10 Best Jordan Sneakers in 2021

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With so many Jordan sneakers available online, do you feel frustrated in deciding which one will suit you? Whether you prefer the retro look or perhaps the modern versions, there are extensive Jordan iterations you can choose from.

Plenty of things must be considered when buying Jordan shoes. To help you out, we have carefully evaluated 60+ Jordan kicks. We listed down some of our top picks under various categories for your quick reference.

How we choose the best Jordan sneakers

Our main goal is to help you save money, time, and effort. Therefore, we have meticulously assessed and compared over 60 Jordan models, and ranked them using our CoreScore system. The higher the CoreScore, the better overall performance.

Here are the factors considered for the CoreSCore:

  • We put each shoe through a myriad of tests to test its comfort, durability, and many more parameters.
  • To make our reviews even more comprehensive, we collate all available feedback from other users of these Jordan models.

We also buy all reviewed Jordan sneakers ourselves to avoid biased opinions. No shoes are sent to us for free.

Best classic

After assessing and comparing 60+ Jordan sneakers, we picked the Air Jordan 1 Mid as our top choice among all the classic Jordan models. 

Showcasing a style almost identical to the iconic Air Jordan 1 High, the Mid is perfect for buyers looking for a less restrictive ankle feel. With its lower collar height, it is easier to slide your foot in than its taller version.

Clean and simple, we are on a high by its versatility. We can wear it for countless attire worry-free! Its straightforward style looks perfect with just about any ensembles.

Meanwhile, its price is surprisingly more affordable! Despite its almost 1-on-1 parallelism with the AJ1 High, this pair is sold at a lower price range and is widely available! No need to camp out of the store just to get your hands on these sneakers.

Its coziness is another distinctive element. Pounding the city pavement is easy as this model offers an astonishing amount of comfort: no ill-fitting issues, just perfect snug fit. 

And just like its Jordan siblings, this sneaker is built to last. Its durable construction allows us to enjoy it for a more extended period. 

With its fresh new vibe, you can never go wrong with the Air Jordan 1 Mid.

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We've compared and assessed 60+ Jordan sneakers, and Air Jordan 1 Low quickly landed as one of the best classic iterations on the market. 

Flaunting its authentic classic form, the AJ1 Low is definitely one of the must-haves. Its style suits the lifestyle fashion for its versatility and clean style that looks almost like the iconic Nike Dunk. 

It is undeniably an attention magnet footwear. Onlookers instantly complimented our flair as they immensely love our sneakers' timeless aesthetics.

We were gobsmacked as it stayed intact after wearing it all day numerous times. It is indeed one of the most durable Jordan sneakers there is. Thanks to its top-notch make, we will get to enjoy this for longer than expected.

And to add more, this sneaker is sold at a relatively low price! Now, with the Air Jordan 1 Low, it's easy to look fashionably trendy without throwing your money down the drain. 

The Air Jordan Low 1 is a must in every sneaker collector's arsenal with its eye-catching details, classic features, and affordability.

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Best retro

Surpassing the other 60+ Jordan models, the Jordan 6 Rings bagged the top spot as our best pick among the retro Jordan sneakers to date.

Borrowing features from several Jordan classic models, the 6 Rings effortlessly flaunts an impressively attractive style. It flawlessly merges terrific elements that it will quickly amp up any regular attire. 

This sneaker astonishingly offers an elegant upper with a rugged sole. We enjoyed its attractive accents mixed with the grippy translucent rubber outsole. This sneaker truly characterizes a throwback aesthetics that boosts our overall laidback style.

It did not cast down on our expectations when it comes to comfort. The Jordan 6 Rings provided all-day step-in comfort with better accessibility as compared to high-top sneakers. The "just right height collar" hugged our ankle comfortably and securely. 

When it comes to endurance, this model is a classic! It remained unscathed after several all-day usages. A must-have if you're looking for an all-rounder sneaker.

Though it is a bit pricier than its siblings, the Jordan 6 Rings is a highly recommended sneaker for durability, comfort, and style for the city streets.

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Landing as the next best option when it comes to retro Jordan sneakers is the Spizike. Beating the other 60+ Jordan sneakers, we picked the Jordan Spizike for several remarkable features. 

This sneaker is a compliment-magnet! Featuring several features from Jordan's famous models, the Spizike is one of the most fashionable Jordan kicks available to date. Wearing a pair of this model is like wearing a total of 6 unique Jordan models simultaneously. 

By looking closer, you will appreciate more how this sneaker was meticulously constructed. It continuously impresses many fans for its premium build, which explains why this sneaker has a tad expensive price point. It is worth its price. 

Comfort-wise, this is mind-blowing! It offers a cozy feel that makes our day-long walks a little more fun. We could not wait to don this for our future adventure! Though it feels a bit stiff at first, this sneaker will impressively provide a homey fit to our feet with just a few break-in sessions. 

Choose among its various colorways and expect premium quality and top-notch performance with the Jordan Spizike.

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Best chunky

If chunky sneakers are your game, the Jordan Mars 270 is our high-recommended sneaker for you. It beat the other 60+ Jordan sneakers on our list, and we've got several reasons why. 

A certified head-turner, its bulky style is beautifully made. We love how it flawlessly combined several Jordan iterations to mold a single, trendy, chunky sneaker. It deserves the spotlight for its impressive take on several classic Jordan aesthetics. 

