15 best Five Ten cycling shoes

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  1. Any color
    Five Ten Freerider Pro - Olive/Khaki/Silver
    Five Ten Freerider Pro - Navy/White/Gold
    Five Ten Freerider Pro - Black/Grey
    Five Ten Freerider Pro - Black
    €190 €122 Save 36%
  2. Any color
    Five Ten Impact Pro - Noir Noir Orange Intense
    Five Ten Impact Pro - Black/Carbon/Red
    Five Ten Impact Pro - Black/Grey/Green
    €200 €101 Save 50%
  3. Any color
    Five Ten Freerider - Black
    Five Ten Freerider - Black/Khaki/White
    Five Ten Freerider - Brown
    Five Ten Freerider - Red
    Five Ten Freerider - Black/Grey/Red
    €130 €86 Save 34%
  4. €190 €101 Save 47%
  5. €130 €71 Save 45%
  6. €190 €101 Save 47%
  7. €130 €110 Save 15%
  8. €150 €87 Save 42%

With fierce competition between numerous progressive brands, getting noticed could be challenging. With this in mind, Five Ten’s (also spelled as ‘5 10’) popularity across several outdoor disciplines could be considered a feat. The brand’s success could be attributed to its world-renowned Stealth Rubber technology. This sole innovation is the main ingredient across Five Ten’s shoes - from hiking to climbing and cycling. It is also what most consumers love about ‘5 10’ footwear.

But there is more to Five Ten than just this. Read on to learn more.

What to expect from Five Ten’s best shoes

best Five Ten cycling shoes

Best Five Ten cycling shoes - April 2020

Excellent quality

Five Ten’s cycling shoes are created to withstand the rough and tough nature of the outdoors. These shoes combine protective and durability features to provide wearers with confidence while on the trails. Impacts and rock strikes wouldn’t be felt by the rider while constant pounding and scratching wouldn’t stand a chance against the sturdy construct of Five Ten mountain bike shoes.

Unparalleled grip

Invented in 1985, Five Ten’s Stealth Rubber compound has since been the driving force behind the brand’s success. The technology now comes in several types to serve every kind of outdoor athlete.

In cycling, several publications have heralded this technology for its high traction while plenty of mountain bike riders swear by this innovation so much so that some cyclists find adjusting their pedal-shoe connection a bit tricky to do.

Skate-inspired casual aesthetic

Five Ten’s cycling shoes display the classic skate shoe design - casual, simple yet burly. The choice of going for skate shoe looks could be considered ingenious. Why? Because the notion of clipping in for mountain bikers is commonly perceived as dangerous. But since no brand before Five Ten offered flat cycling models, MTB riders went for the next best grippy footwear - skate shoes.

Hence, when Five ten introduced ultra-grippy flat-soled bike shoes wrapped in skate looks, it was an instant hit. And cyclists can count on the fact that the brand will be continuing down this path.

Collaborative models

The brand prides itself on having the best MTB riders in its lineup, and part of the perks of having these pro athletes is the possibility to partner up in releasing new models based on the pros’ feedback. Collaborative shoes fulfill two purposes: providing efficient products to the community and catering to a particular athlete’s fanbase. The Five Ten Freerider Pro TLD is one of such examples.

Expansive selections of designs

Since being acquired by Adidas in 2011, Five Ten has been more consistent in releasing more products across its disciplines. Fans could expect this trend to continue as newer versions of existing models as well as brand new designs should be hitting the retail world soon. To check the brand’s current cycling lineup just scroll up.

Frequently asked questions

Which Five Ten shoes are best for mountain biking?

Since all of the company’s cycling shoes are engineered exclusively for the activity of mountain biking, you could choose any of their models that you think suits you best. We also offer in-depth info about each Five Ten MTB shoe. Just click on a model to help you reach a wise decision.

How do Five Ten cycling shoes fit?

According to most feedbacks, the company’s shoes vary in fit, as is true to all footwear. Moreover, every foot is shaped differently, which means another person’s experience might be completely different from yours. However, RunRepeat has gathered everything size-related for you. As always, just click on a shoe and sizing info, based on feedback, should be displayed.

Where to buy Five Ten bike shoes?

Five Ten shoes are available in almost all cycling shops - both online and brick and mortar. But to help you save time and effort, we have collated most of the available deals offered by most online retailers. This way, you can easily compare prices and stocks available in one place.

Interesting facts about Five Ten

  • The brand’s first product is called the Five Tennie, the world’s first sticky rubber shoe. It was introduced in 1985 by founder Chris Cole.
  • The company’s name was derived from the complicated rating of the Yosemite Decimal System of rock climbing grades.
  • Five Ten has its headquarters currently based in Santa Monica, California, USA.
  • Five Ten shoes have been the go-to stunt footwear of Hollywood. From Transformers to Star Wars and Spiderman, actors and stunt doubles wear them for its impeccable grip. 
  • The brand concocted a special type of rubber for Tom Cruise’s stunts in Mission Impossible. The rubber was designed to stick to glass and steel. Moreover, the man who chose to climb outside of the Trump Tower in NYC wore the same shoes.
  • Five Ten’s slogan is “Brand of the Brave,” as they make footwear for some of the most challenging sports.
  • Adidas and Five Ten released a Freeride mountain biking film in the summer of 2019. It stars former World Cup racer, Veronique Sandler.

15 best Five Ten cycling shoes

  1. Five Ten Freerider Pro
  2. Five Ten Freerider
  3. Five Ten Freerider Contact
  4. Five Ten Freerider Elements
  5. Five Ten Hellcat
  6. Five Ten Kestrel Lace
  7. Five Ten Sleuth Slip On Woven
  8. Five Ten Impact Sam Hill
  9. Five Ten Sleuth DLX
  10. Five Ten Impact Pro
  11. Five Ten District Flats
  12. Five Ten Hellcat Pro
  13. Five Ten Kestrel Pro BOA
  14. Five Ten District Clips
  15. Five Ten Sleuth