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12 reasons to buy

  • The Gucci Ace Studded appears more feminine and less chunky than other white sneakers with similar makeup such as the Adidas Superstar.
  • This low-top feature reveals the ankle which makes it an ideal match for low-rise jeans and cropped trousers.
  • The Gucci Ace Studded Sneaker has a sleek and slender frame.
  • The round front grants adequate room in the toe box, preventing the feet from getting all cramped inside.
  • A great pair of sneakers for traveling and for walking around the city, noted by some users.
  • It is definitely not the type of sneaker that’s appropriate for the gym but built more suitably when exploring the city, going for shopping, or chilling out, according to a number of purchasers.
  • Reviewers loved the pearl studs on this sneaker as it adds luster.
  • The contrasting red and green snakeskin detailing on the back further creates a stunning look to this sneaker.
  • It is made of cushioning properties that warmed the heart of several users.
  • The separate dust bags is loved by those who travel a lot.
  • Some users applied water repellent product to prevent this shoe from getting soiled easily.
  • The outsole is grippy enough that allows users to enjoy wearing this on various city terrains.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Several users thought that the premium grade leather tends to be quite stiff at the back.
  • This shoe comes with a costly price tag, according to more than a few reviews.

Bottom line

Some risked breaking the bank for a pair of charming Gucci Ace Studded Sneaker which is as precious as the lustrous pearls peppered on its midsole. Its exterior beauty is reflected internally with the presence of a plush lining and comfy sockliner. Its sturdy leather upper, which requires sufficient break-in time, gives Gucci sneaker lovers more reasons to enjoy this style year round.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Gucci Ace
Price: $1100
Small True to size Large
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Just like any model under the Gucci Ace Sneaker category, the pearl-dotted Gucci Ace Studded Sneaker comes with a shape that’s quite large in length that purchasers decided to obtain a half size lower than their typical shoe size. The round toe feature of this shoe may be a bit stiff in the beginning, but by allowing ample break-in time, the entire leather upper would stretch and create a comfortable blanket for the feet. This sneaker is available in women’s sizes that range from 4.2 to 12.5 US. Men buyers may grab this shoe by purchasing a women’s size equal to two figures higher than their usual size.

The low-top Gucci Ace Studded Sneaker succeeded in marrying vintage fashion with contemporary styling by giving an upscale look to its classic tennis sneaker. If the metallic leather trim and accent on the Gucci Ace Sneaker with Flame instantly attracted attention and thereby converting more sneaker loving individuals into Gucci Ace patrons, this studded one does the same. The unique 360 detailing on the midsole, made of glass and gold-toned pearls, gives this sneaker a sophisticated look, which turns the rather mundane type of footwear into a runway-ready interpretation.

The arrangement of its Sylvie web detailing in blue, red, and white and snakeskin design on the heel make the Ace Studded Sneaker a piece of fashion statement that purposefully elevates the style of any casual wear. It even creates a charming tone when paired with pants that taper to the hem; denim rolled up away from the collar of the shoe; tea-length dresses that reveal the ankle; and cropped shorts.

One can hardly overlook the glass and gold-colored pearls attached around the midsole as this is the most prominent attribute of the Gucci Ace Studded Sneaker which makes it extremely fashionable. The embellishments oomph up any outfit and instantly puts a vibrant glow to the classic white sneaker. The shiny snakeskin leather trim on the heel is another factor that makes this sneaker ultra-stunning. Its sophisticated façade bleeds inside the shoe as the interior is lined with luxurious leather material while its footbed is made with a full-length cushioning.

Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele had great admiration over vintage look and elaborated detailing which led him to conceive the Ace Sneaker in April 2016, starting off with a richly embroidered variety. The intricate floral needlework on such shoe finished off with bow design on the heel was an instant hit.

The success of the initial run pushed Michele and his creative Gucci team to produce an arsenal of head-turning creations outfitted with embroidered designs or embellished with interchangeable leather and gem-studded appliques. Perhaps the Gucci Ace Studded Sneaker is one of the opulent renditions under the Ace collection that’s peppered with valuable and perfectly rounded white and gold pearl studs.

Gucci is one of the luxurious signature labels that have kept its prominence in high-street fashion. Since it was formulated by Guccio Gucci in 1921, the brand has stepped into the vibrant world of fashion by introducing high-quality leather goods such as luggage, equestrian-influenced handbags, accessories, loafers, and eventually sneakers.

Its entry into sneaker production in the 1980s particularly with its creation of the Tennis 84 Sneaker was apparently the initial foray of any luxury brand into such casual, sporty footwear. Thirty years later, in 2014 the brand resurrected its tennis classic. The revamped version may have lost its performance abilities, but its upgraded features make this sneaker more fitting for casual wear. Not too long later the Ace Sneaker took the casual mainstream fashion by storm with charming, comfortable, and extravagantly-designed releases, which includes the low-top Gucci Ace Studded Sneaker.

  • The upper is constructed using calf leather.
  • This sneaker comes with seven pair of eyelets which requires an XL size of laces if users prefer to buy extra strings.
  • Its smooth interior creates a plush feel.
  • Gucci is known as a universal fashion icon of cultured lifestyle and sophisticated comfort.
  • Gucci is under the wings of Kering S.A., a worldwide renowned purveyor of luxury fashion goods.


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