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    1. Any color
      Vans Atwood - Black White
      Vans Atwood - Blue
      Vans Atwood - Black
      Vans Atwood - Black White
      Vans Atwood - Red
      €80 €30 Save 63%
    2. Any color
      Vans ComfyCush Old Skool - Carmine Rose/True White
      Vans ComfyCush Old Skool - Green
      Vans ComfyCush Old Skool - Black
      Vans ComfyCush Old Skool - True White / True White
      Vans ComfyCush Old Skool - Navy / Stv Navy
      €90 €36 Save 60%
    3. Any color
      Vans Flame Old Skool - Banana/Black
      Vans Flame Old Skool - Black True White Green
      €80 €58 Save 28%
    4. €80 €53 Save 34%
    5. €100 €60 Save 40%
    6. €70 €13 Save 81%
    7. €70 €39 Save 44%
    8. €120 €69 Save 43%
    9. €80 €46 Save 43%
    10. €70 €26 Save 63%
    11. €110 €59 Save 46%
    12. €80 €38 Save 53%
    13. €90 €73 Save 19%
    14. €80 €53 Save 34%
    15. €100 €63 Save 37%
    16. €90 €57 Save 37%
    17. €80 €65 Save 19%

    Vans Low Top Sneakers

    Best Vans Low Top Sneakers - August 2019

    For those who long for comfort and performance footwear, the Vans sneakers are among the embodiment of such. For over 50 years, Vans has released a variety of shoes that were not only comfortable but also stylish. The brand offers from low- to high-top sneakers that are appreciated not only by athletes such as skateboarders and BMX riders but also by people who just wanted the Vans sneakers to be part of their everyday outfits. 

    Vans low top sneakers are available in different iterations and designs, and a myriad of colorways. Regardless of how the low tops look, all of them offer a classic and on-point style with uncompromising comfort that can match different casual ensembles and even semi-casual attire. 

    Some of the Vans low top shoes

    Vans UltraRange

    In 2017, outdoor aficionados and surfers appealed and wanted footwear that has the DNA of Old Skool silhouette but can stand the challenge of outdoor exploration. A modernized version of the Old Skool silhouette, the Vans UltraRange was launched to meet the needs of the brand’s loyal followers. Among its features are:

    • It has the Duracap technology on the toe cap area that enhances durability.
    • Among the Vans low top sneakers, it is equipped with the LuxLiner that gives improved stability.
    • It has breathable canvas and suede uppers.
    • Equipped with the UltraCush midsole compound, it provides ultimate comfort and cushioning.
    • With the reversed waffle-tread pattern, the rubber outsole with discreet lugs provides reliable traction on different surfaces. 

    Other versions of Vans UltraRange that people can check out are:

    1. Vans Woven UltraRange AC
    2. Vans UltraRange 3D
    3. Vans UltraRange Gore
    4. Vans UltraRange Mesh
    5. Vans UltraRange Rapidweld

    Vans Era

    Also known as the Style 95, the Era is among the low tops from Vans that was released in 1976. It was Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta who were the brains behind this creation. Like other Vans low top sneakers, it was launched with the “Off the Wall” logo.  Among its features are:

    • The upper with double stitching made from canvas material. 
    • It looks similar to the Authentic, but the Era has more cushioned collar and tongue, giving foot protection and comfort. 
    • With a waffle tread pattern, it has a vulcanized outsole that ensures precise board feels and superior traction.

    Other versions of the Vans Era are:

    1. Vans Era 59
    2. Vans Era Pro
    3. Vans Era 59 Stripes

    Vans Authentic

    Also known as Style 44, the Authentic or deck shoe was launched in 1966. It is among the Vans low top sneakers that have a straightforward design yet can complement a perfect casual ensemble. It is made with a durable upper and vulcanized rubber outsole. Due to the simplicity of the shoe’s design, many skateboarders all over SoCal were attracted to it. It is simple yet able to match the performance needed by skateboarders. Among its features are:

    • It is among the Vans low top skate shoes that you can pick sizes ranging from 6.5 to 13 US.
    • With a lace-up profile, it has a durable canvas upper. 
    • Among the colorways that shoppers can choose are Sea Fog/True White, Ochre/True White, Desert Sage/True White, Hot Sauce/True White, Winter Moss/True White, Birch/True White, and Dry Rose/True White.
    • The signature waffle outsole offers superior grip. 

    Other Vans Authentic iterations:

    1. Vans Authentic Surf
    2. Vans Authentic Platform 2.0
    3. Vans Authentic Lo Pro
    4. Vans Authentic Slim
    5. Vans Authentic PT

    Vans Old Skool

    Initially launched in 1977, the Old Skool or the Style 36 is among the Vans shoes with a low top silhouette that bears the signature Jazz Stripe. The Jazz Stripe provides not only increased durability but also a subtle style. Like other Vans low top shoes, the Old Skool is an epitome of performance and comfort. Some of its features are:

    • The Old Skool has a combination of durable suede and canvas uppers. 
    • It is available in different colorways such as Sea Fog/True White, Hot Sauce/True White, Falcon/True White, Baby Blue/True White, Black/White, Deep Grass Green/True White, Navy/White, and Madder Brown/True White
    • The heel lining and tongue areas are padded, delivering supreme comfort and protection.
    • Same with other Vans low top sneakers, it has the waffle tread pattern on the outsole for reliable traction.
    • It highlights a sturdy upper made of canvas and suede materials.

