4 Best Brooks Walking Shoes in 2022

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Apart from its extensive series of running footwear, Brooks is also known for its walking shoes that offer exceptional cushioning, support, and style perfect when walking around the town. 

Whether walking is your primary form of exercise or you simply need walking footwear to help you get from point A to point B, RunRepeat is here to help you pick the most suitable Brooks walking shoes for you. We've concocted our recommendations on different categories to help you determine which footwear suits your preference.

How we choose the best Brooks walking shoes

To save you time, effort, and money, we work on some thorough reviews of these Brooks walking shoes. Here is our approach: 

  • We purchase these shoes using our money for unbiased feedback. 
  • We put them through strings of indoor and outdoor tests, comparisons, and assessments.
  • We gather all available reviews from the users of these Brooks walking shoes.

We call our scoring system CoreScore. Using the data gathered, we rank each shoe from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the better the overall feedback.

Best Brooks walking shoes overall

Brooks Addiction Walker
Brooks Addiction Walker Brooks Addiction Walker

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Top pick

After sorting through plenty of Brooks walking shoes, we pick Brooks Addiction Walker as the best on our list. This walking footwear quickly bagged our top recommendation because of plenty of valid reasons. 

This Brooks walking shoe is bursting with an extraordinary level of comfort that can easily make your city cruising more comfortable and fun. As we strolled along the urban pavements longer than usual, this model felt notably comfortable. Moreover, our steps became more enjoyable as some of our foot problems (like plantar fasciitis) were instantly relieved.

Also, we really dig its snug foothold and ample arch support. We felt more confident walking all day as this shoe never made our feet feel hurt or whacked.

When it comes to durability, this kick will not disappoint you. We put the Addition Walker through numerous tests, and incredibly, it stayed intact! This shoe is truly a pair for walking fans who prioritize longevity in their footwear.

Despite its premium make and top-notch robust construction, Brooks immensely sells this at an economical price range! Now with the Brooks Addiction Walker, it is easy to look stylish and feel premium without the need to touch your rainy day funds.

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Best suede Brooks walking shoes

When it comes to suede Brooks, our best bet is the famous Brooks Addiction Walker Suede. This walking shoe proved that it's not only trendy footwear but also offers remarkable features that will make your strides more fun and endurable.

This walking shoe offered an excellent level of comfort. Sliding our feet into these shoes feels so good as it is made with quality materials. We also dig its removable insole, which we can quickly replace with our preferred orthotics. 

Meanwhile, some people with flat feet and overpronation got the chance to test this footwear. Most of them agreed that this pair instantly relieved their foot problems.

This pair feels so light, too! We did not feel any dragging-down sensation at all, even after wearing it all day long. 

Style-wise, you will never go wrong with the Addiction Walker Suede. This model not only looks great, but it is a stunner for the casual scene. This footwear offers a reliable amount of comfort, durability, and support while flaunting a stylish flair.

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Best Brooks walking shoes with velcro

Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap
Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap

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Top pick

We checked a handful pairs of Brooks walking shoes, and the Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap instantly landed as our best pick in the shoes with Velcro category.

We admire these shoes' easy-to-slide construction. Its double Velcro closure system allows an effortless way to secure our feet into this kick. We highly recommend this shoe for buyers who have limited mobility.

It feels comfortable, too! After wearing this for long walks, short runs, or lounging, it incredibly gave us an amazing cozy experience. Also, we adore how it instantly soothed our foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis and overpronation! This sneaker is a must-have for everyone.

Its design is something you should not miss. It has a marvelous style that works best not only for walking but for lifestyle scenes as well. It looks so plush with its leather upper that it can quickly turn your regular attire to look extra dapper. 

The Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap is a perfect pair for hardcore walking enthusiasts and for sneaker fans who enjoy fancy and trendy footwear.

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