7 Best Shoes For Diabetes in 2022

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7 Best Shoes For Diabetes in 2022

Keeping the feet free from wounds and pain is one of the top treatment plans for diabetic patients. Since they predominantly suffer from damaged nerves on their feet, people with diabetes seldom feel any irritations, calluses, or ulcers caused by improper footwear. With that said, wearing the right pair of walking shoes is vital to lower their risk from these kinds of foot issues. 

To help them out, we researched more than a dozen pairs of shoes for diabetic patients and assessed them for different elements. We came up with our recommendations that we consider the best under various categories.

How we select the best shoes for diabetes

We carefully checked more than a dozen pairs of walking for diabetics to help you find the best solemate. For an honest and unbiased review, we:

  • Buy these walking kicks using our own money. 
  • Thoroughly test these shoes to check their cushioning, stability, arch support, and many more parameters.
  • Accumulate all available feedback from the users of these walking shoes. 

From the results, we assign CoreScore for each model. Ranging from 1-100, this scoring system will determine the overall performance of the model.

Best shoes for diabetes overall

After sifting through more than a dozen pairs of walking shoes for users who have diabetes, the New Balance 623 v3 quickly bagged our top pick as the best on the list. We've got gobs of reasons why this shoe must be in your walking shoe rotation. 

Boasting its outstanding comfort level, the NB 623 v3 is perfect footwear when you plan to walk for an extended period. It uses the Abzorb cushioning that effectively absorbs shock and impact, thus avoiding discomfort on the lower extremities, which is a big NO for diabetic patients.

Also, its full-length EVA midsole feels so light and stable, as it accommodates the foot's natural motion. With this kick, ankle-twisting has never been a problem. 

Found on its upper are perforations on the heel and forefoot. This feature keeps our feet dry and cool as it allows free air movement in and out of the sneaker. 

While walking all day, we enjoyed it as this model kept our feet locked and secured. Thanks to its heel counter and padded collar, we did not experience heel slippage at all.

The New Balance 623 v3 is our best bet when you're looking for everyday walking shoes, especially when you have diabetes. It will keep your feet protected from pain, injuries, and wound formation while keeping you in style.

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We also highly recommend the New Balance 877 for shoe hunters who have diabetes. We had a great experience when we walked all day using this shoe. 

This footwear offers an impressive level of comfort. Perfect for diabetic wearers suffering from nerve damage, this kick will hug the feet comfortably suitable for all-day wear. This shoe will avoid any wound formation or injuries, which are crucial in diabetic patients.

Besides addressing the needs of diabetics, this model also suits users who are suffering from other foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis, corns, and bunions. Also, if you use contraptions like prosthetics, braces, and orthotics, this kick can easily accommodate those. 

Though this pair looks a bit chunky, we adore its lightness! It did not drag our feet down as we strolled down the city pavements. 

If you've got wide feet, worry not, as this walking shoe can accommodate different width ranges. From narrow to wide, the NB 877 got a pair for you! 

The NB 877 has an impressive quality on par with other footwear explicitly designed for diabetes. Grab a pair of these kicks without the need to fritter away!

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Best shoes for diabetes for flat feet

After going through oodles of walking shoes for flat-footed diabetic patients, we chose the New Balance 928 v3 as our best bet. We've tested it ourselves and came up with plenty of reasons why this kick is on our top list. 

This shoe offers comfort, durability, and stability suitable for flat-footed diabetic or non-diabetic walking shoe enthusiasts. 

Comfort-wise, this shoe is a beast! In fact, it can also alleviate other foot problems, such as arthritis and neuropathy. Its Phantom liner delivers irritation on the feet and avoids any formation of blisters, which is essential in every diabetics' footwear.

Also, the synthetic overlays found on the toe box prevent any abrasion from impacts and constant contact with the skin. This element is beneficial to the health of diabetic's feet. 

Its midsole, meanwhile, compresses just enough to absorb shock while providing ample stability in every step. With this kick, you can be protected from overpronation and supination. 

While it displays a chunky profile, this shoe is amazingly light on feet! It did not drag our feet down! It made our steps easier and a bit faster. 

If you have diabetes and have flat feet, we highly vouch for this kick's effectiveness in protecting you from injuries and discomfort. 

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We are also fascinated by the impressive features of Propet Stability Walker shoes. We also highly recommend this for diabetic patients that are suffering from flat feet. 

During our long walks and stands, the Proper Stability Walker gave us comfortable steps. Not only flat-footed wearers but also users with plantar fasciitis and bunion will feel instant relief by these shoes' wonderful coziness. 

While it feels roomy on the toe box, this kick offers a snug fit on the heel. We felt so secure and did not suffer from heel slippage. We also love how its lining did not rub our toes; thus, no chance to develop pain or any blisters.

We also had no problems wearing this kick despite our high arches. All-day long, this kick supported our feet incredibly! Our strides felt so stable, too! Thanks to its broad base, ankle rolling has never been a problem.

Got a preferred orthotics or contraptions? You better fret not as this shoe can accommodate them! Now you can fashionably wear your ankle-foot braces with the Propet Stability Walker.

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Best shoes for diabetes with strap

We checked a lashing number of shoes for diabetic users secured with straps, and we picked the New Balance Hook and Loop 813 as our top choice on our list. 

We highly praise the comfort we experienced while wearing this walking shoe. It delivered an incredible amount of comfort, thanks to its motion control features. Our gait problem was addressed, too! We truly enjoyed walking in these shoes!

If you're looking for a daily kick to don, this is your solid option. With its easy-to-wear design, you can quickly head out of the door without the need to fix laces. On and off is indeed breezy with this model. 

Worry not about securing your feet as the Propet doubled the straps in this model. This model not only maximizes the snug fit but also enhances the overall durability. 

As we walked in these kicks during the humid days, we felt comfortable, too. Thanks to its mesh lining on the tongue and collar, airflow can be felt and enjoyed.

If you've been suffering from supination or overpronation, this model is the one for you. It has the rollball technology found between the midsole and outsole that holds the heel to stabilize it.

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We also highly recommend the Propet Life Walker Strap as one of our top picks in the best in the strap category. We experienced great reasons why this kick is a must in any wearer's rotation, especially if they have diabetes.

Our foot, back, and shoulder problems were instantly relieved when we wore this shoe for our long walks and extended-standing period. This feature is crucial for diabetic patients who are suffering from neuropathy, fatigability, and weight problems. 

In case you're suffering from other foot problems, this sneaker can help you, too. It can quickly accommodate custom orthotics and orthosis braces.

We truly enjoyed how this model provided support on our feet. We have no issues when it comes to stability for its ample lateral support and ankle hold. 

Thanks to its easy closure system, heading out the door is breezy! Putting in on and off is a quick task, saving us time from fixing complicated laces. This shoe is indeed perfect for users with mobility problems.

Keeping our feet fresh, cool, and dry even during the summer is achievable with this model. Thanks to its breathable upper, summer is enjoyable with the Life Walker Strap.

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