We spent 9.3 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what runners think:

7 reasons to buy

  • Some runners commented that the underfoot cushioning of the Hoka One One Torrent felt suitably comfortable.
  • The spacious toe box allowed natural toe-splay, according to several user reviews.
  • Most wearers welcomed the reliable traction of the Torrent.
  • Several purchasers noticed that the shoe drains quickly.
  • The sizing scheme conformed most user’s expectations.
  • Many admired the shoe’s durable construction; one user said that after running 100 miles it still performed well.
  • A couple of reviewers commended the lightweight nature of this running shoe

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of users experienced heel slippage with the Hoka One One Torrent.
  • Because of the missing rock plate, a few felt the sharp rocks while running on trails.

Bottom line

The Hoka One One Torrent is a neutral trail running shoe with responsive cushioning. The shoe was mostly well-received by its purchasers because of its comfort, lightweight construction, traction, and overall performance. The minor issues on heel slippage and missing rock plate are not enough to overshadow the positive feedback. Overall, the Torrent is indeed a successful release.



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It has never been more popular than this July

Expert Reviews

94 / 100 based on 23 expert reviews

  • 97 / 100 |

    Hoka One One Torrent – Inspiring my journey from roads to trails

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    After primarily being a road runner for years, I finally gave in to the allure of hitting the trails. It only took a few runs for me to realize why they make shoes specifically designed for rougher terrains.



    Through research and recommendations from trail runners, I settled on the Hoka One One Torrent as my first pair.

    Usage & durability

    The Torrent can handle moderate to slightly technical terrain with ease. Due to the lack of a rock plate, extremely rocky surfaces may not be ideal for the Torrent.

    Additionally, due to the lugs on the bottom of the shoe, they would not hold up well on pavement.



    The trails that I primarily run on tend to hold water for a while after it rains and can get pretty muddy. Fortunately, the few times I’ve run into this issue, the Torrents have had no problems holding up.

    They may require some cleaning afterwards, but they tear right through mud and puddles. While they aren’t waterproof, they do tend to dry out quickly.

    I did not test them in the rain, but puddles and streams were no issue.



    Due to the combination of being lightweight, yet sturdy, the Torrent opens itself up to a variety of workouts. They feel great during long runs or at slower paces.

    At the same time, they are light enough to really open it up and get in some speedwork. The Torrent is definitely a race-worthy shoe.


    The ProFly midsole of the Torrent provides a softer, more cushioned feel in the heel and a firmer feel towards the front.



    This makes for a good combination of cushion and responsiveness with a very efficient transition.

    It gives the ability to feel the trails, almost like a minimalist shoe, but with enough cushion to where rocks, sticks, or any other obstacles won’t hurt your feet.

    Since there isn’t a rock plate, the added cushion is a big plus.


    The Torrents have a mesh upper with TPU overlays for added support and trail debris protection.



    This is an ideal combination for a trail shoe as it allows for breathability while at the same time providing the needed support to hold your foot in place while navigating technical terrain.

    While not waterproof, the upper is quick-drying.


    The Hoka Torrent outsole is made of a high traction rubber and has multidirectional lugs.



    The outsole is a highlight of the shoe and capable of providing traction and a grippy ride across almost any terrain or trail conditions—muddy, rocky, technical trails, hard-packed, and loose trails.

    Fit & comfort

    The Torrent runs true to size and is a neutral shoe. While typically the Hoka brand is synonymous with cushion, I found the Torrent to be surprisingly firm, however not uncomfortably so.



    This was a positive for me in a trail shoe as it allowed for better grip and balance over rougher terrain.


    At $120, the Torrent is a great value. After putting significant mileage on my pair over rough terrain and muddy conditions, they are still going strong with little wear and tear.

    They appear to be very well made and capable of lasting many miles.

    Final thoughts

    The Hoka Torrent is a solid shoe. Specifically for me, it was a great transition shoe to get into trail running.



    I tend to favor a lightweight shoe, which I wasn’t sure would hold up on technical terrain. The Torrent met this and more, going well beyond my expectations.


    + Outsole provides excellent grip for technical terrain

    + Lightweight and fast

    + Sufficiently supportive

    ● While I do not have any issues and don’t anticipate most will, the lack of a rock plate could be an issue on extremely rocky terrain. Also, the lugs on the outsole are not ideal for those looking for a trail/road hybrid.

  • 90 / 100 |

    Hoka One One Torrent: Just a lightweight weapon

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    The Torrent arrived! Some months ago, I was able to get this pair of shoes from Hoka One One.

    Just out of the box, the first thing that I noticed: it was L I G H T! It's 9 OZ or nearly ½ pound a PAIR! It's a W O W for a trail shoe!


    Tech facts

    • Brand: Hoka One One
    • Model: Torrent
    • Weight: 9 oz  = 0.56 pound (size 9)
    • Drop = 5 mm
    • Neutral


    First things first: weight. While taking this pair out of the box, you'll wonder why or how a pair of trail shoes are so light. Fears of uncomfortable or potential blisters crossed my mind, so we took it right the way to a quick trail run.

    After an initial inspection, we saw the mesh at the top seems to be breathable—thus, no hot feet, no hot spots!

    The outsole is extremely aggressive but creates an easy-going and very fast pacing feelings. It is very grippy on wet terrain, even if it is not a Vibram compound.

    The Torrent uses the ProFly midsole as in other models for cushioned landing and propulsion (sounds like rocket science, isn’t?).

    The shoe is covered with some layers of high abrasion rubber at the front and mid-front to protect the soft, mesh upper. It has a very decent construction and prevents unpredictive foot sliding on technical trails.



