10 Best Chunky Sneakers in 2021

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Love them or hate them, chunky sneakers are undeniably one of the popular trends to date. These beefed-up kicks are a constant to almost all fashion runways, events, and several influencers' social media accounts. 

Whether you are a true-blue trend lover or simply enjoy the coziness of these bulky kicks, we've curated several highly recommended chunky sneakers to suit every taste and budget level. Check them out below.

How we pick the best chunky sneakers

We carefully checked 280+ chunky sneakers to help you find the best stocky solemate. To give you honest and fair reviews, we:

  • Buy these chunky kicks using our own money. 
  • Thoroughly test these sneakers to check their comfort, durability, and many more specs.
  • Collate all available reviews from other wearers of these shoes. 

From the results, we assign a CoreScore to each sneaker. Ranging from 1-100, this scoring system will determine how this shoe performed for the majority. 

Best overall

After testing more than 200 pairs of chunky sneakers on our list, we picked the Adidas Ozweego as our top choice in our best overall category. 

This summer-staple sneaker features a beefed-up profile that screams '90s fashion. As soon as we wore it, it instantly revamped our attire into a crowd-pleaser. We actually enjoyed the attention we got from the onlookers! 

If breathability is your main concern, don't panic, as this sneaker is one of the most well-ventilated we have ever tried. We love how its mesh upper allowed free movement of air that kept our feet cool and dry even during the humid days. 

Comfort-wise, this is a beast! We experienced terrific coziness throughout the day. Despite its stocky build, we were surprised how this sneaker did not drag our feet down. We never had issues with its weight; what we got are easier, faster, and lighter strides instead. 

We also experienced bouncy steps in these kicks! Thanks to its cushy Adiprene midsole, we get to pound the streets all day long while enjoying its wonderful coziness.

Packed with unique and mind-blowing features, the Adidas Ozweego is a pair worth including in your arsenals. This sneaker is a heart-stopping one from style to comfort and even its price range!

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Running as our next best option in our chunky kicks list is the most iconic Air Max model, the Nike Air Max 97. This high-performance footwear was initially launched during the 90s, and since then, it has become one of the most fashionable iterations to date.

Setting the bar high when it comes to style, this sneaker got our attention for its neck-breaking waves and patterns. It flaunts a one-off look that makes our regular attire look extra snazzy. 

After wearing it on countless occasions, this sneaker amazingly remained unscathed. It was able to endure numerous external stresses! Although some signs of usage can be seen, it remained fashionable!

When we wore this through rain showers, it kept our feet dry. We were surprised by its water-resistant feature, making this one of the excellent options when looking for an all-season sneaker. 

Though this sneaker might be a bit upscale, you will definitely get what you are paying for! It serves you amazing features, making this one of the best sneaker investments you could ever have!

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Best sporty style

After checking 280+ pairs of chunky sneakers, we chose the Nike Air Max 270 as the best on our list! 

This sneaker is undoubtedly a head-turner. We enjoyed its sleek and futuristic upper that is seated on a thick sole. This model is unmistakably one of the best-looking Air Max models we have ever seen! 

Its knit and mesh upper amazingly kept our feet dry and cool. We were lost for words as we got to experience superb ventilation while strutting the streets. Even when worn during the height of summer, this sneaker did not let us down. 

On day one, we felt instant comfort. As we slipped our feet into this, we felt soft lining and cushy insoles. It is also light and flexible, which helps us walk faster and enjoy more natural movement of our feet. 

When it comes to durability, this sneaker is an A-lister! It could take a beating, similar to most of its Air max siblings. This kick is clearly a significant investment to own!

Pair this sneaker with almost any attire, and it will not disappoint you. The AM 270 is truly a sneaker that is hard to beat!

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Also bagging our recommendation as one of the best sporty chunky sneakers is the Nike Air Max 90. 

Displaying a style that is authentic to its running heritage, this sneaker quickly mesmerized us with its throwback style. By choosing among its throngs of hues, we enjoyed how it turned our traditional look into a neck-breaking one.

Not only does it look great, but it also feels so amazing on our feet! This must-have sneaker has incredible cushioning that provides us exceptional street pounding experience. After wearing it for yours, we had zero comfort issues!

While wearing it during the warmer days, this kick impressively kept our feet cool and dry. Now, we can't wait to bring this with us for our upcoming summer adventures!

Nike built the AM 90 to last. After wearing this several times, it showed no signs of damage. Thanks to the perfect blending of mesh and leather, this is one of the tough sneaker options available out there.  

The Nike Air Max 90 is definitely a sneaker that is worth checking out. It feels so great to see this sneaker almost always available; thus, you don't need to camp out to get your hands on a pair of this iconic footwear. 

All these and more, the Nike Air Max 90 is undoubtedly one of the best sporty sneakers we all should never miss out!

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Best futuristic

Born to be great, we picked the Nike Air Max 2090 as the best futuristic chunky sneaker after checking 200+ pairs of bulky sneakers on our list. 

There are too many great things about 2090 that we want to highlight. One of them is its sleek style. Clean, simple, and luxe, this sneaker definitely amped up our look after pairing it with our regular casual attire. 

Unlike its futuristic Air Max siblings, we just adore its subtle air bubble. Though it's not as stout as the rest, it still provided us cushy and bouncy steps throughout the day. 

