We spent 8 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what approachers think:

6 reasons to buy

  • About half of those who have reviewed the Garmont Sticky Stone GTX speak of the shoe’s incredible level of comfort.
  • It is a supportive approach shoe, according to a few users.
  • Some testers claim that the Sticky Stone GTX’s surface grip is A-grade.
  • This offering is an exemplary approach performer, less than a handful of wearers say.
  • Based on a report, the Garmont Sticky Stone GTX (men’s and women’s) is pretty versatile.
  • The shoe has brilliant waterproofing, says a hiker who has bought it.

3 reasons not to buy

  • An owner finds this approach shoe preposterously expensive.
  • Its laces could be a whole lot shorter, says a patron who has given the shoe a try.
  • Someone who reviews footwear for a living is not impressed with the Sticky Stone GTX’s restrictive ankle cuff.

Bottom line

Folks who are desperate for a shoe that performs like a dream might find one in the Sticky Stone GTX. Hikers-slash-climbers needing something that excels in support, traction, and comfort might also find it in this Garmont gear.

That said, all the goodness that makes this shoe dazzle may only be experienced past its towering price tag. Nonetheless, the Sticky Stone GTX has enough tricks up its sleeve to be considered a compelling product to own.



A top rated approach-shoe
A popular pick
It has never been more popular than this August

Reviews from around the internet

Expert reviews:

-The Garmont Sticky Stone GTX is engineered for adventurers who prefer to speedily make their way across approach zones, whether uphill or downhill. It comes built with components that make it a competent tool for low-grade bouldering and via ferrata.

-It is imbued with two of Garmont’s exclusive technologies: a.d.d. and Double Damper. The former, which stands for Anatomically Directed Design, promotes the foot’s natural ability to provide stability. The latter, on the other hand, grants enhanced shock absorption, resulting in safe landings.

The Sticky Stone GTX from Garmont is a low-top approach shoe for men and women. Its designers used the Ergo last in its construction, giving the shoe a kind of interior that hugs the foot naturally. It belongs to the fit type the brand calls Alpine, which leaves the shoe with a roomier forefoot zone. The hiker’s to-toe lace-up closure provides a secure and customized fit.

Sufficient surface traction in the Garmont Sticky Stone GTX is courtesy of the Vibram Extended outsole. It is a hardwearing component that promises to produce enough friction over different types of terrain, be they wet or dry. Triangular lugs (also known as studs) are strategically placed all around it to help the foot stick to damp-slash-loose soil. On smears, this Megagrip-based Vibram layer promises to deliver extra grip with its dedicated climbing zone.

The Sticky Stone GTX is engineered with an EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) midsole with Double Damper technology. It comes in two parts. The upper part, which is a single-piece construction, offers lasting comfort and front-to-back stability. The lower part, on the other hand, ups shock absorption, especially around the heel.

On top of the shoe’s two-part midsole is a footbed made of polyurethane. Its inclusion translates to even more cushioning as well as additional underfoot support.

What stands between the rest of the foot and the elements in this Garmont piece is a heavy-duty shell made with a combination of mesh and 1.5-mm thick suede leather. It comes lined with a Gore-Tex membrane called Extended Comfort, rendering the shoe watertight and breathable at the same time. Garmont designers furnished its forefoot with a hardy toe cap for abrasion protection and extra climbing traction.

The bulk of the Sticky Stone GTX’s parts—asymmetrical collar, differential ankle pads, anatomical tongue, precision lacing, roomy toe zone—are the components that make up the a.d.d. technology. The shoe’s lockdown system is comprised of a synthetic lace and combination eyelets.