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5 reasons to buy

  • Majority of players agree that the Under Armour Magnetico Pro Firm Ground is exceptionally comfortable right out of the box. The upper felt like a second-skin on feet.
  • Most soccerers felt that this cleat has a clean, close-to-skin touch on the ball.
  • The soleplate of this soccer cleat is flexible, as mentioned by some users.
  • A few players appreciate the clean and streamlined aesthetic of this soccer cleat.
  • The Under Armour Magnetico Pro FG has a snug fit that does not squeeze the foot, based on a couple of reviewers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A handful of users observed that the upper of the Under Armour Magnetico Pro Firm Ground does not have a padded sensation, especially when striking the ball.
  • Some players are worried that the upper of this soccer cleat might become too thin over time and can affect its durability in the long run.

Bottom line

The Under Armour Magnetico Pro Firm Ground has a comfortable fit. The extremely thin upper of this soccer cleat affords a close-to-skin touch on the ball. 

However, some skeptic reviewers doubt the durability of the thin upper, which is also said to not provide enough padding and protection. Despite this, the UA Magnetico Pro Firm Ground is still regarded as among the best and most comfortable cleats of 2018.

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  • The Under Armour Magnetico Pro Firm Ground was Under Armour’s entry for the 2018 World Cup season. It is a tech-packed soccer cleat disguised in an old-school silhouette. Some may even call it the fourth installment of the Clutchfit series. Although it has several features that may remind users of the Clutchfit soccer cleats, the Magnetico Pro Firm Ground is no-doubt a class of its own.
  • The Magnetico Pro FG features the FormTrue technology, which is an internal upper material that enhances the responsiveness and lockdown of the shoe. It also allows the Under Armour Magnetico Pro Firm Ground to mimic the softness of natural leather while providing the durability of synthetic at the same time.
  • Underneath the FormTrue layer is the ClutchFit technology. This innovation is composed of a layer of auxetic material that is flexible and molds to the shape of the foot. Thereby, allowing the shoe to have a glove-like fit.
  • Amazingly, the toe box of this soccer cleat is very soft. It is designed to adapt to the shape of the foot instantly. The result is a custom fit and barefoot touch on the ball.
  • A highly responsive cushioning system, called the Charged Cushioning, is present on this soccer cleat. It is a special foam that absorbs impact as the foot strikes the ground. It then converts it into energy bursts for better push offs.
  • The innovative soleplate of the Under Armour Magnetico Pro Firm Ground features the Optimal Traction System. It is made up of conical and bladed studs that are strategically combined. With the Optimal Traction System, the player can change directions quickly and still have a good grip of the ground.

The Under Armour Magnetico Pro Firm Ground is available in size 7 to 13 for men only. The presence of the FormTrue technology on the upper allows this soccer cleat to accommodate almost anyone with narrow to slightly wide feet. It has a comfortably snug fit without being overly tight.

The soleplate of the Under Armour Magnetico Pro Firm Ground is made of a lightweight and flexible chassis. It allows the shoe to follow the natural movements of the foot when flexing and accelerating. The eye-catching metal finish on the soleplate is a carry-over feature from the Under Armour ClutchFit 3.0 model.

This soccer cleat has an Optical Traction System, which is composed of a strategic blend of rounded and bladed studs for optimum grip on firm grounds (FG). There are 12 conical studs and one support stud at the center of the forefoot. These cleats improve the player’s agility and ability to make quick directional changes.

The upper of the Under Armour Magnetico Pro Firm Ground has a three-layer construction, which includes the FormTrue technology, the ClutchFit webbing, and the internal lining.

On the surface of the upper, this soccer cleat features the innovative FormTrue technology. It is a synthetic material that copies the general texture and softness of a high-quality, broken-in leather. Thus, the Under Armour Magnetico Pro Firm Ground provides a very soft and comfortable fit from the first time it is worn.

Underneath the FormTrue material is the ClutchFit, Under Armour’s signature compression technology. It is a specially built material that stretches and expands under pressure, and contracts while the foot is at rest. With this innovation, the Under Armour Magnetico Pro Firm Ground provides a somewhat customized, second-skin fit and feel.

This soccer cleat has a Charged Cushioning footbed. It is made of two layers of compressed foam. With the additional cushioning from this technology, the UA Magnetico Pro FG absorbs more impact and converts it into responsive bursts of energy.

The Magnetico Pro Firm Ground comes with a central lacing system. It has a traditional tongue with a lace guard to keep it from moving side to side. The tongue also has a memory foam to prevent lace bites.

  • The Under Armour Magnetico Pro Firm Ground can be personalized for a minimal fee.
  • The metallic soleplate will wear off over time.