16 best SeaVees sneakers

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              Best Seavees Sneakers
              Best Seavees Sneakers - January 2020

              A history in time

              California-based SeaVees’ slogan, “The original way to go casual” is true to its tenet.

              In 1964, rubber company BF Goodrich launched SeaVees with the aim of enticing people to wear sneakers outside the gym by creating the first pair to be incorporated into a more casual lifestyle. However, in 1969, BF Goodrich decided to shift its focus in manufacturing rubber tires and sold the brand to Converse Rubber Company along with Jack Purcell and PF Flyer.

              Before it could even expand its line further, Converse was ordered to close down by the US Department of Justice to avoid monopolizing the American sneaker industry.

              Fast forward to 2005 in a second-hand thrift store in the busy streets of Tokyo, Steven Tiller found his first pair of unworn SeaVees shoes and resurrected the brand in 2008 initially catering to male consumers and then introduced their women’s collection in 2014.

              Golden-state inspiration

              The founder’s obsession for California in the sixties era inspired the names for every SeaVees shoes ensuring to encapsulate the pivotal events in California during that period -- from music to pop culture and historical issues.

              With the company’s casual, coastal California vibe, they are surely starting to make waves in the market. From low-top to mid-cut to slip-ons, there is a SeaVees sneaker for every individual.


              SeaVees first launch was the lace-up low-top CVO. The quintessential casual sneaker has always been designed this way.

              SeaVees Legend Sneaker Standard

              It is the pioneer shoe launched by SeaVees in 1964. This shoe was introduced together with the company’s tagline, “The original way to go casual”.

              • The smooth poplin twill upper provides comfort which is appreciated by many wearers.
              • Most people share that the memory cushion footbed offers extra support and comfort during prolonged standing and walking activities.
              • The plain colorways and minimalistic silhouette make for endless styling possibilities.

              SeaVees Monterey Standard

              Is named after the Monterey Pop Festival in June 1967. Made with canvas upper, this shoe is favored by many for its lightweight material. The versatility of the silhouette and simplicity of color range these kicks offer allows wearers to style this from a business casual meeting to the bar.

              • This lace-up shoe offers the same comfort as with every SeaVees model due to the contoured foam footbed.
              • A few wearers also find these trainers easy and quick to clean because of the canvas material
              • Many stated they plan to buy another pair soon due to its pocket-friendly price tag.

              SeaVees Army Issue Standard

              This low-top shoe draws inspiration from the 1961 Fort Irwin training camp in the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County, California. Influenced by its inspiration, this kick has a water-resistant expedition grade nylon to help combat the harsh elements.

              • Also known as the 08/61, shoe wearers like the plainness of the color variations which makes for styling to be versatile

              SeaVees Army Issue Sneaker Low

              A predecessor of the Army Issue Standard silhouette. Unlike its base model, this kick is available in unlined leather and suede uppers respectively.

              • Many wearers share they get compliments when wearing this sleek-designed shoe for the casualness and timelessness it imbues.
              • This lace-up finish features a gum rubber outsole but is lauded for how light this trainer feel on the feet.


              Middies is option to go casual but provides the sophistication of a dressier style. 

              SeaVees Huntington Middie

              Christened after the December 1964 surfing competition in Huntington Beach, CA. The all-suede plain upper gives this mid-cut sneaker the elegance of a formal shoe  while keeping the toes warm during the cooler months. Even with the absence of laces, the mid-cut silhouette still provides ample support and comfort with its hidden elastic behind the tongue.

              • The suede heel pull tab assists in slipping-on the shoe easily.
              • This mid-boot sneaker’s earth color alterations and no-fuss design inspires varied fashion styling from the working class to the dudes at the bar

              SeaVees California Special

              Named after California Special - Mustang limited edition car exclusively sold to California residents in the 60s. This bestseller from SeaVees originally came out in suede upper with canvas binding and lining.

              • Since its initial release, there have been a couple of upper variations -- leather, printed and glitter mesh.
              • This mid-cut shoe is favored for its simple yet timeless silhouette.
              • The chukka-inspired design, paired with numerous variations, makes one easy to cop at a friendly price.


              Often stereotyped with rebellious fashion, high-rise silhouettes offer a more practical purpose for wearing footwear.

              SeaVees Mariners Boot

              This high-top shoe is inspired by the first US Navy base installment in the Pacific Ocean in August 1969. Having a water-resistant suede upper in neutral colors makes this boot a favorite among wearers.

              • This sneaker-boot hybrid also features a gusseted tongue and high foxing which gives protection from those unforeseeable weather conditions.
              • Its classic boot-design, simple color variations, all-season features make it a favorite among users who intend on buying another pair.


              Not only are slip-ons easy to don, but styling also comes in infinite possibilities.

