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-Considered one of the cornerstones of Scarpa’s range of climbing shoes, the Velocity is a reinvention of the then Velocity V. Among its handful of upgrades is its eco-friendlier construction and much more refined contours, giving the shoe a slimmer profile.

-Although the updated Velocity drops the V (which stands for Velcro) in its name, it still sports the same hook-and-loop closure. That said, instead of having two adjustable straps as seen in its former self, it now has only one.

-Its core design underscores comfort. This means that wearers need not remove this Scarpa climbing shoe in between problems/pitches.

-This piece of high-quality gear is vegan-friendly. Kicks categorized as such are made without the use of any animal substance.

Downturn. The Scarpa Velocity is built without a downward camber, making it a neutral climbing shoe. The flatness of its construction, especially around the forefoot, affords users with greater footing and purchase on normal-size edges. As it comes without a downturn, this piece can provide lasting comfort.

Applications. This climb-centric shoe is built primarily for bouldering, sport routes, and trad. It is one of Scarpa’s indoor-specific offerings. It caters to both beginners and intermediate senders.

The Scarpa Velocity is a low-cuffed climbing shoe for men and women. Its mostly synthetic build might yield only a little bit of stretch with time. Since it is engineered around a straight last (a.k.a FFX), the foot need not bend inward within its confines.

Its updated fit management system—the Wave-Closure—provides a personalized and secure lockdown. This proprietary closure also promises a glove-like fit, thanks to the pressure-distributing constriction of its ribbon-like strap.

Midsole. The Scarpa Velocity climbing shoe grants climbing enthusiasts sufficient amounts of support with its beefy midsole. It is built wide enough to cover a bigger area underfoot.

Outsole. With the Velocity’s Vision outsole, mounting on a variety of projections with ample grip is possible. It has a full-on construction and an overall thickness of 4 millimeters. For a fee, and under certain conditions, this sticky outsole can be re-soled.

The Scarpa Velocity’s below-the-ankle upper is made chiefly of microfiber. Stitched firmly to its ankle are a pair of synthetic pull loops for an expedited on-and-off experience. The genius minds behind this quality piece engineered its lower perimeter with sufficient randing to provide wearers with adequate lateral traction and hooking (toe + heel) grip.

Completing the upper equation of the Velocity is the climbing shoe’s Wave-Closure system. It is made up of an adjustable strap, which is a ribbon-like cord attached to a hook-and-loop (Velcro) tab, and a pair of heavy-duty beveled buckles.