7 best Bont cycling shoes

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      Cycling on paved road or on the trail is an activity best experienced in a pair of Bont cycling shoes. As opposed to traditional cycling shoes, Bont shoes offer fully customizable fit via their innovative heat molding technology. This feature is what Air is to Nike and Boost is to Adidas - it is the Australian brand’s main feature, and it’s what sets them apart from the crowd.

      Know more about everything Bont below.

      Benefits of using Bont cycling shoes


      Best Bont cycling shoes - May 2020

      Wider fit compared to traditional bike shoes

      Bont bike shoes feature anatomically shaped forefoot and heel cup area. This means that the construct is formed after a real foot. A common observation from Bont shoe reviews is that they fit better while retaining the snug and supportive fit of cycling footwear.

      Customizable fit

      Bont shoes are said to be the pioneer in heat-moldable bike shoes. They are also acclaimed to be the best heat moldable footwear in the market today.

      How do heat-moldable Bont shoes work? Footgear from the brand is made with Epoxy Thermoset Resin, which was developed for over 36 years. This material is super stiff yet becomes moldable when exposed to low temperatures. It also has a fast cure time to achieve the ideal fit quicker.

      If you are wondering the step by step process of how to mold your pair, check out the frequently asked questions section below.

      Excellent craftsmanship

      All Bont footwear are made from high-quality materials and are assembled by hand. This meticulous construction has been proven to provide long-lasting shoes that are comfortable and perform well. Bont cycling shoes primarily use Kangaroo leather upper, which is preferred for their durability and strength.

      Bont shoes are known for their performance

      Bont bike shoes are packed with innovative features. From the ones mentioned above to Medial Longitudinal Arch Support and BOA dials, every single element applied contributes to the yielding of excellent performance on and off the bike.

      Most of these shoes’ reviews affirm this claim, making Bont shoes a go-to to many cyclists.

      Types of Bont cycling shoes

      Every cycling brand offers a distinct collection of cycling footwear. For Bont, they manufacture shoes designed for the road, mountain, triathlon, and track cycling. 

      Generally, all Bont shoes display a distinct silhouette and aesthetic, but it is without a doubt that each type possesses a set of elements that make them unique from the next. To know more about each class, continue reading


      Like most road shoes, Bont’s offerings also focus on providing power transfer via their rigid soles. Most of this footwear employs different versions of carbon soles, including unidirectional carbon, 3K carbon, and carbon composite.

      For closure systems, BOA dials are the most common, while others utilize Velcro, ratchet, or a combination.

      The brand’s road category houses the most number of models. Some of the brand’s road shoes are:

      • Bont Vaypor S
      • Bont Riot
      • Bont Helix


      Mountain bike shoes are characterized by their sturdier upper construction and more aggressive outsole design. Bont MTB shoes are no different as their upper feature more layers for protection while rubber soles grace the outsoles for traction.

      Although they are burlier compared to their road counterparts, the upper design does not lose its sleek look, which delights most consumers. Down below, walking comfort is a priority. Hence, the reason why carbon composite is predominantly used.

      The majority of rubber sole pads in Bont mountain bike shoes are replaceable. This feature helps lengthen the shoe’s lifespan as the traction can be renewed even after the 7th month of use.

      Check out some of the brand’s mountain cycling models below:

      • Bont Riot MTB
      • Bont Vaypor G
      • Bont Vaypor XC


      Triathlon shoes are road shoes modified to allow faster transitions and sockless comfort. They usually employ Velcro straps, large heel loops, and significant ventilation holes for drainage and breathability.

      Bont triathlon shoes have so far released two models: the Bont Riot TR and Bont Riot TR+. The latter model has been discontinued. Hence there is only one Bont tri shoe available in the market as of this writing.

      However, there are other triathlon enthusiasts reported to be using Bont Vaypor for training.


      Only a few brands manufacture track-specific cycling shoes. Most of the companies that produce these shoes are based in countries wherein track racing is popular. Australia is one of them, which is where Bont is based.

      Bont’s lone track cycling shoe is called Bont Vaypor T. It features a full unidirectional carbon sole, microfiber upper and lace-up along with a ratchet buckle for its closure system.

      Bont shoe sizing

      Are Bont cycling shoes true to size? How do Bont cycling shoes fit? These are some of the most common questions asked about the brand’s footwear. 