              SeaVees Hawthorne Slip On

              Inspired from the Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds” album release in May 1966. The perforation on the suede upper serves as an accessory to the solid hue of the shoe. Users love the simplicity of the design and the lining that separates the upper and the midsole which makes styling easier to do.

              • The signature SeaVees cushioned footbed offers comfort to the feet.
              • Dubbed as 05/66, many wearers shared they bought another pair in another colorway due to its versatility.
              • One does not need to pay a high price to get stylish with this low-top slip-on for a little less than $100.

              SeaVees Hawthorne Slip On Standard

              This low-top slip on is a sequel to the Hawthorne Slip On. Unlike its predecessor, this version has a poplin twill upper in plain navy, black and white hues. Although this design has the same silhouette as the one before it, the all-white rubber midsole differentiates it.

              • The twin gore on the upper provides ease of putting on the shoe.
              • Much like the previous 05/66, this too comes in a budget-friendly price tag.

              Frequently Asked Questions:

              Are SeaVees shoes true to size?

              Most shoe buyers have shared that they did not have a hard time fitting in their favored SeaVees models. They even appreciate the fact that every product page provides a guide tool to help them pick out the right size.

              Can you wear SeaVees footwear without socks?

              Because of SeaVees perforated footbed, airflow channels, and washable cotton lining, one can style on their favorite kicks without worrying about foul-smelling feet at the end of the day. 

              Are SeaVees waterproof?

              The shoe manufacturer has not released a full-proof waterproof model, however, they have the Mariner’s Boot that offers a water-resistant suede upper. The hidden gussets and additional rubber foxing around the shoe provide more protection.

              Does SeaVees have shoes for women?

              Yes, they do. Aside from the existing androgynous silhouettes, they do have models targeted specifically for women -- slip-on platforms and mules.

              How to wear SeaVees shoes for men?

              Due to the simple designs and neutral color variations, styling can come in a myriad of options. 

              • Although casual in essence, pairing a SeaVees Middie with khaki and button-down shirt can make for a business casual outfit. Throw in a blazer to spruce up the look for a more formal feel.
              • For that summer outfit, any SeaVees slip-on or lace-top goes well with shorts and a shirt.
              • Dress-down Fridays would be denim jeans, slim fit polo, and any SeaVees footwear will complete the look.

              How to wear SeaVees shoes for women?

              • A printed midi dress with side slits paired with a denim jacket and SeaVees Baja Slip On Platform completes the look for a gathering of friends.
              • The espadrille SeaVees mule can be worn with high-waist denim or soft pants with a casual tee.
              • For a more office-friendly outfit, wearing any of the classic SeaVees slip-ons or the lace-ups with khaki pants and a blouse adorned with minimal accessories is a sure hit.

              How to clean suede shoes?

              Investing in a suede brush and suede eraser will make cleaning suede shoes easier. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they are inexpensive too. An important thing to remember when cleaning suede shoes is to make sure it is completely dry as water will alter the texture of the material.

              To maintain the shape of the shoe, it is best to use a shoe tree or crumpled magazine or white scratch papers. Avoid using newspapers as the ink might transfer to the shoe.

              Removing light stains:

              You will need:

              • Suede brush (nylon bristles)
              • Clean microfibre cloth
              • Suede protective spray

              How to:

              • Gently brush scuffs or dirt using the suede brush. Make sure to apply light pressure to maintain the material’s.
              • It’s important to follow the direction of the fabric when brushing.
              • Using the cloth, gently sweep the entire shoe.
              • Apply some suede protective conditioner.

              Removing tough stains:

              You will need:

              • Suede eraser
              • Suede brush
              • Clean microfibre cloth
              • Suede protective spray

              How to:

              • Scrub the stain using the eraser using light pressure. Keep rubbing until the stain is gone.
              • Remove the erasure particles using the suede brush.
              • Use the clean cloth the shoe as a final step.
              • Spray on some some suede protective conditioner.

              Removing oil/salt stains:

              You will need:

              • Suede brush
              • Suede stain remover solution (or white vinegar)
              • Clean microfibre cloth
              • Suede protective spray

              How to:

              • Using the brush, dab solution onto the spot/s or the entire area if needed.
              • Let it sit overnight to let the solution seep into the shoe.
              • Brush the area/s with the solution using the suede brush.
              • Put on some weather-proofing protection by spraying some suede protective conditioner.

              15 best SeaVees sneakers

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              3. SeaVees Huntington Middie
              4. SeaVees Monterey Standard
              5. Seavees Legend Raffia
              6. SeaVees Army Issue Standard
              7. SeaVees Hermosa Sneaker Standard
              8. SeaVees Hawthorne Slip On Standard
              9. SeaVees Westwood
              10. SeaVees Hawthorne Slip On
              11. SeaVees California Special
              12. SeaVees Maslon Desert Boot Standard
              13. SeaVees Mariners Boot
              14. SeaVees Racquet Club
              15. Seavees Legend X
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