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8 reasons to buy

  • Several customers have expressed their delight by the adorable design of the Frye Gia Canvas Low Lace.
  • This low-top shoe is of good quality, according to several shoppers.
  • Many reviewers say that it is among the Frye casual shoes that offer comfort. 
  • Some say that it is even better than Converse sneakers.
  • It is easy to clean, a couple of respondents have noted. 
  • A couple of testers say that the Frye Gia Canvas Low Lace offers decent arch support.
  • It has an eye-catching design that others give compliments to people who are wearing it, a few have shared.
  • Most of the buyers are happy that this shoe comes with extra shoelaces. 

3 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of wearers are disappointed that this sneaker offers less traction. 
  • The Frye Gia Canvas Low Lace fits a bit tight and needs some breaking in, some have pointed out.
  • A couple of testers have complained about the leather laces that shed quickly. 

Bottom line

With the Frye Gia Canvas Low Lace, balancing function and style is effortless. This lace-up sneaker can be a nice addition to a rotation of stylish and casual shoes.

It also offers sufficient comfort for your feet to last against a tiring day. Affordability is also not an issue with this shoe. 


The Frye Gia Canvas Low Lace is available in women’s sizing. With a low-top profile, it permits the ankle to move without restriction. The lacing system ensures a customized fit. 

Its shoe upper is made of canvas or jute canvas material that allows sufficient air circulation, keeping the foot fresh. It has a fabric lining to deliver added breathability. Also, its textile footbed is lightly cushioned for underfoot comfort.    

Enliven your OOTD by adding a casually chic look of the Frye Gia Canvas Low Lace sneakers. It has a straightforward yet eye-pleasing upper that is accented with leather trim at its heel area. Depending on the colorway, it has a monochromatic sole that adds beauty to its design. Some of the color variations that this kick is available in are off white, grey, blush, red, and black. 

Like other versatile Frye casual shoes, it can complement distressed denim jeans, shorts, cuffed pants, leggings, or miniskirts. It can also be paired with joggers and other sports clothing for a relaxed outfit with an athletic vibe.

Simplicity is beauty. This statement clearly describes the Frye Gia Canvas Low Lace. It features a straightforward yet versatile canvas upper that is accented with the leather trim at the heel. 

John A. Frye established the Frye company in the United States in 1863. Since the business started, it has been delivering quality craftsmanship from footwear, accessories to bags. Driven by quality commitment, it paved the way for countless generations of Frye artisans that are dedicated to providing quality workmanship. 

Currently, its legacy continues with a variety of Frye sneakers for men and women that are made of exquisite leather and quality material. Among the lists is the Gia Canvas Low Lace. 

Depending on the colorways, the Gia Canvas Low Lace from Frye is available with a monochromatic red or black or just plain white rubber outsole. Also, it comes with cotton or leather shoelaces. 

Regardless of the color variations, it offers both functionality and style. Whether you need a pair of sneakers for your casual or smart casual outfit, this kick can fit the bill. 

  • The Frye Gia Canvas Low Lace weighs approximately 328.8545 grams.
  • It comes with another pair of shoelaces. 
  • The Frye emblem is evident at the back of the midsole and heel areas.
  • It has a rubber outsole that provides flexibility and traction.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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