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8 reasons to buy

  • The Footjoy Pro SL BOA provides unsurpassable comfort that lasts throughout the entire round, says a large number of users. 
  • Traction, a vital feature among golfers, stands out for this product despite its spikeless build. 
  • A considerable amount of consumers say that the BOA lacing system is a prominent part of the shoe. It keeps the fit tight without the need for laces. 
  • Given that this trainer is embellished with top quality materials, several users attest that this Footjoy golf shoe is built for aggressive wear. 
  • A small chunk of purchasers appreciate that it serves support on all the appropriate places of the foot. 
  • Few individuals acknowledge how this product permits the golfer to be connected to the greens. 
  • The waterproof protection comes advantageous for a fragment of customers. 
  • Not too many golfers single out the insole for being well-cushioned. At the same time, it can also be removed to accommodate thicker orthotics. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of users question its durability since there are reported incidents wherein the BOA system snapped, and the outsole panel fell apart. 
  • Though the waterproofing feature is highlighted, some noted that breathability lacks for this product. 

Bottom line

With more than 130 documented wins under its belt, it's only due to the continuous enhancement of the Pro SL. The BOA closure prepares the shoe for convenience. Still, it also boasts the necessary qualities that golfers need for both friendly games and nerve-wracking competitions. 

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Good to know

Who is it for? The BOA version of the tour-proven trainer, the Footjoy Pro SL BOA accommodates to the following golfers:

  • Fans of the Footjoy Pro SL searching for the convenience of the BOA lacing system. 
  • Those raving for an all-around trainer that withstands weather challenges and hazards. 
  • Stylish athletes who want to keep their snappiness intact. 

Defying the norm. Given the myth that professionals only prefer spiked pairs, the Pro SL BOA changes that through its top performance spikeless element. The use of the Infinity outsole, just like on the entire Pro SL collection, ensures complete ground contact without offending the groundskeeper. Its design has 30% more traction elements, making it extraordinarily grippy on different surfaces. 

Fine-tuned midsole. Sitting in between the upper and outsole is a technology called the Fine Tuned Foam (FTF). This supple cushioning system delivers a superior feel, enough to keep the foot up and running throughout the 18 holes. The firm consistency, specifically around the perimeter, brings balance, stability, and control.

More room for another sole. Bringing in exceptional comfort throughout each game is a removable cushion. It blends with the FTF because of its softer texture and gives golfers the option to insert their preferred orthotics.

Swing to perfection. For a small accent that is incorporated on the upper, the PowerHarness makes such a difference with medial and lateral support. Through this feature, additional power is gained throughout the swing. 

Luxurious comfort. Distinctively Footjoy is the use of Pittard's leather on its collection of golf gear. Being the leading producer of leather and has been existent since 1826, Pittard's gives their fair share of expertise, which the Pro SL BOA takes pride of. The soft and exclusive kind of leather upper is also completely shielded with waterproofing protection to endure different types of weather. 

Dialing it in. Though the Footjoy Pro SL is already a recognized silhouette among golfers, adding the BOA closure system is upping the ante. Making microscopic adjustments by simply turning the dial in the dial, and keeping it that way, is an attribute that can't be traded off with regular laces. The collaboration between the brand designers and BOA, allowed them to develop the "down and back fit." Placing the dial at the back of the foot, both the heel and the forefoot are covered, making it more stable. 

Fit. The Footjoy Pro SL BOA is constructed on a Laser Plus Last. Extra comfort and stability are attained because of the standard fit across the toe box and instep. Moreover, it keeps the foot locked in and secured, despite foot rotations, through the slightly narrow heel design. 

Like the other Pro SL's, this version is also fashioned with a tour-ready design. Much of the sidewalls are bearing similar designs, except for the lacing system that adds an interesting spin on the whole look. The BOA dial is located at the heel, shying the distraction away and reveals a sleeker look because of the extremely thin and crisscrossed cords. 

How to style the Footjoy Pro SL BOA

Aside from the professional-looking aura, this Footjoy trainer gets additional props because of its style versatility. As it transcends through different seasons, it also blends with varying articles of clothing. 

  • During summer, it can be worn with shorts and thin socks. A collared polo will get nods from the clubhouse.
  • When the weather's a bit chilly, tailored pants will keep the golfer looking far from being an amateur. A sweater vest and hats serve as accessories to amp up the look. 

A two-year warranty period is granted for this BOA model. 


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