Construction of the Giro Techne

Considered as one of Giro’s entry point road shoes, the Techne is available at a relatively low price point and displays straightforward designs and features. Its three-strap closure offers easy and simple adjusting, while mesh inserts improve breathability. Down low, a carbon composite sole provides adequate stiffness with a bit of flex.

This pair employs a universal cleat system. Hence buyers can switch between 2- and 3-bolt cleats and pedals. It is recommended for both road and indoor cycling activities.


Ventilation pockets. Complementing the upper’s mesh inserts are tiny pockets filtered by steel hardware. These help keep the wearer’s feet feeling fresh during warm days.

Sufficient rigidity with a bit of flex. Crafted from a mix of nylon and carbon fiber, the Giro Techne is relatively more pliable than its more expensive counterparts. Although power transfer wouldn’t be at max, this slight flex could translate to lasting comfort on long rides.

Cleat System

Accommodates 2- and 3-bolt cleats. This cycling shoe features a Universal cleat system. This means that the Techne is designed to be suitable for both 2- and 3-hole cleat systems, providing versatility in terms of application in cycling activities. 

The shoe also displays graphs to serve as a guide in optimal cleat positioning.


Sturdy and airy construction. The Techne’s upper is made from perforated synthetic materials with mesh inserts. This blend provides a snug yet supportive and breathable fit.

Easily adjustable retention system. Equipped with three-piece hook-and-look straps, this footwear could be easily adjusted even while on the road. The straps are also a go-to for its efficient lock.


Molded EVA footbeds are anatomically shaped to keep the foot in place while providing cushioning.

Additional Info

  • Collars are slightly padded for a more comfortable fit around the ankle.
  • The tongue is also perforated, while the tip could be cut to improve its conformity on the top part of the foot.


The current trend of Giro Techne.
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