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9 reasons to buy

  • A high number of users laud the Footjoy Pro SL for being extremely comfortable, ideal for those who prefer walking on the course.  
  • The shoe provides a stable foundation which is helpful even for beginners, says numerous buyers. 
  • Several golfers are pleased that for a spikeless pair, these deliver incredible grip. 
  • The full-grain leather upper molds to the foot perfectly and comfortably, according to numerous commenters. 
  • Plenty of reviewers gives credit to the brand for creating a shoe that holds up well in different weather conditions. 
  • A significant amount of fashion-savvy consumers are fans of this sleek and sharp-looking shoe. 
  • The waterproofing quality is a well-loved feature that is welcomed by many purchasers. 
  • The interior of the shoe is wide enough to accommodate orthotic inserts, said a small number of critics. 
  • A lot of customers think the arch support that this product delivers is on point.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some of the commenters are a bit disappointed that the lugs cannot be replaced when they are worn out. 
  • One says that the center row of spikes wears out quickly and drastically.

Bottom line

Being dubbed as one of the most popular spikeless golf shoes in professional Tours, the FJ Pro SL certainly is meant to stay in the market for long. Comfort, stability, and traction may be its entire focus, but its weatherproof upper and roomy interior were other qualities that stood out.

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Good to know

Since it was first released in 2011, the Footjoy Pro SL continued to make strides in the course. Since then, its reputation to uphold has only been higher and higher. Updated several times, the most recent version of the best-selling Footjoy Pro SL is built to make any golfer look and feel superior on the course. Infused with the latest developments of the brand, this shoe is guaranteed to battle the challenges of the sport. 

  • The Fine Tuned Foam serves as the key quality of the shoe, as it took years to perfect. The three-density cushioning system ensures all-day comfort, enough to push through several rounds.
  • The tour-ready spikeless outsole mimics the shape of spikes, only smaller and thinner. This shape allows maximum grip on the ground, sans the damage. Sealing everything up is the use of a unique material called the Chromoskin.
  • So far, this is the most advanced Pro SL under Footjoy’s roster. Certainly, it won’t be the last-standing model, but, thankfully, it is here for golfers to enjoy.

As the leading producer of golf shoes in the market, it is expected that the brand has already perfected each component of the footwear, the outsole is one of them. 

The lugs of the Footjoy Pro SL are created with a tour-ready design. Instead of traditional spikes, the brand focused on the material used on the lugs and its placement. Positioned on the entire outsole, even on the perimeter, the bottom achieves a stable and wide base that holds the ground when swinging. 

The shoe has a spikeless traction system that offers superb grip on any surface, making it extremely versatile both on and off the golf course. Two hundred twenty-three individual points of ground contact provide Tour-proven traction, allowing you to stay grounded in all weather and course conditions.

Placed in the middle of the outsole and the upper is a technology called the Fine Tuned Foam (FTF). It highlights a 3-piece cushioning system, which is a blend of different densities. 

The top layer of the FTF emphasizes an ultra-lightweight foam that cradles the foot to all-day comfort. It transitions to a firmer durometer FTF to deliver perimeter support and stability, which remains consistent throughout the swing.

Wrapping the Footjoy Pro SL is the ChromoSkin leather. The material is developed by one of the leading leather manufacturers in the world, Pittards of England. What is unique about this is that it is supple, lightweight, durable, and waterproof. 

A signature feature that is known to Footjoy is its Laser Plus Last. The full-rounded toe matched with a slightly narrow heel provides a better fit. This type of construction gives ample room to accommodate the toes and keep the heel area snug and prevent it from slipping, especially when rotating the foot from a swing.

The features of the FJ Pro SL illustrate that the brand is not known to compromise. The style of the shoe also speaks for itself: modern and athletic. But, because of the sleek ChromoSkin leather, its look is heightened and appears more premium than the average golf trainer. 

The shoe suits those who are searching for a modern-looking golf shoe that stands out in the fairways. The sidewalls are composed of different elements. A play of texture, color contrast, and layers are all displayed, which draws attention to the shoe. 

The waterproof upper extends its versatility to the fullest. This golf trainer transitions through different seasons, weather, and course conditions. Pairing it with various articles of clothing like shorts, trousers, even joggers will effortlessly blend well.

  • This particular model is accorded with a two-year waterproofing warranty.
  • The Footjoy Pro SL is also available in junior’s versions. 
  • Several professional golfers were spotted wearing this shoe. Some of them include Adam Scott, Geoff Ogilvy, Kevin Na, Brad Kennedy, and John Huh.


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