    First runs with the Torrent were in a mix of gravel, muddy single track, and some pavement. I did some fast pacing and quick turns, steep uphills, and very steep downhills in wet soil tracks.

    Even after first 30k, we raced on another 30k trail race. The results were impressive—no issues with traction, blisters, loose laces (we use double knot). We crossed several rivers, and the shoes drained water very fast and efficiently.



    As for the durability of the shoes, there is still no problem after 200kms. There are only little lines of “cracks” on the midsole (no issues yet). Amazingly, the lugs from the outsole are still in very good shape given that this is not Vibram compound



    When it comes to the heel box, there was no heel sliding. It feels secure and does not cause discomfort nor blisters. Even if it has a simple construction, it has a smart heel box design.

    The rubber band crossing up to down at the back of the shoes seem to provide stability to the upper mesh making you confident to take on those unpredictable trails.

    The tongue is always good in all Hoka shoes that I tested and still remains nice in the Torrent, as well.

    But, what about the laces? As I said before, we started to use a double knot on this pair since day 0. Some people complained about loose laces, and yes, we experienced it, too!

    At the first 5k, we stopped three times to re-lace using a one-knot tie. On the second run, we started with a double knot and the problem was solved! So, lesson learned: use double knots on Torrent.

    Even with the double knot, there was no extra pressure on the upper foot nor hot spots—nothing that could make us stop and take off the shoes from our feet.


    Final thoughts

    The Torrent is a pair of fun shoes if you like light and fast pairs. They say that this is intended for mid-length distance runs. But, I will say that it is partially true.

    I have friends that raced UTMB 100 miles on a pair of Torrent. Those are not so chunky like Mafate’s or SpeedGoat 3’s, but they are smart cushioned shoes for long distances, too!

    There were no issues running on hard or rocky terrains. Don’t get tricked by the looks of the outsole—they grip very well.

    From the weekend-warrior hiker or runner to the Ultra crazy distance runner, this pair will prove to be a good choice for multi-terrain use. And, again as a trend in all Hoka shoes, there are a lot of color choices. So, get the fun of color in trail shoes!


    • Lightweight
    • Soft upper mesh
    • Great outsole
    • Wide range of colors
    • Nice construction


    • Durability
    • Loose laces required a double knot
    • Cracks on midsole after some miles
    • No Vibram compound
  • 100 / 100 | Vo2max Productions | | Level 2 expert

    This is a great new versatile trail shoe from Hoka One One. Lightweight, fast, responsive ride. Still, I love the cushion and support that the midsole offers.

  • 99 / 100 | Road Trail Run | | Level 5 expert

    ...the all around performance of this shoe really caught me off guard. It is one of the quickest, most all around competent, versatile race ready trails shoes I have run in

Become an expert

  • Hoka One One boasts of a running shoe that is formed through a collaboration with world-class athletes – the Torrent. Just like the popular Hoka One One trail shoe, the Speedgoat 3, this shoe is designed for race day, as it offers a unique combination of agility and cushioning. The versatile and sleek design of the Torrent enables neutral runners to achieve a speedy ride and more miles.
  • The open-engineered mesh upper provides optimal breathability and delivers a quick-dry and comfortable foot environment. It displays a minimal layout yet gives a secure fit.
  • Through the PROFLY™ midsole, the shoe is made user-friendly as heel strikes are more natural and toe-offs are bouncier. The midsole unit is coupled with an outsole that produces high-level traction, making the Hoka One One Torrent a nimble and adaptable running shoe.
  • In the outsole of the Hoka One One Torrent is the hi-abrasion rubber zones which gives the shoe durability without adding too much weight. Incorporated into the outer sole are the multidirectional lugs which are designed for excepetional grip on varied surfaces.

The Hoka One One Torrent is constructed with a standard running shoe width and length. However, runners who have a high foot volume might find the shoe to be a little narrow in the forefoot. Wearers who are accustomed to Hoka One One shoes will discover the Torrent to have a similar fit. The Torrent is available in D – Medium for men and B – Medium for women.

The aggressive rubber outsole of the Torrent enables gripping and digging into various outdoor surfaces with ease. The heel and forefoot areas are reinforced with a high-abrasion sticky rubber for durability. It can survive even the toughest route.

The Torrent has deep, prominent lugs that work capably in supplying multidirectional traction. These lugs help the runner undertake soft, messy trails with no problem. The lugs also give added flexibility to the shoe.

Hoka One One presents the PROFLY™ midsole technology in the Torrent, which is a dual-density foam compound that is formed soft in the heel and firm at the forefoot. This layout reduces pressure when landing on hard, rocky terrains, but, at the same time, produces light and bouncy toe-offs. As a smooth transition is generated, the runner is able to log more miles, thus completing the PROFLY™’s concept of balance between protection and propulsion.

The PROFLY™ compound comes in the form of an oversized ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) unit that delivers an adequate underfoot cushioning but without the additional bulk.

The upper of the Hoka One One Torrent is a breathable mesh with a stripped-down design. This material offers lightweight comfort that promotes a comfortable running experience. The mesh also has a quick-drying capability, encouraging a healthy foot environment as it eliminates moisture buildup.

A set of overlays surrounds the upper in strategic locations. These synthetic elements protect the forefoot and toes from debris while supporting the rest of the shoe by providing a structural framework. The overlays are in seamless design, it gives the foot a smooth and irritation-free environment.

The tongue and heel collar of the Torrent is moderately padded. The foam padding remains to be smooth for added comfort. The heel collar and tongue also enhances the overall fit and foot lockdown.

To secure the foot while running, the shoe has a lace-up closure. The laces are durable and they stay tied while running. There are extra eyelets to further secure the ankle and heel area.

Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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