9 best Sidi road cycling shoes

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    Sidi is one of the frontrunners in the cycling shoe industry. Consumers keep coming back to their products for excellent quality, durability, bold design, and great selection. If you want to know more about Sidi road cycling shoes, just read on.

    Factors to consider when buying a pair of Sidi road cycling shoes

    A possible reason why you are here is that you’re looking for the best Sidi road shoes for you. Or you already have a specific model in mind and want to know more about it. Before committing to that coveted purchase, here’s some information to help you arrive at the best and most sound decision.

    Sole stiffness

    In road cycling, especially in competitions, outsole rigidity is one of the most significant features cyclists look out for. The notion of ‘the stiffer the sole, the better power transfer is’ is loosely tossed around by everyone, but a lot of riders still prefer a little bit of flex for long-ride comfort.

    Sidi does not have its official stiffness index, but most of its shoes primarily employ a sole made from injected carbon fiber in a matrix of nylon. This type of sole construction provides adequate rigidity with a bit of flex. Some feature vents while others have replaceable rubber pads or a different variety of tread design. Vents help improve breathability, while replaceable rubber pads lengthen the shoe’s lifespan and various tread designs offer options to consumers for grip level.

    Retention system

    Sidi uses several types of fastening systems to cater to the various demands of the market. This includes hook-and-loop straps, Caliper buckle, Tecno 3, and three types of Soft instep straps. Hook-and-loop straps are the most known and self-explanatory closure type in the lineup.

    Caliper buckles are Sidi’s proprietary version of the ratchet buckle. It works uniquely as it functions in three ways. Lifting the center would allow the cyclist to tighten the fit in increments,  pushing the center button would loosen bit by bit, and lifting both buckles would ultimately open up the fastening.

    The company has also developed a closure system for the rear part of the shoe. Simply called the adjustable heel retention device, it binds the back of the shoe for an improved fit and prevents heel slippage.


    Sidi road cycling shoes are known among cyclists to be relatively heavy compared to other brands’ models. For context, the Sidi Shot reportedly weighs 287 grams for each shoe in men’s size 42, which is over 50 grams in comparison to other road shoes. However, riders also prefer them for their excellent quality, durability, and fit. 


    Road shoes, in general, are designed to have a very low weight, which in turn compromises protection. However, the brand’s road footwear lineup also includes winter road cycling shoe designs. An example is the Sidi Zero Gore. It comes in a high-top profile equipped with water-repellent and insulation features.

    Fit and sizing

    The brand’s footwear is known for being comfortable right out of the box. According to Sidi’s road cycling shoe size chart, their models are offered in EU sizes from men’s 36 to 52 and women’s 36 to 43. Once it’s converted to US sizing, the guys can select from 3.5 to 15 and ladies from 4.5 to 10. Note that not all models are offered in half sizes.

    Sidi road bike shoes are also available in wide versions. The brand adds the word “Mega” in the specific model’s name to indicate that it has a broader construction. Some of the shoes with wide iterations are Ergo 5 and Genius 7.


    Sidi is widely recognized as one of the brands with pricey cycling shoes. Based on several retailers’ Sidi lineup, the company’s footwear is priced somewhere from $200 to $550. Despite this, plenty of cyclists are not fazed by their cost because they believe that Sidi’s shoes are worth their money and sees them as investments.

    Fun facts: Sidi road shoes

    • In Sidi shoes, both the whole size and its corresponding half-size have the same length. For example, size 40 and 40.5 both measure 25.5 cm. The difference lies in the shoe’s upper; the half-size version is constructed with more materials in the upper. Hence, it could balloon more in the front area.
    • The brand’s Mega shoes are created on a fuller last. The area where the ball of the foot rests features an additional 4 mm in width. It also has a higher instep and broader heel cup design.
    • Apart from cycling shoes, apparel, and accessories, Sidi also offers motorcycle footwear, clothing, and accessories.
    • It is claimed that all Sidi shoes are designed to last at least ten years.
    • Sidi shoes have been worn to victories in almost every major race in the world - from the Olympics to the Tour de France and several world titles.
    • Many have wondered why Sidi’s footwear comes with very hefty price tags, and the reason is that the brand’s target market has always been racers who prioritize quality and innovation. Since the beginning, the company president Dino Signori has been designing shoes based on the feedback of athletes.
    • The brand’s original plan for its merchandise was hiking boots, but cycling shoes became a hit, and the rest is history.
    • Carbon soles used for Sidi shoes were outsourced and delivered to the factory.

