Giro Rev: Multi-purpose road cycling shoe

The Giro Rev might be marketed as an indoor/road bike shoe, but individuals can get much more from it than just these. The shoe's sleek upper looks like traditional road shoes, but what makes it work for other cycling activities? The three main things that provide the versatile factor are its SPD cleats, rubber lugs, and walkable stiff soles.

These two elements alone offer the following benefits that most road bike shoe can't:

  • Compatibility with mountain bike pedals
  • Easier time clipping on and off
  • More comfortable walking experience due to its recessed cleat area and more flexible soles
  • Stabler off-bike experience thanks to the traction from abundant rubber sole lugs

What is it for? The Giro Rev road shoes' design and performance work excellently for the following cycling activities:

  • Leisurely road cycling and mountain cycling
  • Multi-day bikepacking/touring
  • Spinning in gym or studio
  • Urban commute

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 11.1oz / Women 10.1oz
Use: Road, Indoor
Cleat design: 2 holes
Closure: Velcro
Features: SPD, Recessed cleats
Material: Synthetic/Mesh upper, Nylon composite sole
BRAND Brand: Giro

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