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8 reasons to buy

  • A high number of Tour X BOA users regarded this as a comfortable piece. 
  • Plenty of reviewers are delighted that it helped a lot with their performance because it is intensely supportive and stable. 
  • The BOA dial is highly praised because it tightens strategic places without the effort of tying with laces. 
  • Some of the purchases prefer that the BOA is positioned at the back. They feel that it secures the foot better than when it is placed on the tongue. 
  • Several reviewers indicate that they specifically like that it doesn't absorb that much heat, yet it is also waterproof
  • Its grip is simply unmatched, according to some testers. 
  • One specifically recognizes the supple padding on the ankles of this Footjoy golf shoe. 
  • Right off the bat, it can be seen that it is composed of quality materials. Thus, golfers expect that the shoe is durable and will endure years of playing. 

1 reason not to buy

  • Few owners of the white colorway are not comfortable with the color getting easily dirty, and they wish there were more options available in the market.

Bottom line

Having designed the ideal Tour shoe, Footjoy took it up a notch and gave it the BOA embellishment. Doing so received nothing but compliments from its users. If there's something that golfers found missing in this model, they're craving for more colorways. 

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Good to know

Who is it for? This footwear is made to target different golfers:

  • Individuals who tried out the Tour X and would want a BOA upgrade
  • Those who are looking for a shoe crammed with technologies and style
  • Professionals and newbies seeking for footwear that would help with comfort, stability, and traction

Power from the bottom. Like its predecessor, the BOA version of the brand's most popular silhouette uses a Powerplate outsole with LaunchPods. It is a lightweight but significantly stable base. It aids players effectively and efficiently transfer power from planting the swing until follow-through. The LaunchPods also help widen the surface area and coverage of the platform on the ground. 

The asset is on the cleat. This shoe has a spiked construction and is equipped with Softspikes Pulsar and Tour Lock Cleat System. 

Treat the foot. The Ortholite FitBed proves that first impressions last. This midsole tech is a match made in heaven for walkers and those who want comfort because of its immediate underfoot cushioning feature.

Nothing but the best. The partnership between Pittards and Footjoy has long been successful as the strengths of both brands can be rooted since the 1800s. The Tour X BOA uses a luxurious Chromoskin upper, which is known for its durability and comfortable and lightweight feel. 

The game-changer. With the endless technologies that are infused on this piece, the BOA makes all the difference. Putting their thinking caps on, FJ and BOA created a heel-mounted fit solution and integrated the dial in the shoe heel. Described as a "down and back" fit, the placement of the closure system makes a drastic difference as it locks down both the forefoot and heel. 

No ordinary strap. A proprietary PowerStrap is integrated on the upper. It helps stabilize the medial and lateral area because of the molded component integrated on the sides. A 3D FoamCollar 2.0 and TourSpec stretch tongue is implemented to improve the fit further.

Better fit. The Footjoy Tour X BOA is built on a Laser Plus Last. It has a full round toe, slightly narrow heel, and standard fit across the forefoot and instep. This form gives ample toe room and prevents the heel from slipping during foot rotation. 

Regarding looks, not much changed from the laced version of the Tour X. Despite the inclusion of the BOA, the shoe manages to look sleeker because of the thin links and the no-lace look. The monochromatic upper keeps the entire facade sharp and minimal. Still, the injection of a vibrant color on the bottom shoe made it sporty.

  • A two-year waterproofing warranty is implemented for this model. 


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