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Forefoot strike running shoes

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    Saucony Kinvara 10 - Blue (S104673)
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buy forefoot strike running shoes for men and women

Forefoot striking is a technique in running that encourages the foot to quickly transition through each step. This style entails a striking phase that involves the ball of the foot. The force generated by that act would propel the foot to spring from the ground during the toe-off part. Those who like speedy performances and those who are highly attuned to the subtleties of running as a chosen activity might desire running shoes that are sure to help with forefoot striking.

Running shoes for forefoot strikers can assist the runner through the presence of responsive midsole systems, flexible yet springboard-like forefoot sections, and upper units that accommodate the natural shape and movement capacity of the foot. In fact, a well-crafted shoe can fundamentally enable the foot to get used to forefoot striking, with comfort governing the overall purpose of the design.

Highlighted elements of forefoot strike running shoes

Best forefoot strike running shoes - May 2020

Being able to naturally and efficiently perform forefoot striking is a feat that can be assisted by the various parts of a running shoe. The structure of the midsole and the compounds that are present in the design are fundamental in assuring respite from the troubles of the foot-strike. Even the nature of the fabrics of the upper and the stickiness of the outsole contribute to the accessibility of the shoe.

Here are some of the elements that grace the best forefoot strike running shoes: 

Tried-and-true cushioning systems

The creation of the midsole unit is one of the saving graces that have solidified running shoes as some of the most agreeable products for athleisure. Having efficient underfoot cushioning units permit expensive and cheap running shoes to deliver a feeling of being supported throughout the activity. Those who like to take each step using the forefoot can benefit from multilayered midsole units like that of the Saucony Kinvara or generous stack heights that grace products such as the Hoka One One Bondi.

Rocker midsole shape

Being able to land on the ball of the foot and smoothly gear towards the forefoot lift is a quick and sometimes intimidating act. A convex platform design is a means of counteracting any discomfort which may arise when accommodating such a feat. The flat portion of the sole would maintain balance, then the curve that comes afterward would ease the motion and nudge the foot forward with purpose. Shoe series like the Hoka One One Clifton encompass the rocker midsole shape.

Non-restrictive upper

The upper unit of a running shoe is an element that secures the foot and keeps it steady while inside the foot-chamber. The fabrics are supposed to prevent in-shoe wobbling while also maintaining a neutral stance. But uppers are also great when they accommodate the natural motion of the foot. Stretchy fabrics and uncluttered facades can ensure agreeable performances. Thankfully, many of today’s shoes are crafted to be less restrictive, particularly when it comes to enabling different step-styles like forefoot striking.

The best brands of running shoes for forefoot strikers


Altra is a brand that aims to provide an in-shoe experience that doesn’t limit the natural movement capacity of the human foot. It also makes sure that it evokes the feeling of constantly on a balanced plane with its use of the zero-drop design philosophy. Altra running shoes also emphasize foot flexibility and personalized stepping techniques such as forefoot striking.


Saucony running shoes are highlighted as bringers of innovation and comfort throughout the run. In fact, the brand from which these products hail is known for offering multilayered midsole components, the purpose of which is to deliver heightened support and consistent performance. EVERUN and PWRRUN are examples of topsole technologies that are placed on top of traditional foam bases, and they’re meant to improve impact protection and overall support.

Frequently asked questions

Are running shoes for forefoot strikers under a special category that would entail specialized shoe-components?

Forefoot strike running shoes are not totally segregated to a separate group because the acts of stepping and lifting the foot using the ball-of-the-foot and the toes are mostly dependent on the skill and capacity of the runner. The presence of quality cushioning systems and extra midsole layers are merely for improved underfoot support and springiness. The actual performance rests on the person.

Is it better to do forefoot strike to get the most out of the running session?

Various factors help the runner in achieving a refined performance during the running session, one of which is forefoot striking. The speed of the step and transitions are elements that many runners claim to enjoy when striking with the forefoot. But not all are comfortable with such a stepping technique. In fact, there are runners who enjoy midfoot striking and heel striking as their preferred means of transitioning through the gait cycle. If you find that forefoot striking improves your performance, then try it and get used to it. Otherwise, one can enjoy the usually-too-impact-heavy heel striking with fairly cushioned running shoes.