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The Gucci Ace Sneakers with Crystals is a women's sneaker that is offered in sizes 4.5-12.5. It should be essential to take note that when ordering online, Gucci also has their sizing. The brand, however, also provides the corresponding US sizing to help its users find the perfect pair.

If there is anything that Gucci is known for, it is the use of premium materials, excellent craftsmanship, and attention to every single detail. From its predecessor Gucci Ace, these sneakers get specific style upgrades like the crystal trim along the platform. Nonetheless, it retains the fashion adaptability of the Ace. Throw in everything from your closet, from shorts, skirts, dresses, and jeans, and ensure that it will pair well.

When one wants to jump the Gucci Ace party but does not want to wear what everybody is sporting, the Gucci Ace Sneakers with Crystals is the way to go. Even though it sports the same silhouette as the Gucci Ace, its details spell uniqueness. Instead of the signature colors, the side panels come in a navy and red web detailing.  These colors come consistently as these colors are also present at the back of the shoe.

The conception of Gucci started with its founder Guccio Gucci, a hotel employee who became fascinated with guests' high-quality luggage. Because of this, he returned to his birthplace in Florence and opened a quaint shop that offers exquisite leather goods. The store became an instant success primarily because Gucci hired the most skilled artisans who made every product by hand and paid the utmost attention to every detail.

During the 1950s, Gucci gained its reputation as a luxury brand. In 1984, the brand expanded its product range to sneakers. Its first release was an Italian-made tennis shoe that sports red and green signature stripes at the heel. With Alessandro Michele taking over as the Creative Director of the brand, the legacy of its sneakers continued with the release of different shoe designs like the Gucci Ace Sneakers with Crystals.

  • To maintain the shape of the sneaker, the brand suggests filling the shoes with tissue paper and storing it with the flannel bag and box that it comes with to absorb humidity.
  • Gucci also suggests to clean the shoe only when it is dry. To avoid staining, they also recommend to just use neutral or same colored products.