Profile of the Footjoy Tour X

Who is it for? The FJ Tour X is suitable for golfers who are on the hunt for a spiked golf shoe that is comfortable, supportive, and stable. Fans and owners of existing golf shoes can appreciate this model as well because it is a combination of the best FJ technologies. The Tour X's full-grain leather upper is perfect for those who are yearning for a lavish feel.

What makes it different? With its PowerPlate outsole, it is currently one of the most stable golf shoes that the brand has under its roster. 

Hot it works? 

  • The waterproof upper comes extremely advantageous for golfers as the trainer keeps the foot dry despite different hazards and challenges.
  • The midsole is also perfect for those who are looking for a similar feel as memory foam.
  • The Ortholite Impressions FitBed remembers the shape of the foot and eventually molds it. As a result, the cushioning system becomes more comfortable over time.


Stable foundation. The secret to the stability of the Footjoy Tour X lies in its PowerPlate outsole. The platform helps players transfer power efficiently from planting the swing until power through. 

Unparalleled traction. The technology is matched with nine Launch Pods, which further improve the stability of the shoe because of the improved structure and increased surface area coverage.


Customized comfort. Serving some serious comfort is the Ortholite Impressions FitBed. This innovative cushioning system is composed of a dual-density foam: Open Cell PU Foam and Impressions Foam. The latter, basing on its name, takes the shape of the foot, giving it a custom fit. At the same time, the former maintains the mechanical properties to ensure consistency throughout its life cycle.


Luxury at its finest. Though the outsole and midsole throw in unbeatable qualities, the upper is also unmissable. The ChromoSkin leather from Pittards catches attention because of its luxurious and structured look. This material is 100% waterproof and is granted a two-year warranty to ensure complete protection throughout the game. 

Secure and supported. Another excellent addition placed on the shoe is the PowerStrap, a molded component on the sidewalls that helps lock down the lateral and medial area, giving the player enhanced midfoot support. 

Fit is everything. The 3D Foam Collar and the TourSpec Stretch Tongue not only improves the fit of the shoe but comfort as well.

Footjoy Tour X Style

There is no denying that, with the experience of the brand in producing some of the most high-quality performance shoes, it also has a deep understanding of its style identity. It shows highly with the Footjoy Tour X. Drawing highly on a traditional style, the technologies injected on this trainer leads to its modern styling accents. 

The PowerStrap catches attention easily as it is located on the sidewalls and adds to its sporty look. This addition of a different material breaks the monotony of the smooth leather upper. 

The outsole also contributes a lot to the overall look. The zigzag lines that outline the bottom add to its unique look. The bottom of the shoe is also embedded with an eye-catching Tour X graphic.

Nice to know

  • Athletes Rafa Cabrerra Bello and Kevin Kisner, top brand ambassadors, were spotted wearing the Tour X during their tournaments. 


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