An extended period of standing was easy with this sneaker. Thanks to its cozy features, such as the Air Max cushioning and heel and ankle supports, these sneakers kept our strides pain-free, breezy, and springy.

We felt satisfied too with its overall quality. We can vouch for this pair's lasting build as we were able to enjoy it longer than our usual sneakers. After a series of wear tests, this sneaker impressively remained unscathed!

Its upkeep is another feature we genuinely adore. With the help of a damped cloth, whipping off the dirt on this sneaker is very easy. 

With all these formidable features, we are actually on the course of repurchasing another pair of Jordan Mars 270!

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Also landing as one of the best chunky Jordan sneakers on our list is the Jordan Aerospace 720. 

It offers an eye-catching beefed-up profile as it is made with a full-length Air Max unit underfoot. This feature delivers an extra amount of comfy and bouncy rides, perfect for making our day-long striding more fun and comfier.

With its function-first design, it took comfort to a whole new level. The upper is made with breathable features with textile support to enhance our traditional style and provide added support as we pound the pavements.

And just like its other folks in the Jordan lineup, this sneaker is strikingly fashionable. Its heavy details give a powerful update to any regular ensemble. We enjoyed pairing it up with our casual jeans and sporty tracker suits. 

Its collar height, meanwhile, is another remarkable element. Its high-top cut gives ample support as we walk and do our light exercises. 

With its countless colorways to choose from, it is easy to look stylish and feel comfortable with the chunky style of Jordan Aerospace 270.

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Best Air Max

After going through several Jordan models with Air Max technology, we pick the Jordan MA2 as the best on our list. 

Packed with a fantastic amount of comfort, this sneaker did a great job of keeping our feet cozy throughout. The Air Max tech found underneath amazingly provided an extraordinary amount of cushioning that made our steps bouncy and energized. 

As we slipped this off our feet, it felt amazing how easy it was. Thanks to the rubber on its heel, taking this off is as easy as ABC. It is a hands-free experience and requires no bending down. 

Its "not the usual" Jordan style makes the MA2 an attention-grabbing one. The non-traditional flair in a multitude of colorways adds a fresh new vibe to all Jordan fanatics. Plus, its less branding style begs for more attention. Snazzy and modern trendy, the Jordan MA2 will make your regular attire look extra flashy.

The Jordan MA2 may not look like your usual Jordan sneakers, but it provides you with the quality and comfort the Jumpman series is known for.

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Another Jordan model with Air Max technology that gained our recommendation is the Jordan MAx 200. After comparing it to 60+ Jordans, this deserves a spot as one of the bests. 

After fusing AJ4 and Air Max 200, the Jordan Max 200 impressively flaunts an astonishing style while delivering a fantastic amount of comfort. Its unique style covered with stylish color blocking truly worked wonders to our regular attire. 

Although it has a beefed-up profile, the Jordan Max 200 is incredibly lightweight! Its surprising airy weight contributed to faster and comfier steps as we wandered along the city streets. 

When summer comes, the Jordan Max 200 will offer you a fantastic amount of breathability! As you walk, the transparent nylon mesh on the midfoot will allow the flow of air to keep your feet dry and cool all day long. 

Are you worried about sizing up or down? Don't fret, as this sneaker fits true to size. 

With its polished make, this sure is a piece you should never miss adding to your collection. Enjoy 200% comfort with the Jordan Max 200!

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Best budget

If you're on a budget and looking for the best Jordan sneaker to buy, the Jordan Max Aura 2 is our best bet!

After comparing it to over 60 Jordan models, we have come up with several reasons why this sneaker is one of the must-buy models. 

Its budget-friendly range did not sacrifice its overall quality and comfort. By combining qualities from Jordan 10 and Jordan 11, expect a fantastic amount of comfort. It was able to mish-mash the best qualities from these sneakers. 

We love how this sneaker kept us cozy even after wearing it for hours. Its foam midsole and Ai-Sole cushioning gave a tremendous amount of comfortable feel. 

It feels airy, too! Although it looks full and stout, the Max Aura 2 surprisingly felt light on our feet. It did not pull our feet down as we walked the streets. This means faster and easier strides for us.

We also approved of its traction. Slippery surfaces have never been a problem while wearing the Max Aura 2. 

Jam-packed with nifty features, it's hard to believe that the Jordan Max Aura 2 offers all these without the need to hurt your pockets!

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Jordan Delta 2 quickly landed as one of the bests when it comes to affordable sneakers. After stacking it up with 60+ Jordan models on our list, we had no reason why we should not recommend it. 

This pair is one of the coziest in the Jordan lineup. It cradled our feet and cushioned our feet amazingly as we walked. 

Despite its well-padded construction, this sneaker kept our feet well-ventilated. Its upper is covered with mesh that allows air to pass through freely. Humid days will still be breezy with the Jordan Delta 2.

Its aesthetics is another detail we want to highlight. We enjoyed its neck-breaking flair, which features a 2not your usual classic Jordan" style. We are amused by its bold details that quickly grab the attention of many onlookers. 

We are over the moon by its adaptability, too! From work to gym sessions, the Jordan Delta 2 is a suitable pair for almost all occasions! This sneaker is indeed an iteration that every practical Jordan sneaker fan must add to their sneaker depots.

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