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Fit & Sizing

Gucci offers their low-top Screener Leather in men's and women's sizing both in medium width. Men can choose from sizes 6 to 16 US while women can pick from sizes 4.5 to 12.5 US. Few online retailers have shared that this kick is a tad bigger than the usual shoe size; thus, they suggested buyers to take a half size down.

This made in Italy sneaker has a leather insole and fabric lining to enhance the comfort and luxurious feel. Meanwhile, the conventional lace-up fastening system with cotton flat laces provides an adjustable, snug fit. To further enhance the comfortable feeling, the brand added perforations on the side panel for breathability.

Displaying an old school style, the training-inspired Gucci Screener Leather gives its wearers vintage feel while enjoying the luxurious comfort Gucci is well-known for. The perforated leather upper has been added with distress, worn-out details to give a real vintage feel, such as Gucci branding on heel and tongue, green and orange web, green leather details, and the oval enameled detail on the forefoot.

Gucci offers this in several hues for buyers to pick from - the White Leather, Beige/Red Leather, Blue/White Leather, and the exclusive for women Gucci Strawberry.

Women can surely pull this kick off by pairing it up with almost any casual ensemble - from floral dresses to sporty attire. Meanwhile, men can still look sharp with serious style with their trousers and rolled-up long sleeves even when paired with this intentionally dirty looking footwear.

Who would miss noticing the filthy, worn-out, dirty look of the Gucci the Screener Leather sneaker with a price tag of $870. While some found this design 'ridiculous,' many still enjoyed its striking appearance adding a remarkable statement to their overall ensemble. Though many raised their eyebrows to this 'far from pristine, brand new looking sneaker,' the Gucci has set another trend of flaunting bold sneaker with vintage effect giving a 'glamorized poverty' feel to its users and onlookers.

Since the 20s, Gucci has been providing high-quality leather bags and travel luggage for the horsemen and later on moved into providing ties and handbags with bamboo handles. The company then started to expand its business in the 50s and offered their products to several parts of the world, which allowed several Hollywood stars and celebrities to recognize Gucci in the world of fashion.

From bags, the company started offering sneakers in the 80s and named it as Tennis 84. This classic model featured the red and green iconic hues of Gucci stitched on the premium, white leather upper. It was quickly picked up by the hip hop genre and some known drug mafias for its stylish and luxurious repute.

Gucci decided to re-introduce the Tennis 84 in 2014 to celebrate its 30th year in the fashion world. Since then, several luxurious brands followed suit and the popularity of extravagant kicks in the fashion domain has been nonstop.

In 2019, Gucci unveiled its Cruise collection that features various shapes and materials to exhibit influences from different decades. Included in this collection is the Gucci Screener Leather sneaker, named after a defensive sport move, that flashes intentionally distressed upper added with few outmoded details to give an authentic old school look.

  • The bi-colored rubber sole with 0.5 " height provides traction and grip on the city streets.

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Danny McLoughlin

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