6 Best Kevin Durant (KD) Shoes in 2022

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6 Best Kevin Durant (KD) Shoes in 2022

Kevin Durant is undoubtedly one of the most sought after players in the NBA. He is rightfully sponsored by sports giant Nike, and he stands there with the likes of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and the late Kobe Bryant.

Durant has his own line of signature shoes called the Nike KDs. In addition to his main collection, he also has a more affordable line called the KD Trey 5s. Although they differ mainly in the quality of materials used, all Nike shoes with the KD mark on them are built to give maximum control and explosive take-offs. 

In this article, we present the most noteworthy picks from Kevin Durant’s basketball shoe collections.

How we determine the top Nike KD shoes

We love Kevin Durant, there is no question to that. But we also know that we have to be very objective when we look into and declare which ones of his shoes are truly worth the hype.

The following are what we do to ensure objectivity:

  • Buy all tested pairs ourselves
  • Not make assessments without actually playing in the shoes
  • Get the opinions of others whenever possible

You, our readers, can rest assured that our claims are based on actual reviews by real people. When our experiences with the KD shoes differ, we try to get to the bottom of it. Is it just a matter of preference? Factory defect? Playing style differences?

We strive to be thorough, and we provide as much information as we possibly can.

Best Kevin Durant (KD) shoes overall

The Nike KD 14 is one of the best new options for anyone that wants a “mid” basketball shoe with ankle support, good lockdown, and good traction. The KD 14 will definitely be a hoop-only shoe, it doesn’t really feel comfy enough to walk around in all day. I would expect you to hoop in these and take them off when you’re done.
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The KD 13 is a better than average “mid” performance basketball shoe that gives a good range of motion as well as ankle support. There aren't a lot of visual enhancements that make this a “sexy” shoe like some of the other options but it gets the job done. It's a very dependable option I find myself frequently wearing on a regular basis.
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Best Nike Kevin Durant (KD) shoes

The Nike KD Trey 5 VIII has a lot of useful features for its incredibly affordable price. Owners love the comfort of the Nike Renew foam and Flyknit padded tongue. The solid rubber outsole also provides an exceptional grip on both the hardwood and blacktop. All in all, the KD Trey 5 VIII is a great entry-level basketball shoe that can compete with higher-priced models.
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The price of Nike KD Trey 5 IX is lowered and, unfortunately, it comes with a little compromise in terms of quality. Specifically, this shoe has issues when it comes to traction and bounce. This, however, doesn't mean that the KD Trey 5 IX does not perform at all. It's still a pretty decent offering from Nike and Kevin Durant.
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Best blue Kevin Durant (KD) shoes

The Nike KD 8 was expected to deliver, and it surely did not disappoint. The materials and Nike technologies used to create it have worked together to deliver high levels of support, comfort, traction, and even aesthetics. There are complaints here and there, but they are more the exception rather than the rule.
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What are the cheapest kevin Durant (KD) shoes in 2022?

  1. Nike KD 13 - from $79
  2. Nike KD Trey 5 VIII - from $85
  3. Nike KD 12 - from $110
  4. Nike KD 8 - from $130
  5. Nike KD Trey 5 VII - from $130
  6. Nike KD 4 - from $150
  7. Nike KD 9 - from $150
  8. Nike KD 11 - from $199
  9. Nike KD 6 - from $534

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