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8 reasons to buy

  • Some buyers like that they can personalize their sneakers by changing the removable patches attached to the shoe.
  • One reviewer says the “quality of the embroidery is very high” on the removable patches. 
  • A sneaker collector says the exceptional quality and smoothness of the white calfskin leather showcases the best of Italian craftsmanship in shoemaking.
  • The embroidered patches are easy to remove and attach to the snaps at the front part of the sneaker.
  • The removable patches allow one to customize each shoe according to the wearer’s preference enabling individuality and self-expression, one observer points out.
  • The high top version of the sneaker allows for more stylish wear and ankle protection, one reviewer notes.
  • Some reviewers notice the uniform and neat stitching “with no loose threads” on the embroidery and detailing showing the impeccable quality and labor used to create such an elegant sneaker.
  • In spite of the premium pricing of $1,200 per pair, others noted that the elegance and luxury of the Gucci Ace High Top with Removable Patches sneaker could effortlessly make the wearer a fashion head turner by wearing the high-top sneaker piece in special occasions and events.

2 reasons not to buy

  • One reviewer finds it a hassle to find other patches available for order as some of these patch designs are sold separately and are not all included in each pair bought.
  • A buyer suggests notices that this shoe runs wide.

Bottom line

Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci rolled out a gorgeous high-top sneaker that allows wearers to customize each pair by attaching embroidered patches. This allows different looks and style to reflect the wearer’s mood, style, and personality.

An elegant fashion statement in itself, the Gucci Ace High Top with Removable Patches are made of the most beautiful quality leather and crafted masterfully from the stitching to embroidery not leaving any minute detail overlooked.


Style: Retro
Top: High
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Gucci Ace
Closure: Laces
Material: EVA, Leather, Rubber Sole
Price: $1200
Small True to size Large
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This high-top white sneaker with soft leather interiors and cushioning is available in unisex sizes. Coming in European sizing, the Gucci Ace High Top with Removable Patches sneaker s kept secured by flat shoelaces for a complete lockdown feel.

A stylish high-top sneaker, the Gucci Ace High Top with Removable Patches allows luxury sneaker patrons a chance to customize the design of their kicks. With separately sold interchangeable embroidered patches, shoe owners may opt to change designs depending on their mood and personal tastes. Inspired by the styles of the 1970s, the interchangeable patches snap on and off quickly at the front providing beautiful embroidery and as a partial cover to the shoelaces.

The high-top luxury sneakers are best paired with shorts or skinny pants for the ladies with the high-top kicks as the main centerpiece of the look. Men may also wear the flashy cleats with jeans or sporty kicks for a well-appointed swag. Wearing these expensive sneakers with snakeskin accents in red and blue metallic accent at the back heel with silver Gucci branding during special occasions and events helps boost the wearer’s confidence that they have already achieved a sense of security to afford and cop this luxury casual footwear.

Most remarkable in the design of the Gucci Ace High Top with Removable Patches sneakers are the interchangeable embroidered feline-designed patch and embroidered Gucci script with studs patch that snap on and off to allow wearers to customize or personalize their footwear. The embroidered patches attached on the front part of the Gucci sneaker are sold separately with a variety of embroidered design options to connect to the white premium leather sneaker. The red ayers snake detail at the back of one shoe and the blue ayers detail on the end of the other shoe also add sophistication as a continuing trademark of the Gucci Ace leather sneaker line.

Guccio Gucci founded the Florence-based luxury fashion juggernaut Gucci in 1921. One of the leading designer brands globally with billion-dollar revenues from the retail of dresses for men and women, bags, and shoes showcasing the best of Italian design for the upper-class market.

Since its founding, the Italian luxury brand has gained fame for its excellently designed leather crafts from bags, shoes, and accessories. Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele has been earning a lot of nods since the release of the Gucci Ace sneaker line in 2016 as the white low, and high top sneakers became instant must-haves for sneakerheads who have been captured by the leather kicks with discernible webbing and snakeskin accents. The Gucci name as a shoemaking brand has been a leading leather shoe manufacturer ever since the success of the chic horsebit loafer.

With modern designs like the Gucci Ace line that captured the lucrative luxury sneaker market since its release, there is no stopping the classy brand from creating tastefully crafted footwear for lovers of casual kicks. The Gucci Ace line also featured designs in white, black, and red leather and floral designs identified with the Florence-based Italian designer brand with snakeskin and crocodile detailing and a few embroideries to further elevate the sophistication.

For its pre-Fall 2017 release, the Italian fashion house released the Gucci Ace High Top with Removable Patches model for a more individualistic design. The sneaker which is worth several hundred to thousands of dollars in pricing comes with embroidered patches with various designs to choose from.

  • Each pair of Gucci Ace High Top with Removable Patches comes with an embroidered feline head patch. This can be detached and replaced with other designs that are sold separately.
  • Blue and red web details are placed on each side as part of the signature Gucci Ace design.


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