Its flexibility is another great thing we want to emphasize. The AM 2090 allowed us to enjoy natural foot movement as we pound the city pavements. It did not give us a restrictive feel at all!

If you enjoy wearing sneakers without socks, this is the best pair for you. The elastic found inside of this shoe held our feet comfortably for easy wear. 

While this model has a few drawbacks in breathability and construction, it still got our nod for its style and overall coziness. This kick is indeed a pair you must add to your collection!

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Another futuristic chunky sneaker that bagged our recommendation is the Nike React Vision. After testing and comparing it to more than a hundred pairs on our list, we've identified why this deserves our laudation.

We just could not get enough of its attractive style! It successfully combined innovation and art by mixing texture and patterns. These features rapidly upgraded our looks, from the traditional look to an extra snazzy one. 

Everyone who got a chance to wear this agreed that this is incredibly comfortable! We felt no problem for hours while wearing this. In fact, the React Vision quickly became our favorite go-to sneaker, wherever, whenever. 

Despite its stocky build, we were impressed by its lightness! It felt so airy on our feet, and our steps became faster and easier! It is indeed perfect for all-day wear. 

While some wished for more colorways, the Nike React Vision's look is enough to make any attire stand out. Get ready for unsolicited compliments from onlookers as this sneakers' rebellious finish will effortlessly attract attention. Grab a pair or two before it runs out!

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Best retro

Series of tests and comparisons have been made, and the numero uno on our list of best retro chunky sneakers is the New Balance 990 V5. 

Its top-notch coziness dumbfounds us! After wearing it for several hours, we felt no pain by any chance. Its cushioning and support on our arches are superb, which made our steps easier and comfier. 

We never worried about the inward or outward rolling of our feet. This sneaker effectively secured our feet in place as we took our steps. 

Talking about its style, we are over the moon about its versatile style. From work to gym sessions, this sneaker will bring you some blue. It is indeed a perfect all-rounder that you should never miss adding to your wardrobes.

This pair is unexpectedly a flexible one, despite its chunky sole! Our feet enjoyed their natural movement, with no restrictive feeling underfoot at all!

The New Balance 990 V5 is remarkably a sneaker you must consider owning as it is packed with unique features to keep you cozy and stylish all day long. With this sneaker, you are definitely in for a homerun!

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Also securing our recommendation as one of the best retro chunky sneakers is the Puma RS-X. Beating over 200 pairs of beefed-up kicks, this is one you should never miss!

The attention-grabbing style of Puma RS-X is made with a multilayered upper resting on top of a hefty sculpted midsole. Plus, it is covered with mind-blowing color combinations, turning this vintage kick into a modernized one! Its retro-futuristic style instantly attracts compliments from many spectators. 

If you're into Yeezy kicks, the RS-X is the best alternative. It displays a style almost similar to the Yeezy 700, allowing you to flaunt a luxurious vibe without frittering away! 

We never had issues about its weight. We were surprised that this sneaker amazingly feels so airy as we walk along the streets. No dragging down feeling at all!

Comfort-wise, the RS-X will not disappoint you. We enjoyed bouncy steps thanks to its chunky midsole. We even consider its comfort better than the Puma Spectra!

If you're on the hunt for your next pair of summer sneakers, the Puma RS-X is definitely the pair you should check up on!

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best budget

Following courses of tests and comparisons, We concluded that the Fila Disruptor 2 is our best bet among the affordable chunky sneakers on our list. 

Although this is cheaply priced, Fila did not skimp on its amazing features. It is packed with fashionable, comfy, and durable qualities, making this one of the most acceptable sneakers out there. 

Its loud style is an instant hit! The second we laid our eyes on this, we just could not take our eyes off of it! It has a one-off style that can revamp any attire quickly, from the regular look to an extra dazzling vibe. 

Moreover, we love how it added a little lift to our heights! Its thick midsole made us appear taller than usual, thus adding a little extra confidence as we parade along the streets. 

Another remarkable element is its lightness! We felt stunned as it felt so airy on our feet. We did not feel any dragging-down sensation throughout the day!

Despite its economical price range, this sneaker performed best in the durability department. After wearing it countless times, it shockingly remained undamaged! 

The Fila Disruptor 2 is genuinely an iteration you should not miss adding to your collection.

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Also, bagging our endorsement as one of the best affordable chunky sneakers is the Skechers D'Lites. This sneaker was able to beat more than a hundred chunky models on our list. 

Bursting with so many outstanding elements, the D'Lites is inarguably a conversation starter! Its heavy-set profile is made more fashionable by its sculptured midsole and multilayered upper. 

While some were discouraged by its hefty sole, this sneaker is definitely lightweight! We felt a bit shocked as we slipped our feet into this. It is unexpectedly airy, turning our strides into faster and easier ones. 

When it comes to comfort, this pair is amazing! We had a "walking on clouds" experience with D'Lites, and we don't mind wearing this for another kilometer or two!

Its durability is another remarkable feature. After donning this for our countless activities, it stayed in good condition. 

When the colder season came, this sneaker kept our feet toasty! Thanks to its cozy lining and ample padding, we never worried about getting our feet cold during the chilly days. 

The Skechers D'Lites is indeed one of the most practical chunky pairs you could ever own. It is durable, comfortable, and stylish without the need to break a bank. Grab a pair now!

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