Who should buy the Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA

The Tour Alpha BOA brings ace performance and lacing convenience to the golfer's table. Buy it if:

  • Configuring the fit of your golf shoes with just one hand is pure joy for you.
  • You want a spiked pair that shakes off dirt and debris effortlessly.
  • Balance both for swinging and walking is a huge deal for you.

Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA buy

Who should NOT buy it

For $40 less, the ASICS Gel Course Duo BOA, which also doesn't require a long break-in period, is a great alternative to the premium-priced FJ Tour Alpha BOA. Also, try the Footjoy Traditions—it's well-fitting from the off and doesn't have any negative reports about its toe box space.

Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA no

Stellar stability in the Tour Alpha BOA

Professional and non-professional reviewers alike are floored by the superb stability of the Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA. Here are their hot takes on it:

  • "The #1 shoe for stability."
  • "Definitely helps prevent the sways."
  • "Top of the line for stability."
  • "An extremely stable golf shoe."

Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA staba

Monster grip in every box

The Tour Alpha BOA is impressive in the grip department, according to many golf players. "These spiked shoes are the grippiest," says an expert. Another one says that he "never felt so planted" in a golf shoe before until this kick came along.

Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA grip

Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA equals tongue-tying comfort

Many golfers find the featured FJ shoe super pampering. One of them rated the Tour Alpha BOA quite highly, calling its plushness "comfy A+++." Another one describes it as having the "best comfort in a golf shoe." A professional blogger, on the other hand, expressed his high appreciation of the shoe's comfort level by saying that he didn't want to take the shoes off after a couple of 18 rounds.

Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA comf

But its confines take time to relax

According to a gear maven, the Tour Alpha BOA "takes a few holes to break in." Past that, however, comfort for extended periods is what you're gonna get.

Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA break

Boy, oh BOA!

One of the things that verified purchasers love deeply about this kick is its BOA closure. Their praises are reflected in the following remarks:

  • "The best BOA design ever."
  • "Makes putting shoes on and off a breeze."
  • "No more shoe laces for me."

Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA boaa

The long-lasting Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA

Toughness is among the Tour Alpha BOA's aces. It can "endure the most strenuous environments in golf," says a footwear pundit. Also, contributing to its longevity is its debris-resistant shell. It stays "exceptionally clean in dusty and dirty conditions," says the same critic.

Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA tough

Quality that justifies its asking price

Its design and craftsmanship are quite impressive, based on many reports. Despite its steep MSRP of $220, this high-quality athletic shoe is still hailed by an experienced golfer as "worth the $$." An expert also boasts about its premium looks by saying: "you won’t find a classier shoe out there."

Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA class

Broad-toed golf players beware

Among the few complaints about the featured shoe is its restrictive forefoot section. Someone said that they "hated the toe box" for being way too small. Another one said that "it would make the world of difference" if it only had a wider toe zone.

Footjoy Tour Alpha BOA toe

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 17oz
Base model: Footjoy Tour Alpha
Outsole: Spiked
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Leather
Closure: BOA

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