    A brief history behind the brand

    Sidi has been producing handmade shoes for almost 60 years. Founded by Dino Signori in 1960, the brand’s name came from the first two letters of his name (DIno SIgnori). The company has led and introduced many innovations that modern bike shoes now possess. Some of these contraptions that the company developed are nylon soles, adjustable cleat position system, ratchet buckles, and adjustable straps.

    Sidi started out manufacturing hiking shoes. The brand didn't make bike shoes until the 70s. The idea of producing cycling shoes came after Dino noticed that his knees were hurting after cycling due to the awkward cleat positioning of his shoes. This was when the Titanium was born. It is Sidi's first bike shoe model and the first-ever cycling footwear that featured adjustable screws in the sole for easier cleat positioning adjustment.

    Frequently asked questions

    Where to buy Sidi road bike shoes?

    Sidi road shoes are available in most leading cycling retailers - both online and physical stores. To help you save time, energy, and possibly money, here at RunRepeat, we’ve gathered every essential information, such as technologies, materials, fit, and pricing from top online stores. Click on a shoe above to check out further details.

    What are the best Sidi road bike shoes?

    Although most of Sidi’s road footwear has received respectable reviews, there are still a number of models that stand out from the rest of their lineup. These next shoes have been included in several best road shoe list for their excellent performance.

    Sidi Shot

    This model’s winning feature is its BOA dial placed right on top of the shoe’s midfoot area. This positioning was designed to provide an asymmetrical look and feel. Most consumers laud it for its excellent fit as the BOA system efficiently pulls the upper evenly. Lastly, the Sidi Shot is also recognized for its light and stiff built, which makes power transfer very efficient.

    Sidi Wire

    The Sidi Wire and its siblings, such as the Sidi Wire 2 Carbon, are revered for packing tons of technologies without compromising too much on weight and design. Some of its well-loved characteristics are the adjustable heel retention system and good looks.

    How do I get the right size in Sidi road cycling shoes?

    The ideal fit of any bike pair should be comfortably snug to aid in excellent power transfer and adequate comfort for long rides. Here are steps in fitting your prospective pair:

    • Before measuring your feet, wear a similar type of socks as you would while cycling.
    • When you try a shoe on, observe and notice if there’s any pinching or restrictions.
    • There should be half an inch worth of gap between your biggest toe and the toe of the shoe.
    • The widest part of the shoe should sit precisely on the ball of your foot.
    • The heel should be the snuggest part. There shouldn’t be any pinching nor heel slipping. 

    How do I care for my Sidi road shoes?

    Every time you put your cycling shoes through the wringer, dirt or mud are expected to be found in them. Cleaning them after every session is essential to lengthening your pair’s lifespan and getting the best performance from it.

    First, slip newspaper inside the shoe to serve as a sponge for moisture and liquid. The next step is to make a mixture of water and mild soap, such as liquid dishwashing soap. Then take an old toothbrush, preferably with soft bristles. Dip the old toothbrush in the mixture and scrub the affected areas in your shoes. 

    Check if any of the hardware on your shoe needs greasing or tightening. Grease or tighten as required. Once done, remove the newspaper inside and switch with a fresh sheet of paper before storing it. This way, moisture left will be absorbed, and it can serve as a shoe tree as well.

    Finally, store your Sidi road shoes somewhere cool, dry, and out of sunlight’s reach to prevent moisture build-up and discoloring.