    Other versions of Old Skool are:

    1. Vans Jersey Old Skool
    2. Vans Old Skool Lite

    Vans Slip-On

    With the help of BMX riders and skateboarders, the Vans Slip-on was released in 1977. It was initially known as the Style 98. The Slip-on became a rage in SoCal and later an icon for generations. It was also back in the late 1970s that the checkerboard pattern was introduced. 

    The checkerboard print was applied to the classic slip-on, hence the birth of Style 48. As a matter of fact, the Vans Checkerboard Slip-on received international recognition when it was featured in the film called Fast Times at Ridgemont Hign in 1982. Some of the features of the Vans Classic Slip-on are:

    • Like other Vans low top skate shoes, the Classic Slip-on is a unisex shoe that has sizes ranging from 5 to 17.5 US for men. Ladies just need to pick 1.5 sizes down from the men’s sizing to get their exact fit. 
    • It has well-padded footbed and collar for supreme comfort. 
    • This shoe has a cotton drill lining.
    • The upper is made of canvas material. It has elastic goring on the sides of the upper, providing a flexible fit and style accent.

    Other Versions of Slip-on:

    1. Vans Mix Checker Slip-On
    2. Vans Flame Slip-on

    Technologies found on some Vans sneakers to ensure comfort and performance

    • MTE 360™ - It improves the moisture management of the shoe as well as enhances the heat retention around your foot.
    • Wafflecup– It offers excellent traction, and the precise board feels.
    • Ultracush HD Sockliners – A resistant and lightweight insole that provides the balance between damping and board feel and, guaranteeing excellent cushioning. 
    • Duracap – It strengthens and preserves all the shoe’s high wear areas. It has enduring rubber layers that offer reinforcements to withstand the toughest demands. 
    • Luxliner – Placed underneath in the front section of the upper, it is a breathable liner that grants foot comfort and sufficient ventilation. It also supports the foot inside as the liner moves independently. It gives responsive board feels and snug fit.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I get Vans low top shoes?

    Shoppers can pick Vans shoes from the brand’s official site itself, as well as with some major retailers and resellers like Zappos, Shoes.com, Lyst, Amazon, Urbanoutfitters.com, Nordstrom, 6pm and eBay. Buyers can also go to Vans’ physical stores. 

    What are some of the collaborations for Vans low top sneakers?

    • Disney x Vans Old Skool 
    • Vans x Peanuts Authentic
    • Vans ATCQ Old Skool
    • Vans x Peanuts Old Skool

    How do Vans shoes fit?

    Generally, Vans low tops are available in men’s sizing from 3.5 to 16 while the Vans low tops in women's sizing range from 5 to 17.5 US.

    What are the things you should never do in cleaning Vans sneakers?

    • Never machine-dry nor machine-wash sneakers for it will significantly damage the shoe.
    • Never use harmful soap or detergent.

    What do Vans sneakers are usually made of?

    Generally, Vans skate sneakers have genuine leather, canvas, synthetic, wool, twill, mesh, corduroy, rubber, suede, or textile materials.

    What are the usual designs of Vans low top skate shoes?

    Some of the prints or patterns that are displayed on the upper of the shoe are checkerboard, cherry flame, mix checker, flame, checker flame, and Vans’ screenprint. 

    How to wear Vans sneakers with style?

    The low tops from Vans are versatile which can complement different casual and smart casual ensembles. Check out the suggestions below.


    • They can wear a pair of Vans Authentic or Old Skool sneakers and match it with a white shirt and gray blazer, and black shorts and for a smart and casual look. 
    • Vans low top skate shoes can quickly match a white shirt with a charcoal tucker jacket and skinny jeans. This outfit is suitable for weekend activities.
    • To display a smart look, men can rock their Vans low tops with pants and a black cardigan. 
    •  A  black leather jacket and white chino pants are an excellent match for black sneakers. 

    For women:

    • To display a sophisticated look, ladies can rock their Vans low tops with liquid leggings as well as a menswear coat. 
    • A cool leather jacket and denim fitted jeans are a perfect match for black Vans shoes with a low top profile. 
    • Users may wear their Vans low top shoes with skinny jeans and a turtle neck, making an upgraded casual ensemble.
    • For a feminine look with a sporty vibe, wearers may pair this shoe with a mini-dress.

    Where do Vans sneakers are made from?

    Factories are located in Vietnam and China

    How much do Vans low tops cost?

    $50 and below

    • Authentic
    • Checkerboard Slip-on
    • Era

    $51 to $75

    • Disney x Vans Authentic
    • Tartan Slip-on
    • Customs Plaid Era
    • Disney x Vans Old Skool
    • Metallic Twill Classic Slip-on
    • OTW Repeat Authentic
    • Vans x Schoph Slip-on
    • Pop Camo Old Skool
    • Checker Flame Slip-on

    $76 to $100

    • Customs Disney x Vans Slip-on
    • Customs Disney x Vans Authentic
    • Leather Old Skool Ghillie
    • Anaheim Factory Era 95 DX
    • Made for The Makers Old Skool UC
    • Vans UltraRange Rapidweld
    • Vans UltraRange 3D
    • Vans Checkerboard UltraRange Rapidweld

    15 best Vans low top sneakers

    1. Vans Classic Tumble Old Skool
    2. Vans ComfyCush Old Skool
    3. Vans UltraRange Gore
    4. Vans UltraRange Rapidweld
    5. Vans Anaheim Factory Authentic 44 DX
    6. Vans Authentic
    7. Vans Chukka Low
    8. Vans Old Skool V
    9. Vans Atwood
    10. Vans Slip-On
    11. Vans Kyle Walker Pro
    12. Vans UltraRange 3D
    13. Vans Chima Ferguson Pro
    14. Vans Slip-On SF
    15. Vans Old Skool Pro
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