8 Best K-Swiss Tennis Shoes in 2022

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8 Best K-Swiss Tennis Shoes in 2022

There's something about K-Swiss tennis shoes that will pull at your heartstrings if you love the classic style and how memory foam cradles your foot. Now, if you're uncertain which K-Swiss shoe will suit you best, we went ahead to playtest every available shoe model in the market.

After giving each shoe a rigorous two-week drill test, we had the opportunity to filter which of them outperformed the rest. If you are scouring for the best from this brand that isn’t bottom-heavy, stable through long rallies, or won't rip you off your entire savings, take time to skim through our top choices below.

How we select the best K-Swiss tennis shoes

Brand advertisements don't influence our selection process in any way. And we don't blindly pick which shoes land among our top choices. Instead, we follow this process:

  • We buy each pair with our money to remain unbiased.
  • We systematically rake all possible reviews from verified users and experts and extract all the positives and negatives. 
  • Our Corescore system methodically ranks each rated shoe from 1 to 100.
  • Our tennis experts evaluate each shoe's overall build and conduct uncompromising playtests, a minimum of 16 hours a week for two weeks.

Our final verdict consists of consolidated analyses from the amassed reviews and scoreboard results of our experts' playtests. 

Best K-Swiss tennis shoes overall

Designed for all players from all levels, the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 gained mixed reviews from the users. Some admire the shoe because of its comfortable, well-cushioned, and lightweight design while others are not happy with its stiff upper and wide toe-box. The majority, however, think that the previous model of the Hypercourt Express is definitely better than the new one.
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The K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme is a cushioned tennis shoe designed for different playing surfaces. It has received positive feedback from most users because of its supportive and lightweight design.
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Best all court K-Swiss tennis shoes

K-Swiss Aero Knit
K-Swiss Aero Knit K-Swiss Aero Knit

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Top pick
‘Comfortable’ is the winning slogan attached to the K-Swiss Aero Knit. The Infi-Knit fabric stretched across the upper and the well-padded sole deliver a plush ride needed for games like doubles. Traction develops over time. Such a superb grip offers solid footing when moving corner to corner. Its low-to-the-ground profile provides excellent surface contact and prevents rolling of the foot and ankle.
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K-Swiss Aero Court offers stable performance at a very affordable price. This footgear may have a classic and straightforward styling using a blend of synthetic leather and mesh but it’s nonetheless lightweight and breathable.
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Best lightweight K-Swiss tennis shoes

K-Swiss continues to delight players who are drawn to classic-styled, multi-court tennis shoes with the release of the Hypercourt Express Leather. This stability court trainer shares the same kind of in-shoe comfort, fit, and traction as the synthetic Hypercourt edition. Plus, it allows you to stay connected to your movement with its low-to-the-ground structure and grippy Aosta 7.0 rubber outsole. Its genuine leather cover is deceivingly clunky and pricey, but it’s surprisingly light both in weight and in the wallet.
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Stability, comfort, and durability are the dominant attributes that make this shoe a real big shot on the clay and hard court. The upper isn’t the most forgiving structure for all-court play, but it keeps the foot locked in place shot after shot.
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Best cushioned K-Swiss tennis shoes

Compared to its predecessor, K-Swiss Ultrashort 2 is noticeably lighter with updates in the midsole. Cushioning isn’t an issue from the initial try as it allows you to transition from one stance to another, feeling all the plushness underfoot. The support system keeps the foot balanced whether you’re attacking from the baseline or towards the net.
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Best budget K-Swiss tennis shoes

A blast from the past, the K-Swiss Ultrascendor sends you back to the 90s with its classic-looking aesthetic. This stability court trainer is arranged with comfy padding from the collar and tongue to the midsole. It’s designed with a supportive upper and sole to keep you balanced while you dart around the court.
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