10 Best Adidas Running Shoes For Men in 2022

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10 Best Adidas Running Shoes For Men in 2022

If you want to rule the streets with style and performance or conquer the trails with ultimate grip and protection, the men’s running shoes from Adidas are a no-brainer. 

They’re made with some of the brand’s latest and greatest technologies, ready up your performance. 

And if you’re looking for the GOATs from Adidas, this list is made for you.

How we review the best Adidas running shoes for men 

Adidas’ running shoes for men can be expensive. But to keep our reviews fluff-free, we buy them with our own money. 

We also created our own shoe testing facility where each model on this list goes through a myriad of tests.

To keep everything objective, we also: 

  • Run in each shoe for 30 to 50 miles
  • Slice them open to see their parts
  • Measure 30 different aspects of the shoe, including breathability, cushion, flexibility, etc.
  • Generate their Corescore (from 0 to 100) by combining thousands of expert and user reviews

Best Adidas running shoes overall for men

Now in its 21st iteration, the Adidas Ultraboost may have wowed us with its style and durability, but it's becoming more and more like a lifestyle shoe than a running shoe. But its strength is what makes it a standout - it can literally swallow miles and miles of pounding on the pavement. It may not be the fastest, lightest shoe, but if you want loads of pop, it's THE shoe.
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The most cushioned running shoe from Adidas, the Ultraboost 20 ran like a couch to our feet. Right off the bat, it's not the most performance-oriented running shoe we've tested - it's heavy and it doesn't have a ton of bounce. Rather, it's a neutral shoe we'd put on if we want unmatched comfort during easy long runs. And hey, it's very durable too!
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Best road Adidas running shoes for men

Made exclusively for easy days on the road, the only sin of the Adidas Ultraboost DNA is that it's way too expensive! Where it took us by surprise is in its very durable quality and solid traction. Even when we took it out for some spin on light trails, this shoe just delivered! Secure midfoot lockdown? This shoe has got you covered.
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The Adidas Supernova is a neutral daily running shoe that's perfect for runners who are on a budget. It's not made for the long haul, but if you're looking for a shoe that's suited for jogging, sprinting, and interval work, it's a shoe we'd recommend. And for its price, it's surprisingly durable!
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Best Adidas trail running shoes for men

I’ve never really been keen on Adidas trail shoes, they seemed like an afterthought to me and their focus was admittedly on their soccer cleats and road shoes. But then the Adidas Terrex Speed Ultra arrived and I just refused to cut these in half. They are that good out on the trails, and that sexy on your feet that I had to do this review without taking the saw to them!
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The overall response towards the Adidas Terrex Two Ultra Parley was positive. Most of them agree that the trail shoe is constructed according to the specific needs of neutral runners. With the utilization of high-quality materials and technologies, consumers enjoy comfort, fit, and excellent traction. Overall, the Adidas Terrex Two Ultra Parley was accepted by many as a perfect companion in achieving their running performance and goals.
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Best neutral Adidas running shoes for men

The Adidas 4D Run 1.0 is a stylish shoe that is reminiscent of Ultraboost more people will be drawn to it as a lifestyle shoe than a running shoe. If the 4D Run 1.0 is lighter and a bit softer, the shoe would be much more functional as a runner. If you are looking for a high-quality running shoe that doubles as a lifestyle shoe, the Adidas 4D Run 1.0 can do the trick as long as you don’t care about speed.
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Best budget Adidas running shoes for men

The Adidas Adizero Pro is not something we'd consider a super shoe. It's still got a long way to go. But for a marathon racing flat, it does a great job! It gives a fast-feeling toe-off and its carbon plate just gives a very snappy ride. It's not the most cushioned but sure did keep our feet well-protected.
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A solid tempo shoe? That's exactly how we found the Adidas SL20 if it weren't for its deficient durability. It's light, responsive, and most importantly, it can pick up the pace! Just don't go beyond 10km, the midsole can be too harsh on the feet. In terms of grip, no need to worry, it does its job well.
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What are the cheapest men's Adidas running shoes in 2022?

  1. Adidas EQ21 - from $35
  2. Adidas Runfalcon 2.0 - from $36
  3. Adidas Galaxy 5 - from $36
  4. Adidas Edge Gameday - from $38
  5. Adidas Rockadia Trail 3 - from $38
  6. Adidas Pureboost 21 - from $40
  7. Adidas Racer TR21 - from $40
  8. Adidas Questar Flow NXT - from $41
  9. Adidas Astrarun - from $43
  10. Adidas Supernova - from $44
  11. Adidas Edge Runner - from $46
  12. Adidas SL20.2 - from $47
  13. Adidas Ventice - from $49
  14. Adidas Fluidflow 2.0 - from $49
  15. Adidas Response Super 2.0 - from $50

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