, if you plan to wear this all day, go ahead! We’re sure you’re going to enjoy every step.

Now, if you think you won’t like the colors, you might be surprised. This shoe is available in an array of colorways - from neutral hues to out-of-this-world color combinations. Instead of not finding anything you like, you might just find yourself debating on which to buy because of all the dope hues.

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Best slip-on

If you are looking for an easy-to-wear sneaker, check out the DC Villain 2. This shoe got all our votes for the best men’s slip-on since it ticked many boxes.

Apart from enjoying the ease of using this kick, we also love its dressy look. This one has that “loafer-like” design that’s perfect for any occasion. We wore ours from the office to the park, and these kicks rocked it.

A casual shoe is nothing if it isn’t comfortable. So, you can expect the DC Villain 2 to pack a punch comfort-wise. It did feel a bit stiff at first, but after breaking it in, the rest is history. Despite its straightforward design, this one is capable of keeping your feet cozy 24/7.

So, yes! These shoes are damn comfy. But, it's not just that. These are also oh so light! It’s just impressive. It may not be as durable as other sneakers from known labels like Nike and Adidas. Nevertheless, it’s still worth the buck, given its $50 price tag.

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Those on the hunt for a reliable, light and breezy sneaker must have a looksy at the Jefferson sneaker from Native. Perfect for summer getaways, you’ll definitely fall in love with this if you’re a vegan who likes to pack light and travel light.

This one is available in an array of colors - from neutral shades to bright hues. So, if you’re the type who loves buying different colors to match your outfit, this is a great choice. Buying two pairs at once is possible, thanks to its super cheap price of $50.

Now, if you have wide feet, you might want to size up. We tried this, and it felt a bit narrow. And since it's synthetic-made, its material does not have a lot of give. 

However, if you’re able to find the right size (like we did), you’re in for a treat. These joints feel so comfy and light; we don’t mind wearing these all day. 

As a plus, it also goes with anything - from sweatpants to board shorts. And since it’s so easy to slip in, expect to find yourselves grabbing for these shoes on the way out.

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Best sporty style

Of course, our list of best casual shoes wouldn’t be complete without an Air-Soled sneaker from Nike. And since we’re all about sporty sneakers, one tried-and-tested shoe that surely deserves your attention is the Nike Air Max Command. 

This one is just perfect for anyone who loves dressing down - think joggers and shorts. But you know what? Despite its sporty look, this kick also looks good when matched with chinos or ripped denim. What’s more, people can’t help but stare at it since it also exudes a chunky, retro vibe.

Now, if you’re the type who prioritizes comfort, this one has got that covered. We wore this for long walks, and its Air sole didn’t fail to disappoint. 

Unfortunately, this doesn't feel like walking on air because it felt a bit bottom-heavy. Then again, who are we to complain? It looks good, it feels good, it's eye-catching, and its upkeep is easy-breezy. For just $110, this kick, for us, is a bargain given all the good stuff we’re getting from it.

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If chunky shoes like the Air Max Command will not work for you, then you might want to consider the New Balance 247 v2. This one boasts a simple yet sporty design in a lighter package.

Yes, this kick is really lightweight, and we love it. Apart from its lightweight construction, it's also ultra-comfortable. Running errands doesn’t feel like a chore with these bad boys. 

When it comes to looks, we give these shoes’ straightforward design a thumbs up. It may not scream like other sneaks, but these are no doubt good-looking. Styling this up is easy given its no-frills look. 

Other things you can look forward to are its breathable mesh upper and its hybrid slip-on/lace-up closure. You can say goodbye to sweaty feet because these shoes will keep your feet cool and dry. Cinching the laces is also optional, given its sock-like construction. Convenient, right?

Now, if those pros are not enough, you might think twice once you see its price tag. This one only sells for $80! We got to enjoy all this good stuff without draining our wallets. 

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Best mid-top

Fila Vulc 13 is our shoe of choice when it comes to mid-tops. We sure loved having this in our shoe pile. Why? Because this can definitely take your style up a notch without being too crazy.

First off, its style exudes an edgy, sporty vibe that’s hard to miss. Yes, this isn’t like your Yeezys that scream, but we’re sure you’ll agree that these strapped joints certainly look cool. The added collar height also keeps our ankles supported—a definite plus in our books.

When it comes to fit, this one fits a bit tight in the toes. So make sure to make some adjustments in sizing if you have wide feet. But, once you get the sizing right, everything else is pure bliss. Believe us when we say that this is one comfortable sneaker!

Now, just like any Fila shoe, you’ll feel ecstatic once you see its price. This one only costs $60. It’s unbelievable! Although yes, the quality of the leather materials on these shoes can be improved. But, given its price, we are sure getting a lot more from it than what it’s worth.

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If you’re the outdoorsy type who wants their mid-tops to look a bit more rugged, the Ariat Spitfire fits the bill. Take a look at it, and you’ll see why. This one looks good whether you’re in the mountains traversing beaten paths or out and about exploring the urban jungle.

Now, if you think its rugged style is only fit for the outdoors, think again. Somehow the brand was able to come up with a shoe design that looks rugged yet dressy at the same time. This one, in particular, has a dapper look that’s easy to match with smart casual outfits.

Besides its stylish exterior, this one also boasts a lightweight construction and ultra-cozy interior. Its leather upper and cushioning feel so plush; we didn't want to take the shoes off. And since it's so light, long walks are more bearable with these cool-looking sneaks.

But that’s not all. These shoes also have some mighty grippy outsoles making this the perfect choice for short hikes. Its price isn’t bad either. We paid $100 for this, and we didn’t have any regrets. It’s that good!

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