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With the Gucci Signature High Top being made from top-grade leather, the sneaker assures a snug fit with excellent support. For those eager to cop a pair of the kicks, it is available in men’s size from 5.5 to 16.5 US. Half sizes are, of course, readily available. Women who'd like to cop one just need to get a pair at least 1.5 sizes lower than their regular size.

Like most Gucci high tops, the Gucci Signature High Top is a sneaker to aspire for, especially for the fashionistas. First, it's a sneaker under a prestigious fashion brand, and second, it has an overall great design to it.

The sneaker comes in three different colorways, mainly white, black, and hibiscus red. These colors make it very easy to pair with when it comes to color matching one’s outfit. With a casual appeal to it, the sneaker goes well with skinny, distressed, or ripped jeans. For this, a simple shirt, especially a plain one, can do wonders. Long shirts are also a good choice when paired with tight jeans or pants and sneakers. With the Gucci Signature High Top, turning a casual outfit from dull and drab to fab and mod in no time is possible.

The Gucci Signature High Top boasts a construction made of heat debossed Gucci Signature leather. With a defined print and firm texture, a leather crisscross at the heel of the high top can be seen, contrasting the whole look of the shoe. All in all, the Gucci Signature High Top is, undeniably, a luxury item that anyone would be lucky to own.

Gucci - the mere mention of the word elicits a response of grandeur from anyone, always. Moreover, the question here is not about who has heard of Gucci; instead, who hasn’t heard of Gucci?

Without a doubt, Gucci had been a formidable and majestic figure in the industry of fashion ever since its inception back in 1921. The man behind the revered Italian fashion house is Guccio Gucci, and he opened his first shop in his birthplace of Florence, Italy. Through this shop, beautiful leather goods were sold, with skilled workers who were well-versed in the craft of Florentine leather spurring the business forward. When Guccio passed away in 1953, his son Aldo Gucci, was quick to take over the company, eager to continue his father’s legacy. He opened Gucci’s first store in America right in New York. This development helped the brand become the pioneer of Italian designs in the USA. Expanding quickly, Gucci went on to open shops in London and Paris.

Leather goods, an array of distinctive clothing, loafers, all the way down to the more casual and street-ready sneakers, Gucci has persisted through the changing times and has thrived with it. The creations it has released hold excellent and top-tier quality while keeping design and style that is unique to the fashion house. Entering the sneaker game, Gucci has upped the playing field in the sneaker market with the shoes they have released. One sneaker that looks to change things for the better is the Gucci Signature High Top.

It has monochromatic colorways that make for a really excellent construction, especially when paired with the craftsmanship of Gucci. The blend of quality and finesse is apparent in the Gucci Signature High Top, and it comes as no surprise that this kick is fast becoming a favorite amongst discerning sneakerheads. It screams Gucci and is an exceptional addition to anyone’s collection and closet.

  • The Gucci Signature High Top sell for a high price of $670.
  • It is advised that cleaning of the shoe should only be done when it is dry. Wiping it with a soft and dry cloth is also suggested.
  • Gucci recommends that the shoe be filled with tissue paper to maintain its shape and to absorb the humidity that may gather.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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