62 best cheap hiking sandals

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          1. Any color
            Teva Sanborn Universal - Verde Olive
            Teva Sanborn Universal - black
            Teva Sanborn Universal - Navy
            €90 €31 Save 66%
          2. Any color
            KEEN Clearwater CNX - Black/Gargoyle
            KEEN Clearwater CNX - Grey
            KEEN Clearwater CNX - Grey
            KEEN Clearwater CNX - Grey
            KEEN Clearwater CNX - Grey
            €140 €57 Save 59%
          3. Any color
            Teva Hurricane XLT2 - Brown
            €90 €50 Save 44%
          4. €150 €52 Save 65%
          5. €110 €51 Save 54%
          6. €150 €82 Save 45%
          7. €140 €67 Save 52%
          8. €110 €79 Save 28%
          9. €130 €87 Save 33%
          10. €100 €67 Save 33%
          11. €130 €44 Save 66%
          12. €140 €103 Save 26%
          13. €140 €68 Save 51%
          14. €150 €79 Save 47%
          15. €130 €90 Save 31%
          16. €130 €92 Save 29%
          17. €130 €80 Save 38%
          18. €150 €57 Save 62%
          19. €140 €72 Save 49%
          20. €80 €65 Save 19%
          21. €80 €50 Save 38%

          When your budget is an issue, don't hesitate to take a look at what cheap hiking sandals can offer you. They are built to give you a fair degree of performance for easy trails without sacrificing comfort. A number of these offerings are equipped with various features to help maximize their use. Moreover, you won't run out of affordable options because there are a lot of brands that carry them. If you're longing to go outdoors without spending too much, you should consider getting a new pair of cheap hiking sandals.

          The perks of using the best cheap hiking sandals for your adventures

          Best cheap hiking sandals - May 2020

          They won't break the bank

          A good number of outdoor products in the market, such as premium boots with leather uppers and hiking shoes that prevent water intrusions, may cost more than what you've expected. On the other hand, these cheap hiking sandals are readily available at a price you can afford. Generally, these products range from $80 to $110 (for comparison: some hiking shoes are being sold at $140 or higher). Their price range makes them an enticing option. As always, check their features to determine which among them is suitable for your hikes.

          They offer a lot when it comes to performance

          By design, cheap hiking sandals lack the bells and whistles of their high-end counterparts. The absence of these features helps lower the footgear's overall cost. Although they are not equipped with various technologies, these affordable sandals still offer sufficient performance for outdoor lovers. They come with grippy outsoles that help secure your footing and cushy midsoles to reduce shock on every step you make. Moreover, some of the best cheap hiking sandals feature durable straps that can withstand harsh trail conditions.

          Notable brands that offer the finest cheap hiking sandals for men and women


          The best hiking sandals manufactured by Teva that don't cost much come with features that provide support, protection, and traction. Some of these products are equipped with nylon shanks to make them supportive and Shoc Pads to absorb shock. Select Teva hiking sandals use a Spider rubber outsole to help secure your footing. Moreover, a couple of their offerings are treated with Microban technology to prevent your feet from stinking.


          Some of the finest Keen hiking sandals use a closed-toe design for protection from accidental bumps. They are equipped with metatomical footbeds and dual-density ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles for cushioning and arch support. Keen's best closed-toe sandals for hikers also employ durable leather uppers that can resist abrasive elements on your journey. Moreover, most of the brand's inexpensive offerings range from $100 to $110.


          Chaco's affordable sandals for hiking excursions are geared towards comfort and performance. Some of these products are equipped with the company's proprietary LUVSEAT footbed and ChacoGrip rubber outsole. The former is a robust dual-density polyurethane (PU) midsole that offers cushioning while the latter delivers traction on most types of surfaces. Their midsoles also feature Chaco Cloud cushioning for active comfort while you're traversing rugged terrain.

          15 best cheap hiking sandals

          1. KEEN Uneek
          2. Chaco Mega Z/Cloud
          3. Teva Hurricane 4
          4. KEEN Newport Hydro
          5. Chaco Z/Cloud
          6. Chaco Z/1 Classic
          7. KEEN Newport H2
          8. Teva Langdon Sandal
          9. Teva Hurricane XLT2
          10. Teva Hudson
          11. Chaco Z/2 Classic
          12. Teva Hurricane XLT2 Cross Strap
          13. Teva Omnium 2
          14. Chaco Z/Canyon 2
          15. Teva Terra Fi 5 Universal