      Based on most feedback provided by Bont shoe users, this footwear offers a true to size fit. This is due to the brand’s proprietary anatomical design and heat-moldable construction. Moreover, Bont also offers several width options to accommodate most foot shapes. Some of the width options are Bont wide and Asian fit.

      Frequently asked questions

      Where are Bont cycling shoes made?

      Bont manufactures their products by hand in their native Australia. The brand takes pride in its production process as although it is time-consuming and is very costly, it allows them to create footwear with the best quality and provides excellent performance.

      Where can I find Bont cycling shoe dealers?

      According to Bont official website, their official retailers in the US are Quality Bicycle Product Inc. and MC2 Sports, LLC. If these stores aren’t accessible to you, you can opt for online shops such as Sigma Sports, Chain Reaction Cycles, and Wiggle.

      If you are after the best deal, RunRepeat has made it easier for you. Aside from Bont shoe reviews, we have also put together offers from major online retailers. This makes comparing and spotting the best deal on the cyber web.

      How do you heat and mold Bont shoes?

      With Bont’s proprietary Resin material, their stiff shoes become flexible when exposed to low temperatures. This offers a customizable fit, no matter what type and shape your foot has. Following the instructions is vital in preventing any damage on your shoes and injury to your foot.

      Before we go over the heat molding process, a few reminders:

      • You do not need to heat mold your pair if it fits right out of the box.
      • The base of the shoe is the main section that can be molded.
      • You need an oven to do heat mold your pair.

      Now here are the steps to heat molding your Bont bike shoes:

      • First, remove cleats, laces, screws, BOA dials and insoles. This is to prevent them from being melted, deformed and completely destroyed.
      • Preheat the oven to 70°C or 160o F. Higher temperatures will damage your pair and will void your warranty.
      • Place your footwear in the oven for 20 minutes.
      • After the timer goes off, let the shoes cool down. Test the temperature with your hand before placing your feet inside. Remember not to wear them if they haven’t cooled down as you could burn your feet. 
      • Once it cools down a bit, wear them and tighten the retention system until it completely cools down.
      • If your feet have a bulge, bunions or an area that’s causing discomfort, get a hold of a screwdriver and use the round end to help shape the appropriate area.
      • Bont cycling shoes can be heat molded as many times as you like or as needed.

      What is Bont’s shoe manufacturing process?

      The brand’s production process has been designed by its founder Inze Bont and is based upon the handmaking of monocoque shoes in the most efficient manner. Their steps are as follows:

      • Unique last design. Compared to the traditional way of producing bike shoes, Bont shoes are assembled from the inside out. Every shoe starts being made via the last. The unique last that Bont uses was made based on over 20,000 laser foot scans. This knowledge is then combined with Mr. Bont’s over 36 years of experience in manufacturing footwear.
      • Underfoot comfort. After the last, the footbed is then added. Bont shoes’ insoles are made in-house crafted from heat-moldable EVA material. These footbeds have a measure of 65A hardness and 3mm thickness, which yield a lightweight feel.
      • Smooth inner feel. Next, the lining is installed. The material chosen by the brand is known for its lightweight yet durable nature as well as its ability to fight odor.
      • Overall cushioning. Inside the lining, the Memory foam is then added. According to the company, the foam they use has been tested vigorously for 6 months for resiliency and impact-absorbing abilities.
      • Shape-retaining. Next up, anti-stretch tapes are applied. These tapes resemble seatbelts, and their primary purpose is to ensure the upper does not stretch over long periods.
      • Power transfer. Carbon is then meticulously hand-laid. On the outside, cross weave 3K 198-gram aircraft-grade carbon is used while unidirectional carbon is laid on the inside. This combination yields an excellent transfer of energy without unnecessary weight.
      • Final touches. Last but not least, the upper is glued and then hand-sewn. Vent holes are hand punched to the upper and lining materials to promote good airflow. Then the appropriate retention is attached.
      • Quality control. Excess glue is wiped off and will pass through 16 different stages of quality control.


      7 best Bont cycling shoes

      1. Bont Riot TR+
      2. Bont Vaypor
      3. Bont Helix
      4. Bont Vaypor+
      5. Bont Vaypor S
      6. Bont Riot MTB+
      7. Bont Riot