9 Best Callaway Golf Shoes in 2022

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If you are looking for a brand that focuses on golf only, you should check out Callaway.

If you want a spiked model that guarantees a firm grip, a spikeless golf shoe that you can wear on and off the golf shoes, or a waterproof cleat that will keep your feet warm and dry, Callaway got your back. With over 5 Callaway golf shoes, you are bound to find just the right match for you.

Scroll down to find out the best Callaway cleats based on different categories.

How we select the best Callaway golf shoes

You can be confident with our list since we made sure to choose the best Callaway golf shoes based on their overall performance, not popularity.

We tested the different Callaway cleats in actual games. The shoes we examined were purchased using our own money to avoid biased reviews.

The reviews and ratings of the experts and actual users were also considered, which is reflected on the Corescore of the shoe (a number from 0 to 100).

Best Callaway golf shoes overall

The Callaway Coronado v2 is a golf shoe that marries the athletic golf aesthetic with a performance construction. With its waterproof microfiber leather upper, it is an excellent companion during matches in inclement weather. It also stays true to Callaway's signature comfort and craftsmanship.
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Performance may be in Callaway’s vision, but it always takes it up a notch. The Coronado is no exception. It sets up a high standard for golfers as it aces the comfort, traction, and quality department. Though there are a few setbacks the minority noticed, it remains to be a satisfactory product for most.
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Best waterproof Callaway golf shoes

The brand’s slogan, "of comfort right out of the box" stands true with the Del Mar. The waterproof upper, spikeless outsole, and interior cushioning, all create a system to guarantee that the golfer stays on top of the game, whatever the turf conditions are. Dressed up in a clean and sleek design, these shoes can take anyone from the first tee to the clubhouse without the need of changing.
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Callaway Oceanside LX
Callaway Oceanside LX Callaway Oceanside LX

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Also great
The Callaway Oceanside LX's main selling point include its sleek design, comfort, and premium materials such as full-grain leather. It is recommended for players who are after grippy spikeless golf shoes and those who have been fans of the brand's Oceanside range. The minor issue can be remedied by trying on wider versions or going up at least half a size.
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Best spikeless Callaway golf shoes

Donning a dress shoe-inspired design and equipped with modern golf-centric features, the Swami 2.0 feels at home even off the course. Its spikeless traction system and waterproofing work excellently on most surfaces and in most conditions - making it a year-round golf shoe. This Callaway footwear is recommended for individuals who love the classic golf shoe look without breaking the bank.
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Those who need a new walking pair that provides loads of comfort and lightness may want to consider this Callaway product. Potential buyers may also find the shoe's aesthetic and affordability valuable. On the other hand, the Callaway Solana XT can be inadequate when the course is muddy and wet. Apart from this, the shoe remains an able performer overall.
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Best spiked Callaway golf shoes

Most types of footwear revolve around comfort. But Callaway delivers more than that. The Balboa TRX offers that and more in order to fulfill the demands of golf. Those who were able to try this out were generally satisfied with the trainer's performance.
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Known for anything that's golf, Callaway's expertise of the sport has transcended even on their footwear. Belonging to their collection of high-performance shoes, the LaGrange combines comfort and style that appeals to both newbies and professionals.
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Best budget Callaway golf shoes

Callaway Halo
Callaway Halo Callaway Halo

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Top pick
Having golf as the main focus of the brand only worked for its advantage because it was able to grasp players' demands and needs on the course. This Callaway golf shoe is specifically designed for women to help them focus on their game. It gets a nearly perfect score if not for the improvement of its arch support. Still, the brand manages to cover every domain perfectly and the majority gave their thumbs up for this product.
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What are the cheapest Callaway golf shoes in 2022?

  1. Callaway Balboa TRX - from $60
  2. Callaway Del Mar - from $63
  3. Callaway Solana XT - from $65
  4. Callaway Solana TRX - from $72
  5. Callaway Coronado v2 - from $93
  6. Callaway LaGrange - from $110

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