Who should buy the Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow

Sheer comfort and high performance meet classic styling in the FJ Premiere Series Tarlow. Purchase it if:

  • You wish to up your grip game in a pair of FJ spiked shoes.
  • You've always believed the notion: the higher the price, the tougher the product.
  • Golf kicks devoid of break-in times are what you prefer, particularly waterproof ones.

Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow buy

Who should NOT buy it

You're better off sporting the Footjoy Contour Series if you're budget is somewhat limited. If spot-on fit is what you're after, check out the Footjoy Traditions instead.

Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow heel

Instant 10/10 comfort

Golf shoe pundits and regular players alike find the Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow super cozy virtually from the get-go. Their raves are reflected in the following:

  • "Pure comfort in a classic style."
  • "Like wearing slippers for comfort."
  • "A lot comfier than you would expect."

The last comment was made by a professional reviewer. He thought that the heel area looked scary, but when he slipped into the shoe, his fears were immediately quelled by extreme comfort.

Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow comf

The stupendously stable Premiere Series Tarlow

The featured shoe is among the most stable kicks on the market, according to many golf players. It's "the most stability I have ever had in a golf shoe," says one of them. It has "terrific stability," says another.

Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow stab

Knows no slippage on the field

With remarks like "grip on course is outstanding" and "I'm locked into the turf," the Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow can be considered a real tenacious beast.

Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow grip

Pricey but worth it

At $200 a pop, the Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow isn't actually for the thrifty. That said, scores of purchasers are convinced that its build quality alone makes buying one a very smart choice. Indeed, this spiked golf shoe overflows with premium feels, exuded by its high-grade materials and fine workmanship.

There's also its long-lasting construction, which gear critics are quite floored by. In other words, it might be gated behind a high asking price, but it's an irresistible piece of investment, nonetheless.

Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow crafta

Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow: Raincoat for your feet

Footwear mavens are quite impressed with the Footjoy Series Tarlow's waterproofing. "Our feet felt nicely cocooned against the elements," says one of them. Another professional tester experienced no leaks in it, even though he got the shoe wet around the lace section.

Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow water

Wanted: A tighter rearfoot hug

It has been reported that the Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow has a rather loose fit around the heel. I "have to get heel spacers" for it, says a not-so-amused golfer.

Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow loose

The totally handsome Premiere Series Tarlow

Reviewers in droves, including experts, find the Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow insanely attractive. Here are their hot takes on it:

  • "An unbelievable-looking golf shoe."
  • "The best I've ever seen."
  • Its "style makes me feel like a million bucks."

And perhaps the most compelling comment of all: "undoubtedly the most eye-catching shoes in the Premiere Series." Yup, this shoe is a knockout on the design front, alright!

Footjoy Premiere Series Tarlow design

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 15.4oz
Outsole: Spiked
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Leather Upper
Closure: Laces
Collection: Footjoy Premiere Series
Style: Traditional

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