10 Best Adidas Soccer Cleats in 2022

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10 Best Adidas Soccer Cleats in 2022

Adidas is a pioneer and trendsetter when it comes to sportswear. The Three Stripes and its designers are always at the forefront when it comes to technologies for basketball shoes, soccer cleats, and other sports apparel.

Because of the success of Adidas soccer cleats, the brand was able to bag an enormous endorsement deal with the likes of Lionel Messi

While there’s no question that the Adidas soccer cleats are good, they are still not for everybody. Some of their models have special features that may be too specialized for some players’ taste. Hence, we help you buyers choose the right pair of Adidas kicks by assessing around 130 models. We present our top picks below.

How we determine the best Adidas soccer cleats

For easier comparisons, each Adidas soccer cleat is given a CoreScore. This numerical figure is the weighted average of all the individual ratings given by hobbyists, regular soccer players, and soccer shoe experts in and out of RunRepeat.

Besides a quantitative assessment, we also present a short qualitative report of how the shoe performed. To ensure the accuracy and objectivity of our reports, we do the following:

  • Test the soccer cleat in actual games, subjecting it to the real-life pressures on the pitch.
  • Buy all tested soccer cleats using our own money, ensuring that we are NOT indebted, hence extra kind, to anyone.

Best Adidas soccer cleats overall

The Predator Freak+ from Adidas is well-received by soccer players. Though there were no mention of any particular feature that stood out, the shoe as a whole gets the job done so well, and it's all that matters. Indeed, the whole is not equal to the sum of its parts.
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The Adidas Copa Sense+ works as a soccer cleat, as long as it's broken in pretty well. Because the break-in period can bring some pain, it is totally understandble if some players decide to turn their backs on this one. Fortunately, things do get better. Patience and perseverance are virtues indeed.
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Best indoor soccer Adidas soccer cleats

Comfort, style, and decent traction - it seems that the Adidas Super Sala has it all. The combination of materials used for the upper delivers a soft, breathable feel as it takes care of ball touch and control. The traction and grip provided by this indoor shoe are praised by players. Also, patrons just rave about the colorways that this pair is available in. Overall, if you’re looking for a shoe that brings good value for money, this pair is worth considering.
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The Adidas Top Sala hits the right spot as it balances out the right elements for a high-performing indoor shoe. The pair delivers comfort and durability as it provides a stylish look for wearers. To top this off is this model’s budget-friendly price tag. Overall, if you are looking for an indoor shoe that drives performance in indoor courts, look no further than this Adidas model.
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Best turf Adidas soccer cleats

Adidas Copa 20.1 Turf
Adidas Copa 20.1 Turf Adidas Copa 20.1 Turf

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Top pick
The Copa collection from Adidas is yet to disappoint patrons. Much care is put into designing the models of the iconic line. It’s no different for the Adidas Copa 20.1 Turf soccer cleat. The pair is said to be well-equipped to dominate turf courts. The pair checks out in terms of comfort, quality, and durability. It’s also been hailed as a definite bang for the buck with its budget-friendly price.
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The Adidas X 19.1 Turf soccer cleat brings a snug, one-piece construction to its wearers. This decent-enough pair delivers comfort and traction while belonging to a reasonable price range. However, some wearers were not fans of the fit particularly in the heel area.
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Best firm ground Adidas soccer cleats

The Adidas X Speedflow.1 FG is pretty much like the more premium X Speedflow+ in terms of performance and reception. Adidas appears to have made a good move replacing the successful X Ghosted with this new series. Players just love this soccer cleat and can't stop raving about how comfortable and fun it is.
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The Adidas X Speedflow+ changed the game for laceless soccer cleats. This model is pretty well-received, and it has even the anti-laceless-shoe players wearing and enjoying it. It's not really difficult to see why: this shoe looks pretty streamlined and just delivers on the aspects that matter. This one is truly A+.
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Best budget Adidas soccer cleats

The Adidas Nemeziz 19.3 Indoor shoe is one of those heaven-sent creations that seem to fill a multitude of gaps for shoe wearers. Just like the Adidas Mundial Goal, this shoe is great not only for casual wear but also for indoor playa. This comfortable pair is also easy on the wallet. Though a bit narrow, the shoe is still a must-try because of the comfort and lockdown that it delivers.
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Great ankle support and a snug but comfortable fit are what the Adidas Nemeziz 19.3 Turf shoe delivers. This aesthetically pleasing pair also offers good ball control. Given its budget-friendly price, this shoe is a definite steal.
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