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7 reasons to buy

  • The Tretorn Jack has been said by most reviewers to be very comfy when worn.
  • All purchasers who got the sneaker also agreed that it fits very well.
  • A reviewer said he was wary of buying the shoe, but when he got it, he was pleasantly surprised and happy with the quality of the sneakers and was delighted with his purchase.
  • A few purchasers commented that the Tretorn Jack has good cushion support.
  • Another buyer said that he liked how he felt like he was part of an elite group when wearing the sneaker as it is unique and not commonly worn in his area.
  • The style of the high top is very appealing, with the upper adding a touch of class to a casual sneaker, a sneakerhead pointed out.
  • Most reviewers acknowledged that the sneaker gives one value for their money.

1 reasons not to buy

  • The Jack sneaker from Tretorn has limited color options.

Bottom line

The Tretorn Jack is a high top shoe that blends style and performance seamlessly. With a suede and corduroy upper, quality is a top priority for Tretorn. As for price, it’s not too heavy on the pocket, and many think that they are getting their money’s worth out of the Tretorn Jack.

It is a great shoe, but many do wish that the Tretorn Jack had more colorway options as it currently just comes in two choices as of now.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Tretorn sneaker

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The low top has a lace up closure which means that the wearer can customize the fit of the sneaker to their liking.

The Tretorn Jack comes in sizes that fit men, with a size range of 7 to 14 US. For the women who are interested in owning their very own Tretorn Jack, simply down size by a size and half from one’s standard size to get the equivalent in men’s sizes.

The Tretorn Jack is fashionably casual, and in a world where almost all sneakers are trying to be one or the other, it’s refreshing to see a pair of kicks that perfectly balance both. For a pair of high tops, the Tretron Jack exudes class with the corduroy and suede upper. In terms of colorways, the Tretorn Jack’s choices are limited. It comes in two options, mainly Night, which has a dark blue color to it, and Anchor Grey.

Upgrading one’s look can easily be done with the Tretorn Jack high tops, as it pairs easily with many outfits, the colorways also making it very easy to color match with. Skinny jeans, tapered jeans and ripped jeans paired with a nice plain shirt will look good with the high top. Pair the top with a jacket, like a windbreaker or a varsity jacket for a more street style look. This particular outfit will be good for the fall weather.

Style-wise, the Tretorn Jack is a sight to behold. It has a gullwing accent to it which adds personality to the sneaker and has been outfitted with an environmentally friendly EcoOrtholite high-performance sock, a rarity in this day and age but a definite plus for this sneaker and a win for the environment.

It’s always a curious and exciting thing to know the history of a company and Tretorn’s tale is one that starts off interestingly enough to capture the attention. Johan Dunker founded the company in Helsingborg, Sweden back in 1891. It didn’t start off making footwear but instead, produced tires. Slowly though, the company began to expand the products it was manufacturing. Suddenly, Tretorn was also making hoses, tennis balls, bike pedals, and its infamous galoshes. These galoshes that it produced would set the tone for where the company was headed.

A year after the inception of Tretorn, the brand had produced more than 39,000 pairs of galoshes, and in just two years, the figures were up to a whopping 207,000 pairs. Through this, Tretorn was able to make a name for itself as a reliable and trusted footwear brand. Soon, its reputation began to be known all over Sweden, Denmark, and soon, Germany as well. From there, the slow but sure success of the brand started. The brand easily carried itself well into the 1900s, and by the 1960s, was still thriving.

Take note; the 60s was a significant time for Tretorn as this was the time that the brand finally released its first luxury sports shoe, a shoe that many fell in love with. So in love that this classic sneaker, aptly called the Nylite, re-entered the fashion culture in the 80s to much demand and acceptance. Fueled by the passion that the people gave it, Tretorn went on to release shoes that would capture the attention of sneakerheads from all over the world.

Tretorn hasn’t backed down since then, celebrating its 120th year back in 2011, a feat in itself for any brand. There was an agreement amongst the community of sneakerheads that sporting a pair of Tretorn sneakers always added flair to the outfit, and was somehow prestigious, primarily due to the long-standing history of the brand. That’s why the new Tretorn Jack has been receiving quite positive comments from people.

It’s eye-catching simply because its unique, especially when it is one of the few high-top corduroy sneakers out there. A definite treat for the feet and an excellent addition to anyone’s sneaker collection, the Tretorn Jack has the potential to be both a casual lifestyle sneaker and a fashion accessory at the same time as well.

  • There are metal eyelets to keep the tonal laces in place.
  • It has a textile lining and footbed.
  • The outsole is 100% made of rubber.
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