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buy midfoot strike running shoes for men and women

Midfoot striking is described to be a kind of foot strike wherein the center of the foot lands on the pavement. To elaborate, the ball and heel of the foot touch the ground at the same time with every stride. With this action, the impact shock is evenly distributed. This kind of foot strike is usually visible in young children. During running, young children clearly land their whole foot on the ground. With the utilization of midfoot striking, the weight of the runner balance over the ankles, hips, and knees. This pattern of the strike will allow the user to maintain a consistent and high speed from start to finish of the activity.

Importance of midfoot striking shoes

Best midfoot strike running shoes - May 2020

With the number of running shoes out in the market nowadays, it can be challenging to choose the right partner in the roads and trails. With the utilization of traditional running sneaker and midfoot strike running shoes, midfoot strikers experience less to no injuries during and after the working session. The midfoot strike running shoe may contribute to the prevention of injuries. Still, several studies show that style strike really depends on the needs of the user. The shoe's design does not necessarily produce a particular strike pattern. It is still the preference of the runner, depending on the immediate issues and challenges they face on the trails and roads. 

Factors to consider in choosing midfoot strike running shoes

  • Weight. The weight of the shoe is one of the most important to consider when looking for midfoot strike running shoes. It is said that the heavier the shoe, the more effort is needed to lift the foot, resulting in less efficient energy use. But this does not necessarily mean that minimalist shoes are better because they are lighter when it comes to weight. It still depends on the combination of features and technologies integrated into the footwear.  
  • Flexibility. The flexibility of the midfoot strike running shoes is significant and crucial in strengthening the different muscles needed for running. Some of these muscles include the glutes, quads, and hips. Flexibility is vital in making the foot strike efficient, resulting in the prevention of possible injuries. With the ability of the shoe to be deformed, better feel of the roads and terrains are promoted. 
  • Low drop. A midfoot striking shoe with a drop of 6mm or less is considered to have a low drop. These types of shoes are similar to barefoot running footwear that are best used by runners who are midfoot strikers. 
  • Cushioning. The ability of the midfoot running shoe to absorb shock is the cushioning. When the runner's foot hits and touches the ground, the impact is attenuated in the midfoot area. It is evenly distributed in other p[arts pf the foot.
  • Shoe size. The overall experience of a runner is also affected by the shoe size of the midfoot strike running shoe. The more snug the fit of the shoe is, the more the user can control the foot strike. The precise fit contributes to the comfortable and natural toe splay and movement of the foot. Always remember that the size of the shoe can sometimes change due to temperature and length of the run. The user can simply adjust the laces of the midfoot strike running shoe to provide extra space for the foot. 

Brands that produce midfoot strike running shoes

  • Altra. The features and technologies employed in Altra midfoot striking shoes like the cushioning, toe box, and Fit4Her™ technology made them a successful company. Altra's Fit4Her™ technology is explicitly intended for the female foot. It has a narrower midfoot and heel, longer arch, higher instep, and unique metatarsal spacing that make the running experience enjoyable. Along with Fit4Her™ technology is the balanced cushioning. Every Altra shoe is crafted to promote better form, encourage optimal foot alignment, and offer low-impact landings. 
  • Brooks. This shoe company, Brooks, has always been creating a midfoot strike running footwear that offers a bouncy ride and excellent stability. With the utilization of its premium cushioning foam called the DNA AMP, a springy and efficient running experience is enjoyed by the users. The outsole and upper construction of Brooks's midfoot strike running shoes are sure to deliver the right amount of grip and comfort during any activity. 
  • Hoka One One. This shoe company, the Hola One One, have focused their attention on making and employing various technologies on their midfoot strike running shoes. Their midsole-focused designs and features are intended to improve the versatility and functionality of their running shoes. This results in avid fans and enthusiasts to continue patronizing their products while ensuring improved performance and high level of comfort.

Frequently asked questions

Can a constant heel striker learn to land midfoot in one day?

The majority of the runners are utilizing a particular foot strike from the very beginning of their running journey. Based on their specific needs and preference, they subconsciously use what foot strike they are utilizing now. With that said, it's not easy to transform from being a heel striker to midfoot striker in a little time. 

What is the importance of midfoot striking?

For most runners, midfoot striking is one of the most injury-preventive strikes. This is promoted to emphasize the prevention of the lower legs, including the knees from over-working. Research shows that 90% of most injuries during the running activity happen and occur in the lower legs. With the utilization of midfoot striking, injuries like Achilles tendonitis, and Plantar fasciitis are a less possibility. Other injuries like calf pulls, shin splints, knee pain, bunions, hammertoes, IT band problems, tibial and metatarsal stress fractures, and over-pronation are can be prevented too.