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8 reasons to buy

  • A significant number of reviewers say the elegantly designed Gucci Ace GG Supreme becomes the highlight of one’s wardrobe because of its luxurious feel and overall look.
  • Quite a lot of customers say the $580 price may seem a bit steep, but its chic Italian made and manufactured design, top-notch materials, and posh detailing lives up to its promise of a high fashion sneaker that would make heads turn.
  • Some wearers stand by their impressions that they often receive positive comments and compliments from other people when they saw them wearing the expensive
  • A handful of buyers love the beautiful GG Supreme canvas material for its clean finish and stylish design that would make an excellent accent for their outfit of the day.
  • The sneaker becomes a conversation piece in gatherings and special occasions every time wearers dress up their feet in these stylish luxury sneakers.
  • Several buyers say the plush interiors give this low-top sneaker a comfortable feeling and enough cushioning to last for hours.
  • A blogger says the red and blue metallic snake detail on the left and right shoe gives the Gucci Ace GG Supreme a high-class finish detail.
  • A couple of reviewers say the Gucci Ace GG Supreme sneakers are lightweight and durable for use during special occasions and events.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A few reviewers say the Gucci Ace GG Supreme sneaker seems to hyped-up and pricey without any new technology or design features.
  • One commenter says the low-top shoe has a wider fit that often results to it feeling larger than usual.
  • The white sole can quickly get dirty from scuffs and scratches, a couple of users noted.

Bottom line

If quality and finest materials are what you are looking for in a low-top sneaker, the Gucci Ace GG Supreme delivers them excellently. The luxury low-top sneaker is exclusively made in Italy with materials known for its low environmental impact. The signature blue and red webbing upper detail give them high fashion identity. The Gucci Ace GG Supreme sneaker retails at a steep $580 which many of the luxury brand’s most loyal followers have quickly purchased to serve as a high-class accent piece to their outfits.

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Good to know

The Gucci Ace GG Supreme sneaker comes in medium fitting in unisex sizes for men and women. The low-top sneaker has a round toe design with roomy interiors and genuine Italian leather lining for a comfortable in-shoe feel. Available sizes for the luxury sneaker start from US size 3 to size 16.

Sophisticatedly decked in the signature GG Supreme canvas material, the Gucci Ace GG Supreme is meant to be seen and displayed. The GG Supreme canvas upper has only had two colorway options – beige and ebony. Set in stylish tones to pimp up any outfit, the footwear offers luxury Italian detailing that only Gucci has to offer.

From the metallic snake ayers with indigo-blue color on one shoe, and flame-red color on the other to the visible Gucci branding, the elegantly dressed sneaker are meant to be seen in the club, at a special event, or any special occasion during the day all the way to the night. Wear them with classy jeans, The dressier style of the low-top sneakers are meant to liven up any outfit to high-class fashion pieces as eyes naturally gravitate toward the Italian expertise in making chic footwear.                  

The main centerpiece of the Gucci Ace GG Supreme is its use of the GG Supreme canvas material in the upper. The retro design of the GG Supreme canvas upper was an evolution to the original Gucci rhombi design from the 1930s and would later on become a longstanding symbol of the Gucci heritage.

Deluxe fashion and leather goods brand Gucci was founded in Florence in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. As one of the leading designer brands worldwide, the Italian luxury company has been at the forefront of haute couture, fashion and design for many decades producing bags, clothing, and footwear for the upper-class market.

The Italian company, known for their exceptional leather crafts since the early 20th century, was first acknowledged in the shoe industry for their ornamental loafers. Alessandro Michele, the creative designer of Gucci, released a refurbished look for the leather loafer a decade ago with a signature Gucci ornament up front.

With the success of the newly revamped ornamental loafers, Michele released the Gucci Ace line of lifestyle sneakers in classic white, black, red and floral designs with overlays of snakeskin and crocodile as high-class detailing.

The Gucci Ace line of low-top sneakers was first launched in 2016 with plenty of embroidery variations from snakes, flowers, bees, and hearts etched on the side panels with the iconic red and green stripes of the brand. The popularity of the Gucci Ace shoes has been evident in its first few months of release. Despite its steep price range that starts at $480 all the way to $800, the Gucci Ace sneakers have been selling out of retailers and online resellers ensuing in improved sales for the Italian company. Some of the intricately detailed designs are heavily sought by sneakerheads that some retailers have increased the price of these premium low-top kicks by a few hundred dollars to keep up with demand.

The heritage design of the Gucci Ace GG Supreme sneaker in beige and ebony options are crafted in GG Supreme canvas that has been present in many of the iconic designs of the brand, especially luxury bags. The GG logo for the Italian fashion label was first used in the 1970s in its luxury bags and leather shoes. The GG logo design came from the original Gucci rhombi logo design that was first released in the 1930s.

As a symbol of Gucci’s style heritage, it has been used in various designs of clothing, bags, and now including low-top footwear like the Gucci Ace GG Supreme. For the Cruise 2018 collection, the brand included the GG Supreme canvas pattern in its famous sneakers as part of the brand’s homage to their roots. Used extensively in the upper shoe, the GG Supreme canvas is known for its low environmental impact.

  • The Gucci Ace GG Supreme is designed and made in Italy.
  • Blue and red webbing can be found at the sides.
  • Metallic and shimmering snakeskin back heel accents can be found with red color for the while blue on one shoe and red in the other shoe with Gucci branding at the back.
  • The 25-inch height is stable and supportive of the shoe.
  • The white or red rubber outsole has a firm to the ground for those long walks and events.


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